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YOBE 2019: Why Maimala Buni Will Emerge Winner



YOBE 2019: Why Maimala Buni Will Emerge Winner

By Haruna Yusuf/Ahmad Musa Geidam Abuja

With the Contendsundry, eking for Governorship seat, it has indicated that no match for Maimala Buni, with the endorsement and overwhelming support garnered towards Buni, it’s almost assured that he will emerge winner in the forthcoming general elections.

Maimala Buni the incumbent National secretary of the ruling All progressive Congress (ApC) is a calibre with unquestionable principles, his Job services and commitments in recent times proves him exceptionally oriented.

Buni’s Contributions and selfless services in steering the nations ruling party is a bonus to his political profile, his magnified political experience is a added bonus to his political dynasty.
He’s very transparent and visionary with wide consultation and the ability to always forge ahead.
He is also on track and on the improve cohesion with the masses.

Any discussion about the performance of Maimala Buni has to be mindful of the constraint inherent to the parry position as the incumbent government.
The national secretary is a role that comes with high visibility but average authority.

Maimala Buni’s commitment and reactions to internal party crisis offers another insight into his approach to the job.
His meritorious and selfless services kept attracting favor and acceptance by all as sundry, wrestling him in a contest will only leave a torn in your flesh, he’s a goal getter and always standing tall at the end.

Maimala Buni’s political profile speaks volume about his personality.
He’s always by the people, for the people and always with the people at all times.
These are the qualities that made him exceptionally Unique.

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The North is Suffering From Sentimental Emancipation – Ibrahim Audu Mai Inji Damagum



The North Is Suffering From Sentimental Emancipation- Ibrahim Audu Mai Inji Damagum

By Umar Aina – Damaturu

Ibrahim Audu Mai Inji Damagum is an Activist and Advocate of social development.

Daily Hint spoke with him exclusively on problems and challenges facing the North.

DH: Sir, what do you think is dividing the North?

Ibrahim: ” You can see that the North is divided by tribal, political and sectional sentiments, these issues are crippling and destroying the north like a cake to an extend that we have become even vulnerable to our communities”.

DH: Can you further detail your view?

Ibrahim: “Yes, the North today is suffering from several forces of an overwhelming cowardice and pusillanimity which was started with an unfortunate fading integrity of the elder statesman in the region which is leading us to what is seemingly irresistible calamity if care is not taken. What is happening is uncalled for, but we have to stand up and start looking for ways to correct the wickedness we have done to our selves else the North may end up transitioning it self to destruction and disaster”.

DH: Is there anything you think might have caused this?

Ibrahim: “Let’s quietly think about these issues: Respect for traditional rulers is diminishing by the day, the Usmaniyya doctrine is on verge of collapsing, we don’t respect our religious clerics whether it is for Muslims or Christians. That’s the role that ordinary Northerners have played.

DH: How can you compare the North and the Yorubas?

Ibrahim: “The Yorubas have a sense of respect to their leaders, because they at least have one person that they respect whatever he says. What of the North? No”!

DH: Can you further compare the North with Igbos?

Ibrahim: “Oh Yes, the Igbos are not divided as we are, because no matter the difficulties and the differences, the Igbos always eat their food from the same plate. But you cannot have that in the North, what may be the reason”?

DH: What backwardness do you think the division has caused the region?

Ibrahim: “You cannot find a World Class industry in the whole North, escalating poverty everywhere, increasing number of out of school adults and children, insecurity and banditry. What is the responsibility of the Northern Governors Forum, what’s the responsibility of the Northern Council of Traditional Rulers, what is the responsibility of the Business and Political Moguls in the region”?

DH: What do you think may be the solution now?

Ibrahim: “We must stand up and find the necessary solutions to our problems and challenges while putting in mind the necessity of us to become one, become responsible, become determine, become willing and be more working than talking or end up becoming unwanted and unidirectional species in this country (Nigeria)”.

DH: Thank you Sir for talking to us.

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Why Zulum Must Re-contest For Second Term – Borno Apc Chieftain



Why Zulum Must Re-contest For Second Term…… Borno APC chieftain

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Borno state, Alhaji Yusuf Adamu has said Governor Babagana Zulum deserve to recontest for second term come 2023 to enable the people of Borno have more dividends of democracy and continuity with the good governance as being witnessed shortly.

Alhaji Adamu was also former Special Adviser on Political Matters to Ex-Governor Kashim Shetttima in an interview with newsmen in Maiduguri yesterday said in less than one and half year of Zulum as Governor, his 10-Point Agenda has impacted positively on the lives of the people across the state which could be attested to the socio-economic development put in place in the area of poverty alleviation, Youths/Women Empowerment, Educational transformation and free healthcare delivery services rendered to the people by the present administration.

“It was unfortunate that his convoy was attacked by yet to be identified gunmen along Kukawa -Baga road. This attack was carried out in order to distract the Governor from his good works, and that was why he even said that he is not interested to contest for second term, but I can assure you that when the time comes, we are the one that would buy the ticket for Zulum, this is because of the good works he has been doing across the state.”, he said.

it could be recalled that the Governor had on 29th July 2020 had some encounter with security operatives while in his way to Baga for community tour in which his convoy was attacked, blaming military for sabotage and making his government’s effort in the fight against insurgency very challenging and discouraging.

The Governor had also told stakeholders during Sallah homage that he was not interested to recontest for second term, if the lives of his people are put into sabotage under his watch/leadership.

Adamu said, no amount of sabotage would make the governor desist from his good works which have brought hope for the common man, especially those from the grassroots, and therefore, urged the governor not to be distracted, as according to him, 99.9% of the people in the state are much more satisfied with his quality of good governance.

He said : ” As one of the concerned ruling -APC stakeholder in Borno, I want to inform you that we are strongly behind His Excellency, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum in his drive to restore dignity and peace amongst our traumatized citizens.”

“I was in Maiduguri in the last two weeks purposely to celebrate the Sallah. When I came in, I discovered that Governor Zulum was not even in town as he was busy touring remote villages and communities to ensure safe return of our Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

Adamu therefore pray God to restore peace in the state and the country at large, even as he enjoin all and sundry irrespective of political consideration to continue to give their maximum support and cooperation to the present administration for sustainable development. End

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Mai Mala Buni; An Extrovert, All-inclusive Leader



Mai Mala Buni; An Extrovert, All-inclusive Leader

By Umar Aina – Damaturu

His Excellency the Executive Governor of Yobe state, Hon. Mai Mala Buni’s character and the ability to get things right especially when dealing with broad issues has earned him a resounding applause within and outside his state.

Gov. Buni’s display of propencity to solve problems, his extrasensory show of statesmanship and hard work are the cleaness reasons that distinguishes him from the common men. His leadership styles are the ingredients that adds an extraordinary test to our political atmosphere, his leadership capabilities are nothing short of an extraordinary.

The disciplined Gov. Buni has the combination of commitment, humility, hard work, determination and zeal all compacted and embodied in him and which is visibly clear to see in him.

Buni as state Governor possesses another quality of wanting to be always inclusive with ordinary fellow Yobeans, he is always open to all and also a listener that doesn’t interrupte you while speaking though he is superior.

The development and implementation of new and achievable policies and plans introduced by Gov. Buni are well designed and has a roadmap to success with proper and sustainable plans in a well accountable and vibrant administration which also plan.

The Buni leadership capabilities has by all indications attracted interest within the Presidency and APC Governors Forum, the trust and the support that he continues to received in carrying out the task of resolving crisis and resettlement of the ruling part is enormous. The trust bestowed on him by Mr. President is clearly acknowledged when he was appointed to run the affairs of APC after the dissolution of Oshiomhole’s leadership.

Gov. Buni as a team player and inclusive leader without an iota of doubt become successful at the end of the assignment given to him. Back home, his national assignment doesn’t prevent him from been together with his people at the best time they need him the most.

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