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Miangu Reunion Another Deception, Depicting Certificate Forgery



Miangu Reunion Another Deception, Depicting Certificate Forgery

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo Yola

A Miangu school old boy who gave his name as Yohannah Dickson and charged to be authenticated without any change of name, of his essence from the school’s register, claimed to have been governor Bindow’s WAEC mate, said he declined the Old Boys’ meeting at the behest of Bindow because the latter was withdrawn from the school by parents when they were in SS3.

“We’re not saying that governor Bindow has gone through the window and/or had no education.

“Bindow attended government secondary school Miangu here in Jos with us.

“What we’re saying here is Bindow had not completed his studies with us. While we were in final year, his father withdrew him from the school because he would not want to have his son associated with the likes of us, he was pleased to call ‘arna’. Therefore, he did not sit for WAEC in Miangu with us.

“Bindow shouldn’t tell you that he had finished his school here. He only attended and left before completion

“That’s why when we’re invited at the behest of Bindow for a gathering of Old Boys, I asked why now after over 35 years?

“I equally posed the question I was not given the answer to have warranted honouring the invitation.

“Has Bindow really sat for final examination the WAEC with us or at all in Miangu to have claimed to be in fraternity with the Old Boys?” Dickson, whose memory wasn’t defective, daring Bindow, drew the conclusion with expostulation.

Was there any reply?

“Oh! Old boy Bindow could have been passed or borrowed the Miangu school testimonial through a deceptive window, as Mohammed Ismail would later articulate.

Critics sympathetic to Bindow could query the credibility of the personality in Dickson who earlier charged to have his claim authenticated from the school’s register.

Other critics could however challenged the credibility of the Miangu Old Boys gathering along with the submission of the principal

Meanwhile, Mohammed Ismail, who was by urgent conscience, urged not to have a forged story purged, articulated thus:

I cry for my beloved Adamawa state for been subjected to constant rape and abuse, while its people remain the most famished, courtesy of a government that seems not to care a hoot about the people’s concerns, feelings and prejudices.

It is apparent that governance has become a huge circus arena in Adamawa state where all sorts of stunts ranging from the absurd to the sublime are taking place, while the people have been forced to become mere onlookers of the banal fiction.

The governor has deemed it fit to abandon governance and relocate to Jos in a choreographed and stage managed move to distract the good people of Adamawa state away from the thrust of the weighty allegation of certificate forgery levelled against him, a topical issue that has been in the front burner for sometime in Adamawa state.

But the unfortunate PR stunt, like the badly arranged card that it was, has snapped and backfired as the people questioned the rationale behind the governor’s trip to Jos just to prove that he went to school via a kangaroo reunion, instead of showing his secondary school certificate which would have effectively nip the contention in the bud.

By doing that, the governor would have simply saved himself and the state from being subjected to further ridicule and odium and thereby shaming his traducers and detractors.

But in line with the saying that “one cannot give what he doesn’t have,” the governor has instead of towing the path of honour, only found it expedient to relocate to Miangu to pull all sorts of stunts, with the intent of deceiving or obfuscating the good people of Adamawa state and in the process making Adamawa state and its people a laughing stock before the nation that was held in awe for the audacity of the governor to reduce a substantive matter like certificate forgery to something akin to a child’s play.

By this token, executive folly and rascality assumed a new definition and taken to a new height in the annals of Nigeria’s malevolent leadership style, as for the first time, a sitting governor found it convenient to relocate from his exalted seat of power to a rustic town for days just to satisfy his whimsical proclivities.

More disturbing is the fact that considering the retinue of aides and political hangers on that the governor took to Jos, and the fact that he has to mobilise his so-called “class mates” to the stage managed event, a substantial amount of tax payers money must have exchanged hands in the process.

For a state that has thousands of children of school age not attending schools but roaming the streets, hawking sachet water or begging while a section of its workforce are in abject poverty over non payment of salaries, the action of the governor is to say the least, repugnant, reprehensible and unfortunate.

To any discerning analyst, the Miangu tragedy has only helped to confirm for the umpteenth time that the governor did not have a secondary school certificate because instead of committing huge resources, and significant man hour to organize such a sham, it would have been easier and more honourable for the governor to gather the people of the state and show them his certificate.

The problem with the governor and those behind this profound and symbolic show of shame is that they have failed to factor that nobody was in contention with the fact that governor Bindow has attended a secondary school, but the issue in contention was that the governor did not have a secondary school certificate.

Another thing, which the purveyors of the reunion forgot to factor in, was that, it is not necessary that a person that attended a secondary school must have a certificate, therefore, the narrative about Bindow’s attendance of a secondary school in Miangu was not even the issue in contention.

It is pertinent to state that a person who attended a secondary school could fail to have a certificate if he/she did not write a WAEC examination or if he/she scored F9 in all the subjects he/she sat for. From this, it can be deduced that Bindow did not either write the 1983 WAEC exam or has failed all the subjects he wrote.

Considering the penchant of politicians for a hired crowd, the Miango “convention” can pass out as another avenue where a rented crowd was used as usual, to do the bidding of the governor for PR convenience.

The same can be inferred about the questionable testimonial, which the governor used stealthily to earn for himself, the party’s ticket in the build up to the controversial party primaries in the state, which set the party on the path of perdition.

Any discerning observer could draw a parallel between the Miangu mishap and the testimonial of the governor, because while the Miangu gathering could be dismissed as a crowd of rented mercenaries, even an “uncertified” roadside computer graphic designer can come up with a better presentation of the testimonial that Bindow took to INEC. Meaning that the testimonial, which was allegedly given to Bindow more than 20 years after he finished secondary school, might have been itself forged, as no school worthy of its name, according to stakeholders, could have given a student testimonial more than 20 years after passing out.

The fact that the Miangu charade was stage managed become poignantly clear when the principal of the school reportedly showered encomiums and plaudits on the governor who she described in superlatives terms.

A simple analysis of the picture will reveal that the governor looked older than the principal of the school; meaning, the principal must have lied because she could not, in all honesty, have known Bindow, because she could not be a principal in the school when Bindow was a student. In fact, not even a student for apparently being too junior.

Therefore, the principal has no right to talk about Bindow’s personality as a student because she could not have been the same l principal in the same school for more than 35 years, without also having been retired.

It is my humble opinion that even if the principal of the school during Bindow’s time is still alive, she would have retired from active service, a long time ago.

Therefore, it could rightly be surmised that the principal was also bought to regale the crowd with tales and fictions about a person she did not have any knowledge of educational standing.

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Gov. Buni visits Maiduguri to commensurate with Zulum Over the attack on his convoy



Gov. Buni visits Maiduguri to commensurate with Governor Zulum over the attack on his convoy

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The Yobe state Governor, Alhaji Mai Mala Buni was in Msiduguri to commensurate with the Governor, Babagana Zulum of Borno state, the government and people of the state over the recent Boko Haram attack on his convoy that resulted to the killing of over 12 gallant security operatives.

While commensurating with Governor Babagana Zulum at the Government House, Maiduguri on Tuesday, Governor Buni said ” I am here on behalf of myself, the government and good people of Yobe state, I am here to commensurate with you over the recent unfortunate attack on your convoy where many gallant security operatives were killed.”

” We are with you in prayers. I want to assure you that you have the prayers and support of all Nigerians. This is a trail, as a leader one must face such challenges from time to time,. You should not be detected , your efforts in ensuring peace and resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons ( IDPs) will surely succeed”, he added.

He urged him not to relent , as Nigerians are with him in support and prayers and that surely the insurgency will soon be a thing of the past.

Governor Buni said ” I believed one thing one cannot take away from you is your commitment to the service of your people. Borno was the epicenter of Boko Haram insurgency at time Borno experienced bomb blast more than two to three times a day but thank God this is over. By the grace of God very soon all these will be thing of the past”.

Responding, Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno state thanked the governor for the visit, saying that ” I want to use this opportunity to convey our deep appreciation to you, the Executive Governor, of Yobe state for coming to commensurate with us at this trying moment”..

” The relationship between Borno and Yobe state cannot be over emphasized. Any time there is an event or happening in this state you always identify with us. I want to assure you that the government and people of Borno state will always identify with you in what ever you are doing we will support you in whatever you are doing both at state and national levels”, Governor Zulum added.

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Gov. Zulum’s Convoy Attack, Borno National Assembly Members Visits Maiduguri to Condole Him



Gov. Zulum’s convoy attack, Borno National Assembly members visits Maiduguri to condole him

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

Borno National Assembly members were in Maiduguri on Monday on a condolence and solidarity visit to commiserate and sympathized with Governor Babagana Zulum over the recent Boko Haram attack on his convoy near Baga where 8 policemen and 3 members of Civilian Joint Taskforce CJTF were killed.

While speaking, at the Government House, Maiduguri on Monday the leader of the delegation who is also a Former Borno state Governor, and Senator representing Borno central, Senator Kashim Shettima said ” we are in Maiduguri to show our solidarity and commiserate with the governor, government and people of the state.”

Senator Shettima said ” I urge the people of Borno state to continue to be resilience and endour these, by the grace of God endouring peace will sure come. I believed the people of Borno have the resilience and the courage to see that enduring peace is enthroned in our father land.”

“Much importantly we urged the people to give the maximum support and cooperation to government and the military establishment to see that peace is established in Borno,” he added..

The Former Governor said ” I have the confident and believe that Governor Zulum’s commitment to ensure enduring peace in the state.”

While responding, Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno state thanked them for the visit and assured his administration commitment to rerun all Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) back to their homes safety and dignified manner.

” We have to do something to address the security challenge in the state before it further deteriorates. The situation in the state is very dicey, obnoxious and will not be allowed to remain like that otherwise the insurgents will take over Maiduguri,, the governor stressed

He further said that “there is need for us to stamped our resilience with a view to build peace and stability,” .

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Yobe shifts LG election to February next year



Yobe shifts LG election to February next year

By Baba Saleh Damaturu

Yobe State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) says it shifted the Local government chairmanship and councillorship elections earlier slated for 5th December 2020.

The new date for the election was fixed for 27 February 2021 and new schedule of election activities is currently under reviewed and will be release soon.

The SIEC Executive Chairman Dr Mamman Mohammed stated this in a press conference in Damaturu.

Mohammed said on 4th of September, 2020 the commission released the schedule of activities for the Local Government council elections fixed for the 5th December, 2020 as the date of election.

“On that day, I stated our preparedness to conduct the elections in substantial compliance with the COVID -19 protocols and guidelines as prescribed by WHO

He added that “Regrettably, our State has recently recorded a slight resurgence of the COVID-19 with the two cases confirmed”

“According to him Yobe state government was on top of the situation and the State Ministry of Health has taken positive steps to identify and isolate persons who have been in contact with the incidence cases.

“We are confident that the resurgence of the virus will be contained as it was contained earlier by the committed administration of His Excellency. Hon Mai Mala Buni, and the executive Governor of Yobe State”


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