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Dr. Belel, Dodos, Bag PhD, Others, Peace Ambassador Awards



Dr. Belel, Dodos, Bag PhD, others, Peace Ambassador Awards

By Mohammed Ismail Yola 15/12/2018

The Institute of Peace Advocacy of the United Nations-POLAC has conferred Honorary Doctorate Degrees PhDs in Peace Advocacy, on its three most outstanding Ambassadors in its maiden 2018 convocation ceremony held Saturday in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. 21 members were also inducted as Peace Ambassadors, the Newshawk will reveal.

“Incidentally, the three Ambassadors who are being conferred with Honorary Doctorate Degrees today, are from the same local government area; Maiha in Adamawa State Nigeria: Dr. Belel and the two Dodos.

“The contributions of Dr. Abdullahi Dauda Belel in primary healthcare, peace building and community development initiatives in Adamawa state cannot be over emphasised.

“Dr. Ibrahim Muhammad Dodo has made tremendous impact on peace advocacy among other community service development initiatives in Bauchi state.

“The Multiple Fellow, the 2018 Best states Director with the UN-POLAC Dr. Adamu Muhammad Dodo, has really made my day. The creative minded with media skills and connections, has a vocation in challenging injustice in defence of the downtrodden, which is traceable from the family root, we’re told.

“Among the 21 inducted UN-POLAC Ambassadors of Peace, one is from Adamawa state. AmbP Mohammed Gidado Mohammed the Sarkin Dawakin Jimeta, a gentleman who brought his foreign expertise for the benefit of the indigent people through his floated NGO called MGM.

“So you see, it’s all about Adamawa state today; here and now in Uyo, Akwa, Ibom state,” Dr. Halo Eton the Director General, UN-POLAC explained.

The Newshawk Investigate, would reveal that Dr. Belel and family, attended the convocation ceremony. AmbP Mohammed Gidado Mohammed was also among those who were inducted.

However, a Dental Surgeon Dr. Saad Muhammad Dodo also a Peace Ambassador, ably representing the Dodos, explained to newsmen why his brothers were unavoidably absent.

“Why I’m deeply involved in this maiden convocation ceremony, is the Dodo tied to my name.

“I’m representing the honorary Dodos for the honorary awards.

“It’s true that today is considered as multiple awards day in the family. Late Justice Dodo is given a posthumous award in Yola Adamawa state by IDC, a faith based organisation he served as grand patron till his death. Two of my brothers are conferred with honorary PhD. In fact three, because Dr. Belel is my brother from the same area and senior colleague in the medical profession. There’s also my niece, Muhammad Al-Amin by name, a immigration officer, whom some of the family members have joined in Kano to witness his passing out parade holding today, you know.

“Dr. Ibrahim Muhammad Dodo isn’t within reach, owing to official engagement. While Dr. Adamu Muhammad Dodo has missed a flight. He wouldn’t make it even if he should travel by road, which is of course, the longest.

“As an advanced party, Therefore, I’m here with my colleagues to represent the two Dr. Dodos and receive the 2018 best UN-POLAC state directors award credited to Dr. Adamu Muhammad Dodo

“He requested me to ensure that I assure the UN-POLAC that he has since started working on how to maintain this enviable best state directors position.

“The award, he said, remained as a challenge to do more, by being committed, diligent and dedicated to assigned responsibilities.

“The Dodos say thank you to UN-POLAC and to the entire invited guests who are on the chairs to share our joys and to cheer our successes untiringly without tears.

“That’s the longest remark I’ll make because I’m overwhelmed with everything about the event,” Dr. Saad said.

It should be noted that Dr. Adamu Muhammad Dodo the head of Information and media relations with FMC Yola, is the lead publisher and editorial board chairman of the Periscope Global Publishers an investigative mainstream and online media.
The Newshawk could not get to hear from Dr. Belel. His remarks with that of the celebrated Dodos, will therefore, make another story.

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Covid-19 lockdown; DPR warns petroleum marketers against hoarding, selling above official pump price



Covid -19 lockdown; DPR warns petroleum marketers against hoarding, selling above official pump price

By Madu Mohammed. Maiduguri

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) has warned pettoluem marketers in Borno and Yobe states not to take advantage of Covid 19 lockdown to hoard or sell petroleum above Government approved pump price, any fuel station found wanting will severely sanctioned..

The Zonal Operations Controller, Northeast, Ibrahim Ciroma while addressing newsmen at the DPR office Maiduguri on yesterday shortly monitored some fuel stations said ” any marketer who took the advantage of COVID 19 virus lockdown to hoard or sell petroleum above government approved pump price will be severely sanctioned”

” we have deployed our staff across the state to monitor the fuel stations and any fuel station found selling above the pump price or boarding the fuel will risk revocation of his licence. I urge general public not to panic, as We have over 1 million litres on ground”, he further stated.

On the issue of long queues in the state capital, Alhaji Ciroma said “we received only 3 trucks last Friday, 4 trucks on Saturday., no supply on Sunday, 3 on Monday 9 on Tuesday and Wednesday 23 trucks to Borno and Yobe states. You can see supply is now improving and very soon we have enough fuel now. We are also expecting over 100 trucks including 10 trucks intervention supply from Gombe Depot today”, he said

The Zonal Controller said ” I call on the general public to always contact us If they found any fuel station hiardung or selling petroleum above pump through there numbers 08056497084, 08056497095 and 08056497092. If they call these number and we will respond immediately even if its in the night. We will be there ”

Similarly, in his efforts to ensure petroleum marketers did not take the advantage of the Covid -19 lockdown to create artificial scarcity Governor Babagana Zulum went round some fuel stations where he force some fuel stations to sell and ordered the revocation of the Right of Occupancy of sone station he accused of hoarding petroleum resources..

The Borno state government in a statement signed by the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) has the temporary revocation of Right of Occupancy of 10 fuel stations over an alleged hording of fuel.

The statement said “the Borno State government has observed with dismay that some fuel stations operating within state capital do not dispense petroleum products in accordance with the Federal Government regulations. The fuel stations also engaged in economic sabortage by hoarding petroleum products and selling them above the aporoved price.”

The statement therefore, stated that the Right of Occoancy of the 10 fuel stations that allegedly found engaging in hoarding the petroleum have been temporarily withdrawn pending the revocation processes.

This action of these fuel stations and their owners and operators are condemnable as they deliberately take advantage of Covid-19 pandemic to create untold hardship om general public.”, the statement added.

Reacting on the Borno state government decision to temporary withdrew right of Ocupancy of 10 fuel stations, the DOR Zonal operations Controller, Ibrahim Ciroma said there was a communication gap between the state government, DPR and the marketers because there was what we call dead stock which is between 300 to 1000 litres, while the other four fuel stations were having fuel meant for the military operations. Even the day the incident occurred the military officials were in my office and I told them that they need DPR approval to stock these quantity if feul. Which they went to write officially.

Also reacting, the chairman of the IPMAN Borno state, Alhaji Mohammed Kulwu Ngala said ” we constituted a committee to monitor the activities of our members to ensure nobody hoard fuel, we went round and did not found any, member wanting but what the governor found was what we called dead stock which cannot be Despenser because it will not be pump out, while the other fuel stations were stocking military fuel”.

We urge the Federal Government to always carry us along while trying to adjust petroleum pump price upward or downward so that we will know how to mitigate our loses”, he added.

The IPMAN chairman urged the general public not to panic as they have about 100 trucks coming to Maiduguri and that the scarcity was a result number of stock they received in the last one week.


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Inspite Covid -19 Borno Government Releases N220 Million For the Construction Of 2 Roads Within Maiduguri



Inspite COVID 19 Borno Government releases N220 million for the construction of 2 roads within Maiduguri

By Ahmed Miringa, Maiduguri

The Borno state Government has released the sum of N220 million for the construction and reconstruction of Abuja Sheraton and Sahara road linking Bank of the North- post office in Maiduguri metropolis despite
the dwindling resources as a result of CoOVID-19 Virus

While addtessing journalists at the sites of the projects. the Borno state Commisioner for Works, Arch. Yerima Saleh said ” inspite the decline in revenue as a result of global Corona pendemic Governor Babagana Zulum has approved the released of the sum of N220 million for the construction and reconstruction.of Abuja Sheraton and Sahara road linking Bank of North and post office all within the Maiduguri metropolis, because of their importance to the peoples of these two areas “.

You Know Sahara road is in deplorable, and during rainy season it is not motorable and this road is economically and socially visible because of its importance Governor Zulum has directed that the road should be reconstructed immediately, secondly the other road we went was Abuja Sheraton, the road from the main road to the Mega school, the governor has also approved construction of the road. The area, is a highly density populated area. and also in fulfilment of his campaign promises to the people of the two areas he decide that the work should commence immediately “, he added.

Arch Saleh said ” the Sahara road is about 1.5 kilometres and about 3 kilometers drainage and Abuja Sheraton is about 300 metres and about 2 kilometers drainages all are expected to be complete in two months by June 2020″

On the Customs Flyover, the commissioner said the date for the completion of flyover is sacrosanct, the contract was singed in December 2019 and commenced work on 1st January 2020 and will be completed as scheduled, as the contractors are working according to plan. I don’t think the COVID-19 will affect our completion time of June 2021, as the materials are all on ground and we have not been inform of any problem.”

In the area of compensation we have for received the sum of N110 million and distributed to all those affected by the construction of flyover. This fly over is very important because it link Maiduguri and borders of Chad, Cameroon and even central Africa, on the other parts it also leads to Bama road, linking Maiduguri Banki and Cameroon road, which are also international road. While their other parts is linking the Area with other part of the city. It will be strategic because it ease the traffic grid, because depends honours in hold up”, he further stressed”,

On his parts the project Manager of the Eighteen Engineering Company (EEC), Mr Lee Chaogi said ” the lock down as a result of Covid-19 will not affact our job, because we have enough materials that we would use for the next two months. We are working according to the plan and we will deliver by the grace of God in June 2021.”

we have not been facing any problem the people have been cooperating with us and the work is about 30 percent in completion now”, he added.


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Borno Communities Commends Zulum on Security, Appeals for more relief items




By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri


Communities of Multafu of Askira-Uba Local Government Area of Borno State have commended the foresight of Governor Professor Babagana Umara Zulum for supportung to the military, hunters, vigilantees in the fight against Boko Haram Insurgents in the state, even as they called on the present administration to provide relief items to the displaced people as a results of attacks in the area.

It could be recalled that Multafu is an agrarian community bordering Sambisa Forest which had witnessed series of attacks and kidnappings in recent times.

This was contained in a Press statement signed by the Chairman and Secretary of Multafu Youth Association (MYA), Hon. Ijudigal Fali and Emmanuel Madu which was made available to our Correspondent in Maiduguri on Tuesday.

The statement said “with gratitude we appreciate efforts displayed by the governor, Professor Zulum which led to the freedom/release of two of our daughters who were abducted in separate attacks by insurgents in the Community recently.”

“It is our sincere pleasure to thank Borno State Government under the leadership of Professor Babagana Umara Zulum for his concern to the people of our community”, the community added.

“Multafu Community was seriously attacked by members of the Boko Haram sect in different times, displacing unspecified number of our people, Killing several people and abducting two teenage girls, who through God’s Grace and the efforts and prayers of some members of Multafu Community and the Good Efforts of Borno State government, both abducted girls have gained their freedom and reunited with their family members.

“At this point, we the MYA must sincerely extend our appreciation and gratitude to His Excellency Governor Babagana Zulum for all he put in place to ensure the safe return of these two girls.

“Multafu Community has been a peace loving community and have at all times given full support to the government of the day before, during and after the 2019 general elections, as such, we appeal for the present administration to provide adequate security and basic social amenities like Health Care, school, water, electricity among others to Multafu, so that our resilient people can go back to their communities and continue their normal lives.” The statement said.

MYA also prayed God to restore total peace and tame the spread of the dreaded COVID 19 Virus not only in Askira-Uba Local Government area, but in Borno and the country at large.


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