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Daga: Comrade Haruna Sardauna

1. Yadda aka samo kalmar Almajiri.
2. Gudummawar Almajirai a kasar Hausa.
3. Yadda ake Bauta kafin Zuwan Almajirai a kasar Hausa.
4. Yadda Almajirai suka kawo chanjin rayuwa a kasar Hausa.

RUBUTUN yana da yawa amma zan takaita saboda ina samun korafe-korafe daga makaranta rubutu na.

Abin da ake nufi da ALMAJIRI ta kalmar Hausa, sunan ya samo asali ne a kasar Hausa tin lokacin da addinin Muslinci ya fara samun kar6uwa a kasar Hausa, har iyaye suka fara amincewa da bada ‘ya’yan su karantarwa a makarantun Tsangayoyin Malaman da suka shigo da ilimin addinin Muslinci a kasar Hausa.

A lokacin idan iyaye sun bada ‘ya’yan su, Malaman suna fatauci gari-gari domin yada kalmar Allah, suna wayar da mutane cewa duk wanda ya ciyar da Daliban su, tamkar ya ciyar da Addinin Allah, Manzon Allah Muhammadu S.A.W da Mala’ika Jibrilu, sunan ya samu ne daga kalmar arrufa 3 wanda ya hada da AL-ALLAH MA-MAHAMMADU JI-BIBRILU, ya zama AL-MA-JIRI idan an hada ya bada ALMAJIRI.

Wanda sukayi imani a wancan lokacin, suka watsar da Bautar Aljani Giji a kasar Hausa, sai suke daukar kyautar Tufafi da Abinci Suna baiwa Almajira saboda neman tsira da amincin Allah.

Kafin zuwan karantarwar addinin Muslinci karkashin tsarin TSANGAYA a kasar Hausa, Ana Bautar Aljannu ne, wanda ake kirar sa da suna GIJI a kalmar Hausa, kusan kowane gida akwai GIJI, kuma kowane zuri’ah suna da GIJI, duk wata Masarautar da suka kafu a wancan lokacin suna da Babban GIJI wanda duk Shekara al’ummar Gari suke Bauta masa duk Gari, idan ana neman Biyan Bukata ana Roqon GIJI domin a samu biyan Bukata a lokacin jahiliyya.

Malaman TSANGAYA da suke jahadin yada kalmar Allah, da suka iso kasar HAUSA, sun fahimci cewa Bautar Aljanni ake a kasar, Aljani GIJI shine wanda ake neman duk wani biyan Bukata a gurin sa, Kasar Hausa sun bada Imani da cewa ALJANI GIJI shine ya zai iya cika buri da biyan bukatun kowa.

Idan Malaman TSANGAYA masu Jahadin yada kalmar Allah sun fara Wa’azi, sai suna kira da al’ummar kasar Hausa, su Watsar da Bautar GIJI, su Bautawa UBAN-GIJI, suna kira da Kasar Hausa su daina Bautar ALJANNU-GIJI, su bautawa UBAN-GIJI shine yake iya biyan dukkanin Bukatun Mutane da Aljannu.

Daga cikin masu wayo a kasar Hausa, sun fahimci ALJANNI-GIJI baya iya biya musu dukkan bukatun su, suka fara imani da UBAN-GIJI bi’ana Allah Madaukakin Sarki, wasu kuma sun bijire, suka fifita al’adar kasar Hausa na Bautar ALJANNI-GIJI akan cewa su bazasu iya barin addinin Kakannu ba.

Lokacin da Muslinci Addini UBAN-GIJI ya fara karfi a kasar Hausa, masu bautar UBAN-GIJI sun samu mabiya harma sun kafa sansani a wasu yankunan kasar Hausa, sai suka daina Jahadin Fadakarwa aka chanza salon jahadin zuwa yaki da masu Bautar ALJANNU-GIJI.

Da irin wannan Gwagwarmayar Malaman tsanya Suka Rawaito Addinin Allah a kasar Hausa, banda kasar Larabawa a zamanin yanzu babu inda addinin Allah yake da karfi irin kasar Hausa, amma saboda lalacewa irin tamu, maimakon muyi kira da masu Mulki da wakilai, su tsaftace Tsarin ALMAJIRANCI, sai muke kira da abar TSARIN baki daya a kasar HAUSA.

Anya haka zai yiyu kuwa, ina kira da Yan Human Rights da suke kirar a watsar da harkan ALMAJIRANCI a kasar HAUSA, suyi buncike akan ALMAJIRANCI kafin su fara kalubalantar Tsarin ALMAJIRANCI wanda malaman tsangayoyi suke amfani da ita a wannan lokacin a kasar HAUSA.

A nawa tunani da basirar, na gano hanyoyi da dama wanda za’a janyo hankalin Gwamnati tarayya, Jihohi da kananan Hukumomi, yadda zasu kawo gyara cikin al’amuran, musamman ma bangaren ciyar da ALMAJIRAI, tinda lokaci wadata yazo, sai a dauke ciyarwa daga kan Al’ummar Gari, Gwamnati ta ringa ciyar dasu, da tsaftace musu muhalli da basu kayan sakawa wanda zasu fita tsaftsaf.

Marubuci Comrade Haruna Sardauna, dan neman karin bayani sai a nemi masana tarihin kasar Hausa, wannan na zayyana kadan daga cikin irin gudummawa da ALMAJIRAI Suka bayar wajen kafa wannan al’ummah tun kafin zuwan Turawan yammah.

Sanadiyyar Almajirai muke tutuya da alfahari a Turawan yamma, kan cewa sun samo mu da wayewa, Ilimin kimiyya da Addini, da ni’imomi kala daban-daban….

Mu hadu a rubutu na gaba, zan fede muku Biri har wutsiya.

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Nigeria, 60 years after independence, still toddling



Nigeria, 60 years after independence, still toddling

By Haruna Yusuf 

Today marks 60 years of independence from British colonial rule. Nigeria gained her independence on 1st October 1960. Nigeria is among the 17 African countries who seek liberation and got their independence, as Ghana got hers in1957, 3 years before Nigeria. 

Nigeria is among the largest, if not the largest country in Africa with the population of about 180million people with different cultural backgrounds, heritages and believes. Nigeria with it’s diversify, abundant natural and human resources, yet rated the third country with the most poorest individuals as citizens.  

Nigeria’s recent history has been a mixed picture of partial progress and woeful setbacks, marked by democratic stability, economic woes, corruption and pocket of progress amid development, education and damning health challenges among others.

Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as citizens narrowly escaped from colonial dominations and slavery only to enter into a new and premeditated covert era of resources exploitation and subjection. 

Nigeria with all modesty witnessed a peaceful transfer of power in its recent elections, in which President Muhammdu Buhari the incumbent defeated Good luck Ebele Jonathan in a tight presidential race in 2015. 
Good luck Jonathan faced tribulations from the present ruling all progressive congress (APC) which was the powerful opposition, accusation of financial mismanagement, abuse of political power, lack of will to settle the issues of insecurity, health, power and unemployment among other issues that was holding Nigeria to ransom, but now, reverse is the case. 

Nigeria was one of Africa’s giant and most dynamic economics for many years after independence during the military era of Yakubu Gowon, Nigeria was the largest coco export in Africa. But six decades on, Nigeria is mired in problems, still struggling to build an economic model that encourages enduring growth, addresses poverty and provides a future for its youth.
Youth “explosion” the most dangerous and consuming factor facing [email protected] the moment. ” The most striking change for me, is the increasing reality of disaffected youth- a younger population that is ready to explode at any slightest opportunity. They’re hungry for political emancipation of freedoms, they’re hungry for economic opportunities and they’re hungry for social fulfilment.

Joblessness is a major  peril, unemployed youths are the easiest prey for armed groups, especially the decade nightmare engulfing the peace and stability of Nigeria especially in the northeast (Boko Haram) Northwest/ central the kidnappers and armed bandits while the south/east the rising cultism, ritualist and rape among others. The Jihadi movements in the sahel became a stumbling block for development and dividend of democracy. This may always be tempted to risk clandestine emigration, often at the cost of their dare lives. 

Poverty, injustice and inequality is the greatest factor crippling the peace and stability of Nigeria. A country bound by a repugnance and remorseful constitution that seems applicable to only the vulnerable and irrelevant in the society. A country so blinded by hate and cumulating sentimentalists, a country where “everyone else” is a hypocrite in his/her own way. A country with so many educated illiterates and maybe a country with many delusional and deranged ideologist.

If and only, we can trace and see in the realm of Nigeria, not through but above our noses how blessed this country is, both in human and natural resources, then and there,we’ll have embraced nature and make a better part out of our miserable life.

The bleak future and clouded uncertainties we found ourselves in, is a manmade and calculated proportion that could’ve been averted if we ever had wished to be contained, but we are blinded by hatred for one another and tied to sentiment and inflicted by our delusional ideologies of divide and rule instead of oneness and coexistence.

It is a pity to say, but it’s quite unfortunate in a normal view that politics is unrelated to our every day life, the country of Nigeria has three embodied arms of Government that the average person knows nothing about and should’ve a problem with, especially when it comes to the political publicity and awareness. The undiluted truth about Nigeria political system isn’t always about the people that it suppose to be as constituted in democracy nor the Government that supposed to be for the people, by and with the people. But ultimate “power” to extort and subject the same people tribulation. 

Corruption is a monster that has brought about catastrophic setbacks and maiming of millions of vulnerable Nigerians from independence to military dictatorship to this acclaimed present day democrazy. 

Nigeria has not recovered from the diabolic thievery of Abatcha and his acolytes, thousands have died perhaps more than in a holocaust, thousands are still dying due to our potholes on the roads, insecurity, lack of portable drinking water, medical healthcare facilities among others.

Corruption in Nigeria is more of malicious than civil war, communal clashes and Boko haram combined. Our politicians always have their ways through the maze by bribing and buying the conscience of the electorates. 

Democracy and Nigeria are like Siamese twins, through conjoined very maneuvering, they are uncomfortable and under intense pressure that could result in all forms of hurt, even death, although, democracy may not be strange to an overwhelming percentage of Nigerians, what may be strange to them is the brand of democracy that invests, first and foremost in human and material resources for purposes of political stability, economic viability, scientific advancement, technical breakthrough, educational development and life-enhancing social services, given the general optimism that Nigeria was going to be the  bastion of democracy in Africa.
A lot has to be done and some has to be let go, before we can come out of the spirit of crippling and stagnating bondages.   

A piece by Haruna Yusuf the publisher of Daily Hint Newspapers 

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Buni: A tireless and resolute champion



Buni : A tireless and resolute champion 

By Haruna Yusuf 

His excellency, Mai Mala Buni, the executive Governor of Yobe state and the chairman of the ruling all progressive congress (APC) caretaker/Extraordinary national convention.Buni is always known to be a game changer and it is believed he has whatever it takes to turn around the fortunes of his state to the best and also bring back sanity in APC.
Buni’s antecedents stem from the beginning of his political career as a ward councillor at a tender age and rose rather rapidly through the political atmosphere of Yobe to the National/Secretary, now caretaker chairman of the ruling all progressive congress. 

There are times when we make history and there times when history makes us, Buni’s main characteristics are resilience, consistency, knowledge, people -skill, motivational approach and leading by example..What really made him great is, his foresight, vision, strategic planning and ability to serve, a leader par excellence. 

Loyalty is something one should take very seriously, because loyalty is everything, whether it’s a  friendship, relationship or a boss as an example. Putting your trust in someone and being loyal to them is something that is rare this days and hard to come by, people are brought up in different ways based on culture and believes, but what made Buni genuine is loyalty, consistency and honesty at all times, he is brave in his thinking and daring in action, that’s why he accomplishes everything he stands for and this assignment of reconciliation and bringing back sanity in APC is not and would not be an exception.

Today everyone can see Buni’s report card, he has scored extremely well, he has shown prudence especially in the use of merger resources of his state and the assignment of bringing sanity back in the ruling all progressive (congress APC) as the caretaker chairman. He is quite, very peaceful, not a noise maker but delivering on the job he signed for. Even as a National secretary of the ruling party he towered above his contemporaries in being an astute manager of people, a discipline leader and someone to be trusted with the state’s lean treasury to perform miracle, that lends credence to why we should appreciate the courage and sincerity of purpose of this personality in rising to the sacred state and national duty. 

Gov. Buni has so far, proved to be the best in governance and service delivery mandate, a level headed leader who is beyond reproach, he comes as consensus builder and one individual who will never improve himself at the expense of the people of the state, he is known and certified to be an astute manager of people and All-inclusive leader at all times.

Buni before now, has maintained a constraint office of the ruling all progressive congress (APC) National secretary, a role that comes with high visibility, but average  authority, still when judged by how well he was able to operate within the ambit, his records are strong, exemplary, transparent and committed in resolving internal crisis, this offers good example of Buni’s leadership style before emerging the Yobe state Governor. 

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Gov. Buni Restoring Sanity in APC



Gov. Buni Restoring Sanity in APC 

By Haruna Yusuf Abuja 

The chairman of the ruling All progressive congress (APC) caretaker/Extraordinary National convention committee and the Yobe state Governor, Hon. Mai Mala Buni is an astute manager of people and an all inclusive leader who carries everyone along irrespective of tribe, religion or political inclination. On assumption of office as the caretaker chairman of the ruling all progressive congress, the first and bold step he took was to pay homage/consult to the party leaders, he first visited Bisi Akande who is also relevant in the party politics before meeting with the cofounder Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu to seek for support and advice on how to sanitize and bring back all the aggrieved members who left or stopped participating in the party affairs for one reason or the other.  

The APC caretaker chairman, in his inaugural address after members of the committee were inaugurated assured party members that his led committee would work tirelessly on both short and long term strategies to reposition and bring the lost sanity back to the party, but all he will need is the support and cooperation of the members in other to achieve the reconciliation exercise, all hands must be on deck. 

This is therefore another opportunity for Buni to bring complete sanity 
back in APC, with his courage of conviction and sense of purpose as the national secretary of the party for 5 years, it is time to show the world what he has achieved in the task to chart the critical path to total political and economic emancipation of the people from the grip of PDP in the 2015 general elections. 

With all modesty, one political truth about Buni, is that he is a man gifted with a high degree of intelligence, experience, charismatic leadership and steadfastness needed to fix and restore sanity in APC, with his political insight in the game. Hon. Mai Mala Buni is among those who ushered in the current political dispensation and was the pioneer Yobe state chairman of the Action congress (AC) and later the All Nigeria People Party (ANPP) who are both legacy of APC. 

No one can go back in time to change what has happened, so, let’s work on the present to make our party one united family and stronger, Buni said. politicians will always have one of their own because the National chairman of the ruling  All progressive congress (APC) Hon. Mai Mala Buni was Born and bred by politics, he became a councillor when the NRC and SDP were birthed. Records of Buni’s Journey through the maze of Nigeria politics indicates that though he may have been or still is the most charismatic and industrious servant, his sweetest dreams somehow always seem to evade him at the moment he needs them the most. 

Gov. Buni is one man you’ll always want in your corner during political battle s, his frankness on issues is second to none and always maintained his word. In his few days as the National Chairman of the ruling all progressive congress (APC) he demonstrated to party members and Nigeria as a whole that ” he who calls for equity must come with clean hands” making it clear that the party can contain all and sundry, also ready and willing to resolve all issues with every aggrieved member. That the door is always opened for negotiation and welcoming new members to the progressives. 

Mai Mala Buni is known as Mr “Fixer” on his assumption of office he has received Dogara Yakubu and Senator Isah Misau the two powerful political gladiators from Bauchi, Returnees from across the states and he reconciled Edo/Ondo and put in place machineries ahead of the elections.
He reconciled all the APC state chairmen and pleaded with all the aggrieved party members who left to come back and partake in the affairs of the party, that’s the beginning of the return of sanity in APC. 

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