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Black secret society founded to defend white- supremacy & frustrate Black freedom



The Black Secret Society Founded To Defend White-Supremacy And Frustrate Black Freedom

Over the course of our history as Black people, as Africans; we have had to deal with lots of huddles, trials, attacks, betrayals, and backstabbing.  And while much of this has come from the Caucasian race, and other pale races, a good number of our injuries have been inflicted by our own.

Now we understand that it might be a hard pill to swallow for many Black people, but the truth remains that we have had our brethren betray us, over economic gains, and a place under the table of white supremacy – a place for dogs.

Back home, in the motherland, Africa, we have stooges, and puppets in power – Black men and women who represent and protect the business interest of their European and white-American masters.  But we are not going to talk about that today. Today, we are trying to reveal the practices of a group of Black men and women, mainly in America, who will do anything to stop the progress of the Black community, based on the directives of their Caucasian masters, for a few slices of the cake.

They are a Black GREEK secret Society called the “Boule”, and can be pronounced as “Boolay”. They were formed from the secret society called “Skulls & Bones“, which was founded at Yale University in 1832. The secret society was originally founded by a Doctor named Henry McKee Minton, together with five other black men. They were Dr.’s Eugene T. Henson, Edwin Clarence Howard, Algernon Brashear Jackson, Robert Jones Abele, and Richard John Warrick. And all of these men were from Philadelphia. These men were referred to as the “talented 10th“, by WEB DuBois who was among the Black men who founded the New York City chapter of the “Boule”.

The name WEB DuBois is not a new name to any student and follower of African-American history. He was one of those who were vocal about Black rights in America. But he was not being open about his motives. He was the major weapon used against Marcus Garvey in his campaign for a United Africa. The White-supremacists of America, in 1918, saw the over one million followership arcus Garvey had, and they systematically deployed WEB DuBois to dismantle his movement.

In a speech, WEB DuBois, clearly stated that the major ambition of Boule was to steal the Black professionals from the ranks of Marcus Garvey. Now, this means that the secret Society was created/founded to work against the economic, political, social and mental welfare of Africans, both back home and in America. And to do that, they had to do their best to persuade the Black professionals who followed the “African emancipation” message of Garvey, to stop following him.

His affirmation to the goal of Boule, points annoyingly to the fact that some of our brightest elites in the Black community are used against the people, and most times, they are not ashamed to speak so boldly of their intentions, or the job which they have been sent to do.

To fully understand the impact of what Marcus Garvey was doing for Africans, home and abroad, this article of ours details his achievements and how his dream for a better Africa was cut short. Dubois was the strongest opponent of Garvey, and he, DuBois, had the full backing of the white- supremacist cooperations and secret societies who didn’t want to see Africa free.

Garvey’s plan was to convince and take as much Africans from the Americas (North and South America), and build new and buoyant resettlement in the African nation of Liberia. He had economic, social, and political plans for this African returnee to influence change and lead African into prosperity, away from the evils of slavery and colonialism. The new nation was to produce and control its own rubber crops, since rubber was a major cash crop at that era. But rubber was just one of the natural resources that the new nation would use in building wealth for itself.

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Covid – 19 ; FMC Yola suspends visiting hours, pegs one relative per patient



COVID-19: FMC Yola Suspends Visiting Hours, Pegs One Relative Per Patient

The Periscope reporter

TheFederal Medical Centre (FMC) Yola, has suspended the visiting hours to the hospital. It has also reduced the number of patient relatives to one relative per patient.

This is contained in the press release Tuesday, signed by the chief information officer of the hospital Adamu Muhammad Dodo,

Dodo revealed that the measures taken were “in compliance with the directives from the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), with a view to controlling the spread of Corona Virus Disease; COVID-19.

1. All visits by the patient relatives have been suspended till further notice.
2. Only one patient relative is allowed to stay with a patient on admission.
“The management of the hospital wishes to remind members of the public to observe regular hand washing with soap and clean water, use of hand sanitizers where soap and water are not readily available, observe social distancing, avoid handshake and crowded places and observe personal hygiene

“These measures will be reviewed as the situation improves,” the hospital management assured.






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COVID -19; Borno NUJ commends BOSG steps in preventing the virus



Covid 19, Borno NUJ commends BOSG steps in preventing the virus

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ ) Borno Chapter has commendad the Borno State government for taking a swift action to prevent out break of Corona virus disease in the state.

The NUJ in a statement signed by its secretary, Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim said *”Wworthy of note is the setting up of high powered Response Team for the prevention and control of Covid-19 as well as provision of state of the art facilities for testing, isolation center and intensive care unit among other restrictive measures to keep the public safe. ”

The Union however calls on the government to provide more artificial respiratory machines to complement the ones on ground for use and as precaution in the event of any suspected case.

NUJ Borno Council assures government and people of the state of adequate and accurate coverage as well as timely information on prevention and control of corona virus.

The statement equally calls on journalists not to publish any alleged case on Covid-19 without confirmation from the Response Team or the Commissioner of Health in the state and be cautious while covering issues relating to the pandemic by using personal protective equipment.

“We also implore the public to be prayerful for an end to the global pandemic and remain law abiding in the face of restrictions by the government on social distancing including personal hygiene.*, the NUJ stated.


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Adamawa CP directs DPOs, Area Commanders to enforce public compliance with preventive measures on COVID -19



Adamawa CP directs DPOs, Area Commanders to enforce public compliance with preventive measures on Convid-19

By Baba Yakubu Yola

Adamawa State Commissioner of Police, Mr Audu Madaki, has directed Divisional Police Officers and Area Commanders to ensure public compliance within their areas of jurisdiction of all legitimate orders given by government to contain the Convid-19 pandemic.

The directive was contained in a statement by the Adamawa Command Spokesman, DSP Suleiman Yahaya, who said that the commissioner also warned against unnecessary arrest and detention of suspects.

“Against the backdrop of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) global health threat and the subsequent social restriction orders imposed by governments at all levels, to enable its containment, the Commissioner of Police, AUDU A MADAKI , while enjoining citizens to voluntarily adhere to the orders, directs all DPOs and their supervising Area commanders to ensure that all legitimate orders given in pursuant to the containment efforts by the Government are strictly enforced within their areas of jurisdiction.

“The CP while urging officers to observe personal safety measures, further directs the Area commanders and DPOs to ensure that cases of unnecessary arrests and detention of suspects are not condoned.

  • “He reiterates that detention of suspects must be reduced to the barest minimum and that only very serious cases such as terrorism, armed robbery, homicide and other non-bailable offences should warrant detention. The CP further directs that adequate measures be put in place to screen persons to be committed into police custody.

    “The CP enjoins citizens to avoid social visits to police stations and other police offices and minimize official visits, except where absolutely necessary. Meanwhile, the CP has ordered for immediate publicize phone numbers of it’s Command Control Room, Area Commanders and Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) and other Operational Commanders using the conventional and non- conventional media in order to facilitate alternative interacting and reporting options between the Public and the Police.”

    The statement also announced the closure of all Police Primary and Secondary schools in the state in compliance with Federal Government directive, adding that the Police Medical Services has also step up sensitization programmes across Formations and Barracks in the Command.

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