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Borno’s Zulum : When a Governor takes the interest of his people first



Borno’s Zulum: When a governor takes the interest of his people first

By: Yusuf Adamu

Recently, the Chadian government withdraw its military helping Nigeria in the fight against insurgency in the northeast. The attendant result was worrisome as terrorists launch a devastating attack on the people rendering many homeless. The situation is unfortunate and also seemed to have lower the moral of our military in some sense.

When the people of Borno state saw the withdrawal of the Chadian troops, many began a repeat of the exodus that informed many towns and villages empty to this day when such an episode occurs few years ago. Worried by this development perhaps informed the decision of the Borno state governor to go to Chad on a diplomatic mission to win back such assistance once again in order to finally put an end to the menance of this dark days marauders.

Concern for his people, Borno state governor, Babagana Umara Zulum has denied himself any relationship with relaxation and sleeping as would some in his place would do with all the comfort around them. He was always at a distance with his comfort zone to ensure his people gets the benefit of the trust they put on him.

It was that concern that led him to loose his temper at the Njimtilo gate when he saw security operatives extorting money from innocent civilians. For him, it was not an outing for pleasure whenever he leaves his comfort zone. Sometimes he leaves ahead and left whoever cares for the people follow him in order to secure a better tomorrow for his people.

He went further recently to launch 70 security vehicles to help boost the moral of the security operatives in the discharge of their duties, which is to safeguard live and property of the people particularly travellers along the dreaded Maiduguri – Damaturu road.

The effort by governor Zulum is said to be yielding result now that a clash between the insurgents and Police in Mainok goes to show that, with better support the Boko Haram insurgents are nothing but common criminals using fear to magnify their strength.

Seemed to be left along without the support of the high and mighty from Borno state. Zulum is not ready to wait when his people are being killed by the day. For him, living can only make meaning when the people you are leading are safe and happy. A leader should be ahead not behind, and a general who always leads a war leads to victory. For the people of Borno state, this is the time to come together to support this administration and to continue to pray for governor Babagana Umara Zulum in his effort to free Borno

Yusuf Adamu, is the former political adviser to the Borno state governor, Kashim Shettima

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2023; Why Apc Must Revisit, Amend its Constitution – Yusuf Adamu



2023: Why APC must revisit, amend its constitution – Yusuf Adamu

The scenario that gave birth to the recent crises in the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC should not be cast with a wave of a hand at this time when the waves seemed to have calm down. There could be triggers that in the days ahead such event may rise again and therefore the need to revisit and amend the APC constitution by the new leadership of the party.

I am happy that our former Chairman, Adams Oshiomole and all the former party executives have withdrawn litigations and speak well of the party and leaders. This is a sign of good sportsmanship and shows that the party is on a good path to 2023 general elections.

In a place of corrections, issues of the past are sometimes brought to the fore in other to pick a lesson for the need of tomorrow. I have observed that, in the last five years of our party as the strong one, we have abandon the needful, which indeed was part of our crises as a party. This is the issues of holding regular meetings and sharing of information from the top to the bottom or avoid to take vital information from the bottom to the top.

Information management is very key in everyday life and especially in party affairs. The first mistake we made was to abrogate proprietorship leadership system in our party and that is now the brewing crises looking at comments coming from the southwest with the intervention of the President to hold strong our four walls from collapsing. This mistake should be the last and lessons for the new leadership to do the needful and not to allow an escalation along this wrong path.

Party meeting should be holding regularly and within the stipulated time and also not in a gangsteric style because everybody matters. We have seen the action of a ward Chairman against the National Chairman and the fruits it produces. This is very critical in a party with more than 20 million supporters. It is normal to agree and to disagree on issues and we should thank God that we have a listening President, who is quick to act on party matters. He is very quick and have saved the party from collapsing.

Agreement and disagreement is normal in a Democratic system because everyone has something to say and need someone to listen. There will be more of this as we move towards 2023. In APC like any other party, we have people of different background and ideas, as such, there must be a time for horse trading, maneuvering and scheming. But we have to do it in a good way. We thank our God that our party did not collapse.

The party now I believe is in the hands of people with higher level of integrity, experienced people to run the party for six months. Now, definitely a mechanism of check and balance has to be put in place. We should make sure that we do not trample on the opportunity God gave us to rule this great country, because the devastating effect will be greater in history judgements.

Although as a party we are dealing with oppositions that are not honest, let that not becloud our thinking that, we can play with God’s given opportunities. There are encroachment in our party to make sure the party did not stand, but did stand by the grace of God and this should make us to begin to look inward towards making sure that we do not give them room to put the last nail by their many attempts to brew new crises for the party.

My appeal is that, the new leadership of our party should use their experiences to ensure that the party is on a solid ground before talking about 2023. A mechanism for reconciliation has to be put in place and aggrieved persons must be reached out for immediately. The elections in Edo and Ondo is a litmus test for us. We do not have moral justification to loose these two elections. If we do, and I pray not – this is going to be bring a serious set back for us.

For me, I want a situation where the constitution of our party should be amended to spell clearly on issues of conflict from the wards to the National. We should take a study of the scenario that brought us to where we almost loose grip of the party. I want a situation whereby when there is a conflict in the ward, the ware Chairman has to form a committee to look into such conflict and write to the local government executives, who will look into the matter and also write to the state and the state writes to the National body before an execution order is given by the National body to suspend or expel an individual from the party.

We should make sure that wards have no jurisdiction to suspend or expel without following the due process and channels, otherwise the experience in the case of the former APC Chairman will be seen repeating like wild fire and that would not be a good thing for the image of the party.

I recalled when we were in the ANPP, whenever there is an issue of concern as this, the national executives will form a committee after its meeting, who would look into the matter and proffer solution without having to go to court. Sometimes the Board of Trustees are called upon to give fatherly advice or verdict on party internal issues.

Now, our party should make sure that a board of trustees is inaugurated and give them a role to play in party matters. These individual should be carefully selected and should be people with high level of integrity. We should have a situation whereby our internal conflict are managed and solved withing the ambit of the party constitution so as to reduce litigations.

* Yusuf Admau is a former Political Adviser to Ex- Borno Governor Kashim Shettima

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Int’l Security Meeting; Maiha LG Chairman Invites Idi As District Head



Int’l Security Meeting: Maiha LG Chairman Invites Idi As District Head

By Adamu Mohammed Yola

Maiha local government authority has in what she considered as international peace and security meeting, showcased Idi Usman Shehu as the district head of Jalingo-Maiha to the district heads and heads of security of seven districts of Cameroon republic that share border with Maiha local government area, northern senatorial district of Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria.

The meeting holding today has also in attendance the recognised district heads of four districts of Maiha LGA and the heads of security agencies.

Jalingo-Maiha at the moment, has no district head because the Adamawa state government is yet to act on the court order that directed the state governor to approve the appointment of Barr. Mahmud Abubakar Suleiman over a year after the judgement.

The court order has equally restrained Idi Usman Shehu from parading himself as district head of Jalingo-Maiha.

Although it was a declaratory judgment that does not give room for a stay of execution pending the determination of the court of appeal, the Periscope learned that Barr. Mahmud’s approval of appointed as district head is not granted because the case is before the appeal court.

Julia Kagani explained Declaratory Judgment as “a court-issued judgment that defines and outlines the rights and obligations of each party in a contract. Declaratory judgments have the same effect and force as final judgments and are legally binding. These judgments are also called a declaration or declaratory relief.”

So, why shouldn’t the legal court declared district head be appointed to end the prolonged scandal? I can not stop the governor from removing him if the appeal could should decided otherwise.

For over a year after a Yola high court judgement that restrained him from parading himself as district head, Idi Usman Shehu has taken to the contempt of court and executive orders with impunity, rather unchallenged by constituted authority.

The impostor is today seen to be supported by Maiha local government authority that has publicly rather before international traditional authorities from neighbouring Cameroon republic, decorated him with a participant tag as the district head of Jalingo-Maiha

Can a bridge be made constructive on a wrong foundation?

Will it be any surprising if it built on a corrupt foundation eventually collapse from the very foundation?

Can peace and security succeed when those championing it themselves are stained with the issue of peace and security for playing the impostor and accomplices to the contempt of court and executive orders?

To be continued.

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On Peace building and security strengthening for success



On Peace Building And Security Strengthening For Success

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

Peace is an uncompromising treasure. However, where peace loving and law abiding citizens are challenged unlawfully by being humiliated, exploited, oppressed and catastrophically catapulted with impunity under the watch of constituted rather uncritical, unconscious authority and a docile security outfit that would only lament by deciding to the citizenry a self-defence, there is that value worthy in reacting to and repelling the uncalled for assaults with a view to restore sanity, peace and security.

“A criminal will never give you back the stollen mandate and the robbed peace. You must take it back; reducing the renegade to on bended knees prodigal son, even if it will eventually involve the use of correctional facility.”

This a Sage would say, while contributing to the conversation on peace and security in a community where the notorious few would want to rewrite the history, coercing on others, their violent story, with swords as their pen and blood of the innocent citizens as the ink; considering the fact that “the pen is mightier than the sword.

However, sword will and never will it in anyway ever be used to serve as a pen, as much as a Yoruba translated proverb will make a reflection about a butterfly calling itself a bird; even though it could not fly higher and faster, among so numerous of its weaknesses for a worthy responsibility.

The beginning of wisdom in peace building and security strengthening is to remain apolitical, and defeat obnoxious sentiments to do the needful by crediting to every actor their deeds and misdeeds, before taking any action devoid of any air about hypocrisy, bearing in mind that insincerity is the insecurity that sabotages one’s success, the progress and development of a community.


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