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Maiduguri, Damboa, Biu road reopened, after 13 months of closure



Maiduguri, Damboa, Biu road reopened. after 13 months of closure

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The Nigerian Army Operation Lafiya Dole theater Command had reopened Maiduguri- Danboa-Biu road after it was closed in November 2018 as a result of incessant attack on motorists by Boko Haram, after a successful operations and also ease hardships faced by commuter.

It could be recalled that the road was closed during the peak of Boko Haram insurgency and was reopened in 2016 and reclosed again in 2018 for 13 months until now that the military reopened it.

Speaking at the occasion held at the Molai check point Maiduguri on Tuesday, the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt General Tukur Buratai said ” I am here again for the reopening of Maiduguri- Damboa- Biu road. The first time we reopened Maiduguri-Damboa road was on 27th February, 2016 and was closed again to allow our troops carry out operations. Today 28th January, 2020 we are here for reopening the road for second time

He said “this road is not going to be opened from Maiduguri to Damboa only but Damboa- Biu is also opened for commuters and we will still continue with our operations, as well as deploy more troops to patrol the road to ensure the safety of lives and property of those plying the road”.

” The closure of the road was not intended to bring hardship to commuters but for clearing operations and also ensure their safety and protection. This reopening is going to be different because even if we are going to Carry out operation along the road it is not going to be closed again and if necessary, It will be just for some hours”, the CIAS added.

General Buratai said ” I want you to appreciate the Borno state government for providing additional vehicles to the military, police, hunters. Vigilantes and CJTF to patrol the road to ensure the safety of the road”.

In his remarks, the Borno state Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum thanked the Chief of Army staff, the theater command and the military for keeping the state safe and for reopening the road and therefore, urged the commuters to be law abiding and always cooperate with the military by giving them information that will help them to clear the remnants of the insurgents.

Governor Zulum represented by his Deputy. Alhaji Umar Kadafur said “on our parts the Borno state government will continue to support the military in the fight against insurgrncy snf also In out efforts to ensure that the road remain safe the state government bought two bulldozers which is been use in clearing the road and has also distributed Rapid Response Squared vehicles to the Military, , police, NSCDC, CJTF and hunters to ensure the safety of the road”, he added.

Earlier in his welcome address, the theater commander Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General, Olusegun Adeniyi
Warned the members of the Road Transport Workers against extorting the motorists under the guised of probing logistics, as the Army headquarters has provided them with the needed logistics for routine patrol on the road

” Today marks a turning point in our success against Boko Haram as the reopening of this road was an indication of success our feffirys in taming Boko Haram activities. All hands must be on deck to keep the road opened. This road is opened for motorists 7 days of the week “, he added.

Also speaking , the District Head of Damboa, Alhaji Zannah Maina Yakubu said ” we the people of Damboa, we really appreciate the military for reopening the road, this road is not going to be beneficial to only people of Danboa, but Biu, AskiraUba, Gwoza, Adamawa, Taraba among others..

A journey that suppose to take us two hours we spend two to three days because, we have go through Damaturu, Biu, Gombi, Uba, Mubi, Askira and Chibok before arriving Damboa and sometimes we even have to go through Gombe. Thank God today this road had been reopened we will travel within an hour or two. Right now as I sm speaking to you people are jubilating in front of my palace in Damboa”, he added.



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Maiha Doesn’t Sale life @ N1M to N100 Killer Policeman, Accomplices – Groups React



Maiha doesn’t sale life at N1m to N100 killer policeman, accomplices – Groups react

By Adamu Mohammed Yola

The elders, the women and the youth in the entire Maiha local government area have reacted to a cultist like transaction in mortgaging a case against N100 killer police corporal for N1,000,000

It was on Monday, 1st June, 2020 when a promising 20 years old commercial tricyclist by name Arabo Dauda Tambajam was killed by a seeming drunk on duty police corporal Richard Japheth for refusing to pay N100 the alleged criminal mounted at a checkpoint in Maiha LGA of Adamawa state.

Tambajam was the breadwinner of the family. He cartered for his parents who are medically unfit and paid for his school fees, before a criminal could put a bullet for N100 to end his life as was alleged.

Maiha as a community, demanded for justice lest the aggrieved youth, translating the Old Testament, resort to jungle justice for “an eye for an eye”.

It is a taboo hence unforgiving, for a criminal, especially one who is paid to keep peace and ensure security, to kill innocent person(s) in the entire Maiha local government area.

The youth lamented that the rapists and murderers are used to deploy the rather seeming inhuman services of some heartless, good for nothing, bourgeois modernist escapists from the bereaved family or pseudo representatives in the community, to frustrate justice from taking its course for a miserable amount.

“We reject this transaction. N1m isn’t the recommended amount to compensate for life. The amount currently stands at about N50m.

“If N1m is paid, the family of the deceased innocent shouldn’t be N49m shortchanged. There must be the balance to be settled,” a youth group said.

Some of the humiliated, embarrassed and aggrieved members of the late Arabo family who were technically not consulted and/or invited to the negotiation that arrived at paltry N1m as compensation for life, are considering returning the money to the parents of the N100 killer police corporal and allow justice to take its course.

“We’re considering returning the money – if at all is was given – to let the parents of the murderer be courageous to allow their son tried for culpable homicide offence before the law.

“We reject, if at all there is, the move to obtain a court affidavit, withdrawing the case of culpable homicide as it does not reflect the collective position of the community standing for our dear Arabo.

“We’re surprised and embarrassed to hear the Executive Chairman of our local government, who stands by, with and for us in the case, saying that he was not consulted on the transaction as much as other stakeholders like the Human Rights groups.

“Our lawyer wasn’t also invited and the transaction didn’t even take place in either of our family houses or the LGA Secretariat. What a go between! So, you see, the family wasn’t adequately represented, hence null and void,” they said.

Recall the New Zealand mass shooting in a Mosque on Friday March 15, 2019, when a 28-year old trigger happy Brenton Tarrant decided to end the lives of the worshippers. He was eventually arrested. His parents did not only condemn his action, they also demanded that law should take its course rather than appealing for clemency.

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Adamawa; Parents Withdraw Murder Case Agains The 100 Killer Police For N1M Ransom



ADAMAWA: Parents withdraw murder case against the N100 killer police for N1m ransom

By Adamu Mohammed Yola

* I’m not aware of N1m paid as compensation for life, I’m not aware of any negotiation for ransom – Maiha LG Chair

* Maiha citizenry reacts to N1m ransom for life, says it is unbelievable as the case is unbearably unforgivable

* Killer cop paying N1m as ransom for murder to be spared before the law! – Youth group

The killer police, Corporal Richard Japheth who murdered a 20-year old commercial tricyclist, Arabo Dauda Tambajam for allegedly refusing to pay N100 at a checkpoint in Maiha local government area, northern senatorial district of Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria, has been forgiven by the deceased parents.

Japheth who is dismissed from police service and is currently under police custody, is said to be forgiven last week when his parents paid the sum of one million naira for late Dauda’s parents to obtain a court affidavit withdrawing the murder case, the Periscope investigation can reveal.

The negotiation aimed at shielding the alleged criminal and that which late Arabo could hardly forgive the betrayers of justice as negotiators, was done in utmost cult like secrecy, an eavesdropper reported for the Periscope investigation.

The local government chairman who has been trying tirelessly to ensure justice has taken its course and other stakeholders in the community along with the Human Rights group engaged in the case were not even informed, not to talk of being invited to the humiliating negotiation.

“I’m not aware of the paltry one million paid as compensation for life. I’m not aware of any negotiation even though I’m the chief accounting and the chief security officer,” Maiha LG Chairman, Dr Idi Ali Amin said.

The people of Maiha who would not want to believe that such an embarrassingly brothel like negotiation taken place, because, as they said, Arabo was a respected and responsible human being not a dog to be estimated humiliatingly low.

“It is unbelievable as the case in unbearably unforgeable. It is, to say the least unfortunate but intolerable that the parents of a killer for N100 police officer paid N1m as ransom for murder to be spared their criminal son who betrayed the state before law.”

“It is also surprising that the parents will humiliated their son posthumously, when they should join in supporting the community, the security and the law to ensure justice.

“Compensation for life is now N50m not N1m. The negotiators are conspirators against justice. They have also embarrassingly shortchanged the entire family,” the youth group said.

One who was a witness to the negotiation, on condition of anonymity, confirmed to the Periscope that N1m was paid as ransom for the deceased whose life was wasted simply for refusing to pay N100 as demanded by a drunk on duty, trigger happy police corporal.

The source revealed that the parents of the corporal killer started a fish type of negotiation; they would pay N25,000, then upgraded to N250,000 but when one of the negotiators who felt humiliated with the pricing “spoke words into their heads”, they raised the price to N1,000,000, enough they conceived to facilitate the family to have a court affidavit obtained, withdrawing the case from the court of law to be able to provide for their criminal son, a court cushion for soft landing.

However, as the Periscope has earlier explained, there are three sides of Japheth’s offence; the first is to God who forbids any killing without reason. The second is to the state that entrusts responsibility to maintain peace and ensure security by protecting lives and property. The third is to the deceased and family subjected to mourning.

The deceased can not be heard; so he cannot forgive, the state can hardly forgive culpable homicide.

The ugly incident, which occurred on Monday, 1st June, 2020 at about 2pm has instigated community outcry for justice. It was loudly and widely echoed by the media.

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Adamawa; The need to open Law court to salvage the state from sinking into state of Anarchy – Yapak



ADAMAWA: The need to open law courts to salvage the state from sinking into state of anarchy – Yapak

By Adamu Mohammed Yola

* Judiciary has been considered to be the last hope of the common man. However, the common man is being malnourished of his considered last hope in Adamawa state, with the lockdown of the law courts for over 4 months

The Periscope reporter

The lawmaker representing Verre Constituency in the Adamawa State House of Assembly, Hon. Abdullahi Umar Yapak Monday, presented a bill, he considered as “a matter of urgent public importance,” seeking for the reopening of the law courts to salvage the state from sinking into stinking state of anarchy.

“Mr Speaker, Hon Members, I move that Order 40 sub-rules 1 and 2 of the Rules of this Hon. House be suspended to enable me present a matter of urgent public importance.

“The matter of urgent public importance I am addressing the Honourable Members of the House on this morning is on THE NEED TO OPEN OUR COURT TO DISPENSE JUSTICE TO THE COMMON MAN,” the lawmaker requested.

Yapak, in more of persuasive presentation, referred the House to the directives of the National Judicial Council by means of circular, giving the head of courts the leverage to open court under strict observance of the NCDC and WHO regulations on Covid 19.

While the federal and some states judiciary have opened their law courts, under the said regulations, the law courts in Adamawa state are still closed down.

“Mr. Speaker it could be recalled that sometime in March the Chief Justice of Nigeria in order to curb the spread of Covid-19 within the judiciary, issued a circular directing all courts to suspend seating, except for matters of emergency and time bound.

“The courts in this state adhered strictly with the said directive and all the courts remain closed up to this time.

“Mr. Speaker, my dear colleagues, the National Judicial Council has since issued another circular giving the head of courts the leverage to open court under strict observance of the regulation issued by the presidential task force on Covid-19, this includes; observing social distance, limiting the number of cases to reduce overcrowding of court rooms, use of face marks, washing of hands with soap under running water or use of hand sanitizers.

“The federal and some states courts have opened their judicial system under the said regulations but in this state, our judicial system remains closed,” the lawmaker lamented.

Yapak articulated that the law courts are now substituted with soaring crime rates and souring consequences that have subjected the citizenry into savagery in the name of justice with jungle justice.

“The citizens have begun to revolt by taking laws into their hands; enforcing jungle justice on any slightest breach. The society is becoming lawless; the state is drifting into anarchy,” the lawmaker remarked.

Yapak said that the police cells are saturated “with suspects who are detained more than the constitutionally allowed period because of the absent of court, peoples fundamental right are being violated with impunity without any avenue for redress, the state is been denied the huge revenue coming from the activities of our judicial process thereby affecting the economy of the State”.

Yapak said Judiciary has been considered to be the last hope of the common man. However, the common man is being malnourished of his considered last hope in Adamawa state with the lockdown of the law courts for over 4 months.

Yapak said that if markets and motor parks could be reopened, law courts should not be placed as exception.

“There is nowhere rules and regulations are observed meticulously than in courts. This is because courts are mostly attended by enlightened people. Therefore, they will not find it difficult to observe the regulations against Covid-19,” Yapak said.

Yapak moved that the Hon. House should “call on the leadership of the State Judiciary to open the law courts to dispense justice to the people of the state.

“Mandate the House Standing Committee on Judiciary and Justice to liaise with the leadership of the Judiciary and Attorney General of the State to work out the modalities for the reopening of the law courts.

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