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We will reject it, even if Buhari decides to resign, Borno Apc chieftain tells Senator Abaribe



We will reject it, even if Buhari decides to resign, Borno.APC Chieftain tells Senator Abaribe

By Madu Mohammed. Maiduguri

The Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), in Borno, Alhaji Yusuf Adamu has said ‘Nigerians will reject it, even President Muhammadu Buhari decieed to resign.. We will definitely reject it, because he is just like a Messiah sent to salvage Nigeria from collapse

Adamu who was speaking in an interview with newsmen at his residence in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital said, the Senator is still a novice about happenings across the country as such he should not be taken seriously knowing his pedigrees..

Alhaji Adamu who was also the former secretary of the defunct All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) dismissed the call made by Senator Abaribe asking President Muhammadu Buhari to resign over the insecurity situation in the country, adding that the senator is not a man that Nigerians should take seriously owing to his stake in the disappearance of Nnamdi KANU, the leader of the IPOB..

He said ” Senator Abaribe is not a serious person, Nigerians should listen to, because we know where he is heading to,He and his kind trade on issues arising for their personal aggrandisement and not for the development of the nation.

“At time, when we are calling on Nigerians to stand in prayers and support this administration in their effort to defeat the insurgents. People like the senator who should mobilise support for positive growth are looking for ways to further plunge the country into crises.,” he added.

He said ” the last time I heard of Abaribe man was during the trial of the IPOB leader. What happened then and why is he still moving freely? The man is suppose to be behind bars and not in the red chamber with people of right conscience”.

“How many times has he come to the northeast or suppor the fight against insurgency in the northeast through contribution on the floor of the Senate and now just because of his personal interest he is making noise,” he quarried

” What has he been saying in support for the Nigerian military? I cannot remember seeing or hearing about him joining his other colleagues to come to Borno or Adamawa and Yobe to pay condolence and encourage the people in this awful times, he further stressed.

” The resurgence have forced thousands of people out of their ancestral home in the northeast region. The military is doing everything necessary to restore peace and order in the Northeast and other part of the country where bandits and kidnapping takes place, the military are doing its best and the Buhari administration is putting everything to ensure that Nigerians live without fear.,” he added.

He further asked “How can he live in the comfort of his house or hotel making nouse abd also movung a motion for the resignation of President Buhari and trying to cause more trouble on the ones we already battling for solution, while others are listening to him..


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Gov. Zulum seeks forgiveness of Borno residents for his shortcomings, outbursts.



Gov. Zulum seeks forgiveness of Borno residents for his shortcomings, outbursts.

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The Borno State Governor, Prof. Babagana Zulum has asked for the forgiveness of his outburst while reactiing to some challenges facing the state, since he assumed office as Governor of the state.

It could be recalled that the governor have been reacting with outburst while trying to find solutions to problems such extortion at the checkpoints, hoarding of petroleum among other issues.

Gov. Zulum in a State broadcast at Government House, Maiduguri, yesterday said: “ I acknowledge with thanks those well spirited individuals
who spoke of my occasional outburst and other shortcomings in good faith.

While I hold no grudges against anyone, I sincerely seek your forgiveness for the shortcomings outburst action and inactions before during the global COVID-19 crisis.” the governor added.

He said “I have remained focused since my assumption of office on May 29, 2019 solemn pledge to ensure peace and security in the state. This is as well to reposition the state on the path of development.”

The task envisaged is herculean and enormous requiring sacrifices,
commitment and resilience.
“We’re making frantic efforts to resettle Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and provide mechanism for their independent means of livelihoods.” he further explained.

I ensured that all good advises heeded to e i wil try to accept . I hold no grudge against anyone, I sincerely seek
your forgiveness for the shortcomings to ensure good governance and better quality of life for our people.,” governor Zulun.said.

He said the state government is a principally people-oriented with

broad based participation.

“lHe said our doors a open for consultations and worthwhile advises to take our state to the next level,” he said, while thanking everybody for the
concern shown for his life personally.
According to him, we will do all it takes to ensure better quality of
life to the people and prosperity of state.


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Covid -19; Borno Electoral Commission Suspends LG Elections indefinitely



Corona Virus: Borno electoral commission suspends LG elections indefinitely

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The Borno State Independent Electoral Commission, (BOSIEC) has suspended the proposed Local Government Elections 2020 till further notice, as a result of the banned on public gathering inline with the federal government directives in its efforts to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

The chairman of the commission, Alhaji Abdu Usman while briefing journalists at the headquarters of the BOSIEC Maiduguri on Wednesday, said ” taking note of the advised of the Federal and state government committees on the control of the Corona Virus and the banned on gathering which involves more than 50 people, the commission has hereby indefinitely suspend the proposed local government election 2020″

He said ” the BOSIEC had on the 9th of Match 2020 issued a notice of Election into the 27 local government councils in Borno state. The notice of the election started on the 10th of March,2020 to 13th June, 2020  which is shefuled dates of the preparations and elections into the local councils of the state”.

“Taking into cognisance of the fact that the next activty in the tine table which is primaries elections of the political parties involves large gathering, whuch will go against the directive on the pendermic corona virus, the commission has decided to suspend all the remaining sctivitues n the time table indefinayrly inline with section 26 of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended). The rescheduled time table will be released as soon as the situation is brought under control”, he added.

The chairman said ” so far the commission has roll out the election time table, met with the political parties, what remains is the primary elections of the political parties which is scheduled to take place between 8th April, 2020 to 15th Aptil 2020. But however, all activities relating to the election is hereby suspended till further notice”.

While regretting the inconvenience the postponement would cause all political parties in the state and the general public, Alhaji Usman said “the commission wishes to appreciate the cooperation and support of all stakeholders and good people of Borno state


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Covid -19 ; IBDFM suspends MCPD, Inductions, investitures



COVID-19: IBDFM Suspends MCPD, Inductions, Investitures

The Periscope reporter

The Governing Council of the Institute of Business Diplomacy and Financial Management IBDFM Tuesday, announced the indefinite suspension of the Institute’s programmes.

In a press release issued by the Institute’s Registrar and Secretary of Council Mr. Sukana Danjuma Tusha, the suspension of the programmes was to mitigate the risk of Corona Virus Diseases; COVID-19 global pandemic.

“The 26th and 27th MCPD Programmes, Inductions and Investitures of Fellowship earlier scheduled for 28th March and 4th April 2020 at FCT- Abuja and Gombe state respectively, stand postponed.

“Meanwhile, the President and Chairman of Council of the Institute, Prof A.A. Aminu has advised all members of the Institute to adhere strictly to the health and safety tips laid down by medical and health professionals on social distancing, respiratory hygiene (when sneezing or coughing) and regular washing of hands with soap and clean water as well as applying alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

“Aminu further advised the members to report any suspected case of Coronavirus to Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) whose mandate is to prevent, detect and respond to threats of infectious diseases across the country.

“Members can contact the NCDC through their connect centre as follows:

Toll Free Number: 08009000010
WhatsApp: +234 (0) 7087110839
SMS Number: +234 (0) 809555577
Call: +234 (0) 7036708970

“While regretting any inconvenience this decision might cause our esteemed members across the country, be assured that it was taken in the overall safety and well-being of the entire members of the Institute,” the registrar said.

The registrar has assured that the resumption of all the programmes of the Institute would be announced as soon as the Coronavirus would have been contained.


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