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Monarchy in Kano : Ganduje, a Jonathan II with the removal Sanusi II



Monarchy In Kano: Ganduje, a Jonathan II with the removal Sanusi II

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

Former President Good Luck Ebele Jonathan was said not to be comfortable with Sanusi Lamido Sanusi SLS as the Central Bank governor. Only Ebele could give the detail, should you be looking for explanation.

However SLS disliked corruption and Jonathan was told that “stealing is not corruption.”

Jonathan eventually, terminated the appointment of SLS as a Central Bank governor. Could it be based on the differences in their understandings of stealing, whether or not it amounts to corruption?

Like Good Luck like Ganduje, His Highness Sanusi II is dethroned, few hours ago, by the Ganduje of Kano and he has no business, for now, remaining in Kano, explaining his exile to Nassarawa.

Governor Ganduje was said to be having nightmares; shredding the Kano Emirate, under the cover of creating more monarchies to the grassroots, was not to be a remedy to the Ganduje’s sleeplessness, it was comprehended.

When asked curiously, a man of wisdom was reported to have revealed that the governor’s conscience has counselled him that unless His Highness Sanusi Lamido Sanusi was dethroned, he would continue to remain unpopular with his words, his weaknesses would be apparently clear even after the Supreme Court Judgement has reaffirmed his election.

A king ought to have died in Sanusi, he ought to have honoured the silence in the face of Ganduje’s government; not to challenge any misrule. Sanusi however, failed to kill the king in him. The man of wisdom articulated.

Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa has in a sermon, dismissed the Ganduje’s executive machination against the monarchy in Kano as purely politically motivated, a dehumanisation and disorder of monarchical order traceable from Bn Fodio, not backed by any ruling of the Ulamas in Kano.

When it comes to Islamic jurisprudence and that which the monarchy of the Bn Fodio order would be prided on, the Ulamas ought to be consulted, not the lawmakers who, having been elected, digressed in their assignments, reduced to legislating how to dethrone the Emir of Kano by ignoring the infidel that made libellous utterances against, or the political thugs who framed against the innocent opponent of insulting the Prophet SWA to move freely around in Kano.

What has the Kano lawmakers’ scheme by means of legislation that would allow the governor to remove the Emir, got to do with the people of Kano, for God’s? Sheikh Daurawa would ask.

“You accused the king of being dishonourable, disrespectful and anti Islam in his utterances. Where is the evidence? What has he said to amount to being dishonourable, or anti Islam? Who have you consulted among the Ulamas to justify your claims and to have approached the King of Kano for redress?” Sheikh Daurawa would ask.

Sheikh Daurawa said that if the Kano state government had the intention to dethrone the King for political reasons, so be it. He lamented that the trend would however be unhealthy; shreding Kano Kingdom into monarchies would not be a product of critical thinking.

It would be setting a stage for the politicisation of the monarchy with impunity, to dethrone His Highness Sanusi II, would mean every governor would eventually remove and appoint his his own and every ward head would be upgraded to an Emir thereby degrading the Emirate.

It was therefore costly for those celebrating the crises Sanusi II was going through with the Kano governor.

Ganduje could not comprehend the full sermon. He could have taken into account of, “If you do not want him, you are at liberty to have him removed; the people of Kano do not care.”

But why the dethroning even when Sanusi II did not libel against the Prophet SWA? This was the question a man of wisdom would ask.

“Isn’t Kano on a time bomb with the frightening population of the dirty looking almajiris, begging on the streets and sleeping on by the roadsides come rain, come cold, come heat? Parents have ignored their responsibilities; His Highness Sanusi II warned.

“Do you know why divorces are so soaring in Kano? Is there any need for those who have no capacity to enter into a contract with polygamy? Was it only Sanusi II that has sensed something wrong? Why shouldn’t he speak out? Because he’s a prisoner as a monarch or because he’s afraid of losing the throne?

In a press release Monday, issued by the Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Usman Alhaji, the Ganduje led State Executive Council has had it enough of Sanusi II as the Emir of Kano.

“The Kano State Executive Council under the Chairmanship of His Excellency approved the immediate removal/dethronement of the Emir of Kano Emirate Muhammadu Sanusi II,” the press release read.

People saw it coming. Sanusi II himself has sensed it coming. But it is not the throne but his contract with his Creator that he is more concerned about. Therefore, he must speak, intelligently too, against Almajiranci and unwanted, unprepared for polygamy among other boiling issues understood only by the critical thinking minded.

One thing Sanusi II knows too well is that Ganduje can never be Emir of Kano but Sanusi II can be a governor. He can even be the president of the country for which he has upper hand over Ganduje if candidate’s popularity could be put to vote beyond political party.

Quoting Dr Nura Alkali’s post, which he earlier shared on May 8, 2019 and that which he remains firmed to, makes the ending of this piece, making the mood of the moment.

‘If I were from Kano, I’d, in fact, prepare for the worst scenario of the governor deposing the Emir. I won’t wish that by any means, but I’d prepare for it, so that when the dust settles, Abdullahi Ganduje will spend time in prison regretting why he ever governed Kano State. This may seem a daunting task, but it is possible…

‘Granted, Ganduje got a second term, but his luck at rigging elections won’t hold on forever and PMB won’t contest in 2023, thus depriving Ganduje’s chosen successor the benefit of PMB’s popularity in Kano. In these circumstances, a deposed Kano Emir contesting for governorship will be the man to beat’.

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Covid -19; Borno Electoral Commission Suspends LG Elections indefinitely



Corona Virus: Borno electoral commission suspends LG elections indefinitely

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The Borno State Independent Electoral Commission, (BOSIEC) has suspended the proposed Local Government Elections 2020 till further notice, as a result of the banned on public gathering inline with the federal government directives in its efforts to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

The chairman of the commission, Alhaji Abdu Usman while briefing journalists at the headquarters of the BOSIEC Maiduguri on Wednesday, said ” taking note of the advised of the Federal and state government committees on the control of the Corona Virus and the banned on gathering which involves more than 50 people, the commission has hereby indefinitely suspend the proposed local government election 2020″

He said ” the BOSIEC had on the 9th of Match 2020 issued a notice of Election into the 27 local government councils in Borno state. The notice of the election started on the 10th of March,2020 to 13th June, 2020  which is shefuled dates of the preparations and elections into the local councils of the state”.

“Taking into cognisance of the fact that the next activty in the tine table which is primaries elections of the political parties involves large gathering, whuch will go against the directive on the pendermic corona virus, the commission has decided to suspend all the remaining sctivitues n the time table indefinayrly inline with section 26 of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended). The rescheduled time table will be released as soon as the situation is brought under control”, he added.

The chairman said ” so far the commission has roll out the election time table, met with the political parties, what remains is the primary elections of the political parties which is scheduled to take place between 8th April, 2020 to 15th Aptil 2020. But however, all activities relating to the election is hereby suspended till further notice”.

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Covid -19 ; IBDFM suspends MCPD, Inductions, investitures



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The Periscope reporter

The Governing Council of the Institute of Business Diplomacy and Financial Management IBDFM Tuesday, announced the indefinite suspension of the Institute’s programmes.

In a press release issued by the Institute’s Registrar and Secretary of Council Mr. Sukana Danjuma Tusha, the suspension of the programmes was to mitigate the risk of Corona Virus Diseases; COVID-19 global pandemic.

“The 26th and 27th MCPD Programmes, Inductions and Investitures of Fellowship earlier scheduled for 28th March and 4th April 2020 at FCT- Abuja and Gombe state respectively, stand postponed.

“Meanwhile, the President and Chairman of Council of the Institute, Prof A.A. Aminu has advised all members of the Institute to adhere strictly to the health and safety tips laid down by medical and health professionals on social distancing, respiratory hygiene (when sneezing or coughing) and regular washing of hands with soap and clean water as well as applying alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

“Aminu further advised the members to report any suspected case of Coronavirus to Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) whose mandate is to prevent, detect and respond to threats of infectious diseases across the country.

“Members can contact the NCDC through their connect centre as follows:

Toll Free Number: 08009000010
WhatsApp: +234 (0) 7087110839
SMS Number: +234 (0) 809555577
Call: +234 (0) 7036708970

“While regretting any inconvenience this decision might cause our esteemed members across the country, be assured that it was taken in the overall safety and well-being of the entire members of the Institute,” the registrar said.

The registrar has assured that the resumption of all the programmes of the Institute would be announced as soon as the Coronavirus would have been contained.


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Boko Haram ; Borno Governor Convenes Strategic Security Meeting With Borno’s retired Generals, Police, DSS Paramilitary Officers



Boko Haram; Borno Governor convenes strategic security meeting with Borno’s retired generals, police,SSS, paramilitary officers

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

Charting a lasting solutions to the lingering solution to the Boko Haram insurgency, Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum of Borno state , is to cinvene a strategic security meeting retired Generals in the Nigerian Army and tjeir counter parts in the air force and navy, as well as retired senior officers of the Police, the state security service and the paramilitary, of Borno extraction to With a view to find means of fast tracing lasting peace and rebuilding of the state.

Governor Zulum, announced this on Sunday when he hosted the first, in a series of subsequent consultative meetings, with Borno citizens working at different federal establishments within the FCT, as well as other stakeholders. The Governor was particular about citizens who held operational positions in security.

The meeting which held at the banquet hall of Kanem suits in Abuja, explored ways Borno citizens in the ranks of chief executives, permanent secretaries, directors and deputy directors at federal ministries, departments and agencies could contribute to addressing challenges of security, recovery and development of their home state.

The Governor’s invitation to retired senior security personnels,, according to a statement issued by his spokesman was in response to comment by a retired Brigadier General from Borno state, who at the meeting, offered to contribute with strategies that could help the government in the ongoing fight against Boko Haram.

“The givernor said he hopes to meet the retired senior security officers as soon as the meeting can take place, at a suitable location”, Gusau said .

Beside the issue of security, the statement further said Governor Zulum challenged all participants to make contributions through other means that can help the state and its citizens on different areas of development.

“All of us coming together in trying to rebuild our state will not be something new. Our forefathers did the same thing in bringing back what is now Borno state, after turbulent times. They fought to rebuild communities. We need to be united. Lets forget about 2023 and unite for Borno’s sake. Each of us should see how he or she can contribute to our search for peace, to resettling our brothers and sisters that ate internally displaced, to education, healthcare, jobs creating and generally our economic recovery and development ” Malam Isa Gusau quoted Governor Zulum.

In response to the Governor’s passionate call,participants took turns to make insightful suggestions and to highlight existing and potential opportunities in the federal establishments they work and how Borno can maximize some benefits.

“At the end, the meeting created thematic working groups through which participants were requested to choose the areas they can best contribute, taking into account their areas of specialization and positions they currently occupy that can accelerate the development of Borno state and its people.”, the statement further e see

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