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Don’t Ban Almajiri System, Group warns Northern Governors



Don’t Ban Almajiri System, Group warns Northern Governors

-Your repatriation of Almajiris is also wrong

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

A group under the umbrella of Concerned Almajiris has advised the Northern Governor’s Forum (NGF) not to ban Almajiri sysyem in the North and also faulted the repatriation of the Almajiris back to their state of origins, more especially during the Covid 19 pandemic…

The leader of the group, Abdulgafar Onuchi at a press briefing held at the Correspondents Office, Maiduguri yesterday said “” the Almajiri system doesn’t deserved to be banned by a government which claims to drive to educate its citizens, instead in case of irregularities attached to the system, appropriate solution should be provided to such irregularities and the system be preserved “,

“The Almajiri system is a system of formal knowledge seeking which has been in existence and practicd in Northern Nigeria prior to the the invasion of the region by the colonialist . It has lasted for centuries “.the group added.

Onuchi who is also a chemical Enginner and Almajiri said the Almajiri system has produced prominent Nigerian in academics and business such as Sheik Usman Danfodio. Sheik Abdullahi Ngandu, Sheik Mohammed Bello, Sheik Dahiru Bauchi. Sheik Ibrahim Salleh, Sheik Ishaka Rabiu, Ptofessir Sani Imam, ( of blessed memory) who was an Almajiri who rose to Professor of economics historu at the UNIMAID among other immanent Nigerians.

He said ” the repatriation of Almajiris and the manner in which they were embarrassed and humiliated is against the constitutional right of every Nigerian. Therefore, the act of repatriations alone is display of inhumanity in the blood of the Northern Governors Forum who were involved in the act. The act is not inline with the Islamic principles which enjoin someone who is in a place that is affected by a plague not to leave ( to prevent the spread of the plague) and someone outside the affected area not to enter the area,( also to prevent him.from.contacting the plague). ”

The Western systen of education which the governors advocate,, according to the group is not free from flaws and irregularities such as cultism, prostitution, sexual harassment, drug abuse and so on but none of the Governors is thinking about banning the system because of psychological submissiveness to the western world, adding that all these are in existence in the conventional, schools and institutions and poised a great threat to the security of life and property but one has ever advocated for it’s ban.

While calling on the Northern Governors to recognized Almajiri system as a formal system of seeking knowledge, the group advocated for Almajiri teachers to be placed on salary scale equivalent to their counterpart in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions, developed data base for the tsangaya schools, ascertain the numbers of the pupils, teachers, as well as their addresses and places of origin for proper tracing and profiling.

The group also called for the establishment of ministry or Agency for Almajiris to regulate and carter for Almajiris and involvement of the Tsangaya teachers in the decision marking.

” The Northern Governors should make a provision for premarital and martial counselling of their citizens such that parent will be made to wake up to their responsibities of proper child parenting and in case of default proper sanction be meted on them”, the Concerned Almajiris stated.


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Gov. Buni Caution Community leaders against Rape Cases



Gov. Buni Caution Community leaders against Rape Cases

By Daily Hint

His Excellency, Hon. Mai Mala Buni, the executive Governor of Yobe state, today cautioned community leaders in the state to be watchful  and report any case of rape in their domains to the appropriate authorities.

The governor said government will fully apply the state laws on rape which stipulates life imprisonment for rape cases involving minors and where the victim is an adult, the culprit shall be jailed upto a term of twenty-five years.

Governor Buni charged the police and judiciary to conduct adequate investigations and expedite action on the judicial process and procedures.

The Governor warned that government will not tolerate any abuse deliberately caused by reckless persons who have no control over themselves.

“The full wrath of the law will be applied on anyone who is proven to have committed rape in the state” he warned.

The state law against rape, kidnapping and unnatural offences which was signed in 2018 provides life imprisonment for rape against minors and up to 25 years imprisonment for raping adults.

The law also stated that whoever commits the offence of kidnapping shall on conviction be punished with imprisonment of not less than fourteen (14) years.


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Gov. Buni; A Silent Achiever With Lean Resources



Gov. Buni; A silent Achiever With Lean Resources

By Haruna Yusuf

Despite Yobe’s prudent management of funds, His Excellency, Hon. Mai Mala Buni, the executive Gov of Yobe state, Spoke through his Director of press Mamman Mohammed said none of the projects that the governor inherited from the past administration or initiated have stopped since his assumption of office one year ago. His words: “Actually, all projects initiated or taken over by this administration are seeing the light of the day in terms of completion. One key project that I want you to note is the airport.

You are aware that this is a multi billion naira project initiated by the previous administration and as we talk now , we are expected to witness the first test landing at the runway which is a sign that the project is nearing completion. It’s a very capital intensive project running into billions of naira but this administration is completing the project.

“Again, if you look at the road project, this administration inherited some road projects that were initiated by the previous administration, like the Damaturu/Kallawan airport road dualization, 4km Damaturu/Potiskum road dualization and many others.

“One thing you should note is that none of the projects either initiated or inherited by this administration is suffering due to the prudent management of the state resources by Governor Mai Mala Buni.

“The governor had also announced that he will expand or build new primary healthcare centers in the 178 political wards in the state.

As we speak now, 53 have been completed and we still have three years to go in the administration. If we can do this in the first year, you can imagine what will happen in the next three years running.

“You remember the moribund factories in the state; the Aluminum, the Woven sacks and the Floor Mills which were abandoned for over ten years but this administration has revived them by investing resources in them and today all are producing at optimal capacity generating revenue to the state coffers and providing employment opportunities for the youth of the state.

“In the area of Education, the administration has also constructed seven model primary schools across the state. Five of such schools have been completed and the remaining two are 90 percent completed. Each of the schools is made up of a story build with 30 standardized class rooms.

These are project that is aimed to improve the standard of education in the state. Over three thousand Teachers were trained and retrained, about ten thousand teachers has been promoted.

“You can see that this administration has identified very key areas that have touched the lives of the people of the state positively. But to be direct, Governor Mai Mala Buni has never stopped any project as result of any financial problem.”


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Adamawa Apc Warn Members against Accepting PDP Appointment



Adamawa APC warn members against accepting PDP appointment

By Baba Yakubu Yola

The Adamawa Chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC) has warned its members against accepting appointment from Gov. Ahmadu Fintiri led government of People’s Democratic Party (PDP)

A statement on Wednesday by the State Publicity Secretary of APC, Mohammed Abdullahi, said according to the party constitution, anyone who accepted such appointment ceased to be members of APC.

Abdullahi said APC was observing the sustained fruitless effort by PDP in the state to cause disunity among its members.

“We refer to the recent appointments released by the PDP Government in the State that featured the names of some members of our Great Party and wish to draw the attention of the appointees to Article 9.5 of the APC Constitution which states that, any Party Member that accepts a political appointment from any political party or opposition Government ceases to be a member of APC.

“While we commend the loyalty and faithfulness of our Party members who rejected the appointments offered to them by the PDP Government, all those who accept the appointments will have their names removed from the Party Register.

“In conclusion, the APC is keenly watching the PDP government s fruitless efforts in trying to cause commotion and disunity within the APC family. This attempt has failed and will ever fail,” Abdullahi said.

He urged members of the party to remain resolute and focused on supporting the Buhari Administration as the party further unite to take over power in Adamawa State in 2023.

Meanwhile, one of the party chieftains given appointment by Gov. Fintiri as Special Assistant, Mrs Anna Sini has rejected the appointment.

Sini in a letter to APC said she declined the appointment as a loyal party member.

“I am assuring my party that, I remain loyal and committed APC member,” Sini who was an APC Senatorial Aspirant for Adamawa North District said in the letter.

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