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Adamawa; Communal Clashes; Between the Deputy Gov and the Lunguda, Where lies the Media Misfit, Mischief ?



ADAMAWA: Communal Clashes: Between The Deputy Gov and the Lunguda, where lies the media misfit, mischief?


* Crowther Seth who sues for peace says he will sue the media for for libel before the law

* In the Name of Peace, leave Chief Crowther Seth Alone – Deputy Gov media handler

* In the Name of Peace, don’t insult the media as being misfit or mischief, simply go to court for the alleged libel – The publishers, media managers

The Adamawa State Deputy Governor, Crowther Seth has said that he would sue the media for libel.

In a rather undiplomatic and insulting piece, seemed to be articulated by Mr. Seth’s media handlers and shared by the DG Communications to Adamawa State Governor Thursday, Mr. Seth technically denied that the Lunguda people who are reduced to refugees in their own community, have boo booed in the protest demanding for his removal as Deputy Governor for allegedly siding with a hidden villain, said to be the mastermind of wanton destruction of lives and property, resulting to the displacement of people as was reported by the media.

“Is this how bastardised a profession we now have on our hands?

“Is there no price for reporting what defames, embarrasses, lies against and discolours the truth?

“These media hack-writers must know and be prepared to pay the price for their unprofessional and unethical conduct and reporting.

“It is nauseatingly baffling that some of these media organisations that pride themselves as defenders of human rights bother less about hearing and weighing Deputy Governor Crowther Seth before going to town with their hastily cobbled pastiche of so-called news reports…just because their sole purpose was to satisfy the wishes of their paymasters.

“Well, the Office the Deputy Governor has assured that it shall sue.

“It is about time media houses learn some responsible journalistic ethics, even if they have to be taught by a few cases in court,” the piece read in part.

The Media managers in defence of their reporters, wondered what is unprofessional, taking the human angle, reporting the agitation of the aggrieved as it is?

“As for the media organisations who embarked on this campaign of calumny against the deputy governor, where is their honour as purported members of the Fourth Estate?” The piece in sympathy to Crowther Seth asked.

Campaign of calumny! didn’t it happen? Is it the media that has simply reported on the scene that should be challenged for libel or the aggrieved in protest?

Why didn’t the deputy governor who was right there, denied the allegation against him before the governor, in the name of peace?

In the name of peace, the media merely reported that “the Lunguda people of Guyuk local government area, southern senatorial district of Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria Monday, demanded the immediate removal of the deputy governor of the state, Mr. Crowther Seth over alleged alliance and clandestine romance with the suspected criminal and mastermind of recent attacks on Dumna-Boshikiri axis, Alh Halilu popularly known as Sarki Yaki (SY) of lafiya lamurde.

“The collective call by the Lunguda community came when the governor and his deputy visited to restore peace in the area.

The Governor was received by protesting against Crowther, crowd carrying placards with inscription: “Arrest Halilu (SY), he is the cause of the problem’’ ‘’Deputy Governor harbouring Halilu SY,’’ ‘’we support Governor Fintiri but Deputy Governor is complicating issues,’’ ‘’deputy Governor harbouring war monger halilu (SY)’’ the report read in part.

Now hear the introductory part of the piece on “In the Name of Peace leave Chief Crowther Seth Alone.”

“I read with great sadness the unprofessional and malicious reports in the media attempting, in vain, to link the deputy governor of Adamawa State, Chief Crowther Seth, to the unfortunate crisis that recently broke out between the Lunguda and Waja communities in Dumna District, Guyuk local government area of the state.

“Having digested the trash I read, I decided to refrain from replying and let things be but here I am responding to the feeble antics of desperate politicians who are envious of the superlative track record of the Ahmadu Umar Fintiri-led administration in the state.

“However, seeing that the architects of this defamatory campaign are bent on poisoning the minds of the good people of Guyuk local government area and the general public, it has become necessary to put the records straight.”

Put the record straight? What record and why was it not put straight before the aggrieved in protest when the governor paid an arbitration visit on Monday?

What’s the offence of the media? Is it simply for reporting?

How we wish that media would be represented in the administrative panel, whose outcome it is hoped, would put the record straight while wait to be invited before the law for alleged media libel against the deputy governor as he threatens to file.


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June 12: Gangster Raid Village in Maiha, Injure Husband, Abduct Wife



June 12: Gangsters Raid Village In Maiha, Injure Husband, Abduct Wife

  • Request husband to present himself in replacement of the abducted wife

The Periscope reporter

  • The resisted husband waits in expectation of ransom to secure wife’s freedom
  • Security agencies, vigilantes, hunters, Fulani groups are after the gangsters, poise to end kidnappings, criminalities – LG Chair

While some local governments and communities in Adamawa state, northeast Nigeria were celebrating the dividends of democracy with the commissioning of completed projects and other developmental drive on June 12, marking Nigeria’s Democracy Day, in memory of the president Nigeria never had, Chief MKO philanthropist Abiola, whose election victory was annulled on June 12, the seeming ostracised Maiha local government, her districts and communities are subjected to mourning and lamentations; cries of injustice, neglect and insecurity.

The hope and thought Jalingo-Maiha conceived, was that June 12 would be celebrated with the coronation of the Emirate Council selected and recommended and the courts declared district head.

A Yola High Court, in her judgement about three years ago, has directed the state governor to approve the appointment of the legitimate district head; nullifying the governor’s unlawful appointment of a butterfly claiming to be a bird, moralising Yoruba proverb.

The Appeal Court, equally sitting in Yola, has about nine months ago, passed her judgement, affirming the High Court judgement.

The courts orders are however challenged by the undue executive delay, for which interpretation pointed out to the uncontrolled executive unconscious bias, on the whole, to beg for the who is who’s intervention with a view to put the monarchical record rather legitimately straight.

Jalingo-Maiha district head palace to this day, remained vacant; over eight years after the demise of the district head, the Ubandoma of blessed memory.

To add insult upon injury, the AK47 wielding gangsters, numbering more than ten, raided Jaba-Jaba village of Mbilla district, in the early hours of 11pm, of the June 12, shooting sporadically in the air, to scare the community, threatening any resistance, such that the residents of Wuro Iya, Maiha Gari and Nasarawo neighbouring villages who were not asleep, helter skelter took to their heels and without knocking, to their houses to lock themselves, enveloped in prayers, hoping not to be among thise be abducted for ransom.

All exits into the town including footpath were said to be barricaded by the gangsters, bragging that they were beyond the security, beyond the law, beyond being repelled the billion worth rebellion.

Their target was an established farmer, a local business man, Alh. Yusufa Sali who owned a Mitsubishi Van parked in front of his house, following a rip-off, said to be by an informant in the village.

The gangsters demanded for money from Sali, he could not give them. He also courageously resisted to be taken away, he is rather killed; he was beaten and booted without mercy when he refused to recommend to the criminals, one from among his two wives to be kidnapped as his replacement. They then opted to abduct the eldest wife.

The next day, being today, the gangsters invited Sali to replace his abducted wife; a request he could only trust like a fox. He would rather wait for them to demand for ransom, to secure the wife’s freedom.

Kidnappings have now become pastime in Maiha local government area even with the international security meeting against cross-border criminalities.

Just the night before, a resident was abducted in Tambajam village; ransom for freedom is however yet communicated.

“If one is considered as being wealthy as per local level, he is automatically a sitting duck.

“People will now be forced to minimise their farming activities so that they can have low harvest, lest they incur the wrath of the AK47 wielding gangsters, even as maize is selling at N24,000 per bag among other grains.

“It seems it’s a conspiracy aimed at destroying the economy of the country,” a resident lamented.

According to a social commentator, “it’s high time people face the hard truth that insecurity as it relates kidnappings, has unfortunately assumed overwhelming position that every society has to find her on way of dealing with the monster.

“In Kogi state for example, every town is forming very formidable vigilante to defend herself. The effort has paid off, pointing to the very significant reduction of kidnappings in the state”.

Confirming the ugly incident, the chairman Maiha local government, Hon Idi Ali Amin has revealed to the Periscope reporter that everything was under control, assuring that survivors would soon regain freedom without the consideration of ransom, “allied forces of security agencies, vigilantes, hunters and the Fulani groups are after the criminals. They’re poised to end kidnappings, and criminalities”.

Commenting on what was considered as “state of state neglect” of the local government, the chairman said, “Maiha isn’t left abandoned, there are more June 12 to celebrate. Maiha will soon have her turn of development with the present government.

“Government can’t allocate projects everywhere at the same time with the paucity of funds, you know. It should have to be based on batches.

“There’s brilliant plan for the local government. It only called for patience”.

On the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha. Talking about the delay by the governor to approve the appointment of the legitimate district head, the chairman commended the continued peace and patience of the community and the ruling family. “It is now a history. Every power or authority, every employment or appointment, is according to God’s time as He decreed.

“When it’s not God’s time, nothing will come to pass. Now that it’s God’s time, we shall soon celebrate the coronation of our district head in peace with the approval of the appointment.

“Jalingo-Maiha can now proceed with the preparation for the coronation without further delay. Now it’s the God’s time.

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Monarchy in Maiha: with Autonomy of Judiciary, The Executive Can’t Veto, Overrule Judgement



Monarchy In Maiha: With Autonomy Of The Judiciary, The Executive Can’t Veto, Override, Overrule Judgement

By Shamsiyya Mijinyawa

Houses Assembly and the Law Courts are short down for over two months owing to the industrial actions embarked upon by the workers, taken as the last resort, in agitation for independence, referred to as financial autonomy.

Prisons are filled to suffocating capacities in the face of Covid-19 pandemic that require adequate breathing space capacities; some of the alleged culprits against the law, even as capital as unbailable offences, like rape of a minor, are simply asked to provide guarantors, trustees kind of, for bail, pending suspension of workers strike, that will unchain, unlock the courts to reopen cases and file new ones.

JUSUN strike has however been billed to be suspended, which implies that courts could be unlocked on Monday to allow dialogue nuetralised the heated by industrial action polity.

President Muhammadu had, in May 2020, signed an executive order granting financial autonomy to both the judiciary and legislative arms of government — but the order was suspended after state governors raised concerns.

Political commentators and legal luminaries are agreed that the industrial actions are as necessary as the proper checks and balances between and among the three arms of government are.

This reporter learned from the learnered that financial autonomy will make both the legislature and the judiciary independent of the executive.

Prof Yinka Dare, Dr. Chuckwumeka and Barr Murtala Gambo are agreed that with the financial autonomy, governors would not pay the piper to dictate the legislative tune, adding that judiciary, being the last hope of the common man, won’t by the executive be dishonoured by means of undue delay in the implementation of court judgement.

Analogy is relayed, relating to the case of the monarchy in Jalingo-Maiha district, Maiha local government area of Adamawa state; about three years ago, the high court, sitting in Yola, delivered a judgement against a candidate, who was unlawfully appointment by the then Adamawa state governor as the district head, in total violation of the law establishing traditional council and chiefs.

The act was challenged before the law and justice eventually prevailed, defeating the governor’s unlawful interest.

The then governor however, perhaps challenged by the humiliating defeat, dishonoured the court order and the act has opened widely, though unwisely, the window to the romance with the contempt of court, with the court nullified continued, parading himself as district head, as consistently reported by the Periscope, the Newshawk, Daily Hint and the Gazette, among other online media.

About nine months ago, the appeal court equally passed a judgement, which upheld the high court judgement earlier passed, delegitimising the governor appointed district head, certifying the Emirate Council selection and recommendation; directing the state governor to approve the appointment of the court declared district head.

A court order, which to this day, has not been honoured, allegedly motivated by certain political force, perhaps not unconnected with the uncontrolled unconscious bias.

“If the financial autonomy is eventually, fully granted, implementation of court judgement would not be technically vetoed, overriden, overruled and/or frustrated by undue executive delay, by any means politics that would require the intervention of the who is whos in the state’s political sphere, for the legitimate atmosphere that would influence the elected chief executive to go by the book, to honour courts judgement without undue delay”.

There has been the speculation that the workers with the local government authorities would also down tools, agitating for autonomy if the legislature and the judiciary eventually succeeded.

According to the union leadership, JUSUN decided to call off the strike following the intervention of the National Judicial Council (NJC).

“NJC, which is the highest body of the judiciary, appealed to the union to give them two to three months to weigh into the matter and make sure they actualise what we are asking for. They noted that the public is suffering. We decided to accord them that respect,” the leadership said.

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Borno closes 2 tertiary institutions for clashes over hostels accommodation



Borno closes 2 tertiary institutions for clashes over Hostels Accommodation

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The students of Kashim Ibrahim College of Education and their Umar Ibn Ibrahim Elkanemi College of education, Bama counterparts have on Thursday clashed over Hotels accommodation in Maiduguri. .

The Borno state government has ordered for the immediate closure of the Kashim Ibrahim College of Education and Umar Ibrahim College of education, Bama as a result of clash between the students of the two institutions over Hostel accommodation.

The Borno state government in a statement signed by the permanent Secretary, Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology, Alhaji Mohammed Abatcha on Thursday said the ministry in consultation with the two institutions have decided to close the two tettiary institutions for two weeks to avoid further escalaion of the clashes.

” As a result of reported clashes between students of Kashim Ibrahim College of Education and Umar Ibn Ibthim Elkanemi College of Education , Science and Technology Bama on 27 May, 2021 clashed over issue of Hostel accommodation The the ministry of Higher Education, science and innovation in consultation with the management of the two colleges have decided to close the two tertiary institutions for two weeks”, the statement said.

According to the statement, the decision.was to avoid further escalation. of the clashed and save lives and property pending investigations of the root cause of the matter.

The students of the two colleges were said to clash over Hostel accommodations which the students of the Kashim College of Education accused students of Umar Ibn Ibrahim Elkanemi of dominating the hostels and lack of potable water within the school

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