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Bindow’s Popularity 75.5% Down, Still Counting – Study.

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo yola

The popularity of Governor Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow of Adamawa has gone down with 75.5% and still counting, the Periscope Global Investigate Study could reveal.

The results of the popularity poll released Wednesday, revealed that the electorates were disenchanted by the unfulfilled promises, the lack of payments of outstanding salaries of the public servants with primary health and local government authorities and other entitlements, in addition to the cry of neglect by pensioners in spite of the bailout and the Paris Club refund fund.
the near dysfunctional healthcare services at the general hospitals among others.

The contractors equally lamented being sidelined, alleging that the “roads rehabilitation and construction” among other projects did not follow due procurement recommendations of inviting for tender and bidding.

Some of the ruling party delegates that played prominent in the governor’s nomination for the 2015 gubernatorial election, alleged that they were not been carried along. Therefore, 2019 they have been patiently waiting for, nursing their frustration, would be a payback time.

The Oyegun-a-sa-tion of delegates that placed the governors in the APC controlled states at the vantage position, should indirect method be adopted for the APC primaries, has resulted in the aggrieved in Adamawa among other states, withdrawing their memberships with the ruling party to register their allegiances with the opposition parties, prominent among whom were Senator AbdulAziz Nyako the gubernatorial aspirant and teeming loyalists defecting to form ADC a formidable opposition party, which the popularity poll has observed, the growing patronage it was receiving in the state was summarily amazing and SDP’s Emmanuel Bello whose “Gundirinated” 2015 style of campaign would tie him to a defined faction though.

Against the “Oyegunated” kind of delegate “election”, Oshiomhole the new APC chairman, assured to operate an all inclusive leadership by hearkening to the complaints of the aggrieved members.

The direct primaries was eventually decided. However, the “Ohiomsholeted” method was to appear bitter to the “Oyegunated.”

The alleged undiplomatic way of challenging it, insisting on indirect primaries without consulting stakeholders, was perceived to be among factors that played havoc by hacking the Bindow popularity.

SDP and ADC in Adamawa state were reported to have had internal conflicts of interest, which resulted in judicial intervention. The clashes of interests within the parties were alleged to be conspiracies for which the Bindow was accomplice, in addition to the allegation that PDP’s Fintiri would need to have his political feathers plucked by inviting anti graft agency to remind him of the allegations of diversion of taxpayers’ money for which he was the principal. The allegations were added to that of the attack on the APC Babachir Lawal’s private office and vehicles in Yola,

Whether or not these were mere rumours, unsubstantiated allegations, the effects they were said to be having to the Bindow popularity poll were summarily great.

The ethno-religious kind of abracadabra, was to play negatively on the actor for identifying himself as belonging to both religions and the sects within the religions, in addition to the claim that the actor’s government was for the non Fulani ethnics.

The Ribadu’s black cap and the entrance of Dr. Mahmood Halilu Ahmed known as Modi President Muhammadu Buhari’s brother-in-law into the governorship race on the platform of APC have contributed in demeaning Bindow’s political popularity.

Modi’s generous donation of N10m to the state’s APC secretariat, was said to be the first and only experience since 2015. Modi has assured the party executives and delegates that if elected, they would not be toyed with like yo-yo. They would not be dumped after having been used to win election.

The Bindow’s declaration Saturday, was made another factor; the attendance in spite of the announcements on the media and the alleged money budgeted, was reported to be less than anticipated and that the armed thugs, alleged to be among the entourage of one of the state lawmakers, were said to have had field day confiscating handsets and other valuables of the gullible rather seeming pretended supporters at the declaration ground in addition to attacking and robbing motorists in Yola the capital city of Adamawa state.

In the southern geopolitical zone, Mayo-Belwa LGA where Admiral Nyako hailed from and Jada LGA where the electorates were said to have felt humiliated by the appointment of district head not the popular choice, were out of equation. Ganye LGA where the deputy governor hailed from and Toungo LGA were said to be speculating on whether or not there was any state impact. The Numan Federation where for the most part, the media aids to the governor were said to have hailed from, devastated by ethnic in tribal militia – herdsmen conflicts, were said to be blaming the government for not been proactive in bringing to a decisive end to the wanton deaths and destructions occasioned by the looming crises in the area. Shelleng LGA could be a soft landing.

The crises associated with the monarchy in Maiha and Michika local government areas both in the northern zone of Adamawa state where Bindow represented as Senator before being elected governor in 2015, were contributing factors.

The electorates in Maiha, where Bindow was said to register to have hailed from especially, have completely lost confidence in Bindow; no roads construction or rehabilitation, the state government’s presence was hardly visible other than the crises associated with the monarchy resulting from the governor’s appointment of the district head of Jalingo-Maiha as opposed to the people’s interest, which was the Mubi emirate selected for governor’s approval and that which the court order favoured.

The lack of compliance to the court order by the governor to approve the legitimate successor to the throne, has indeed affected the entire elected said to be representing the area.

The recent entry of Admiral Murtala Hammanyero Nyako Baba Maimangoro tagged “the Hero” who played prominent in bringing down Goodluck’s government to its badluck, into Yola, was indeed another sledge hammer.

Bindow was said to have had a smoothed victory in the 2015 for riding on the Hero Nyako’s structure.

Admiral Nyako was said to be the only governor in Adamawa whose popularity cut across the state, remained natural and undiminished even after having had his tenure terminated. This could be owing to his good legacies while in office as governor.

“It’s time”, the Nyako supporters, would say, “for the price of betrayal.”

The study would reveal that most of the Bindow’s aggressive supporters were those enjoying the governor’s favour either as SA or as relatives to beneficiaries of other rather personal favours than community based. Should that they were benefiting suspended, the loyalty and hypocritical support would equally seek for renewal having attained it’s termination time.

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Potiskum Trailer Park: Gov. Buni Signs N2.8 Billion Contract



Potiskum trailer park: Gov. Buni signs N2.8 Billion Contract

By Daily Hint Damaturu

The contract consists the provision of Multi-purpose warehouses, Service bay, Wash bay, Police post, Fire Service, Clinic, Dormitory, Plaza Market, Food Court, Public Toilet, Mosque, Football Field, Internal Roads and Drainages, Parking Space for trailers and cars and Administrative Block is awarded to A.G Vision Nigerian LTD at a cost of N2,880,091,770.34.

It could be recalled that H.E Gov. Mai Mala Buni during the ground breaking ceremony of Potiskum Truck Transit Park on 4th/September/2019 clearly indicated his administration plan to develop a modern truck transit park first of it’s kind in the Northern Nigeria where about 5000 employment opportunities will be generated.

The State Government has acquired 50 hectares of land and compensation was fully paid for the project site and perimeter fencing work is being handled by Guza Integrated Nigerian LTD at a cost of N242,219,778.25 and presently is about 85% completion.

While witnessing the signing ceremony, the Honorable Member representing Potiskum constituency, Hon. Adamu Bazuwa and the Commissioner of Higher Education, Prof. M. Munkaila on behalf of Potiskum community expressed their gratitude to the State Government under the leadership of H.E Gov. Mai Mala Buni for citing the TTP, Modern Market, Schools and other developmental projects in Potiskum.

The Commissioner of Commerce, Industry and tourism, Hon. Barma Shettima in his remarks urged the contractor to work inline with specifications contained in the contract agreement and the contract duration is for a period of 12 months.

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Repositioning Almajiri System, Governor Zulum inaugurates 14 Man Committee



Repositioning of Almajiri system, Governor Zulum inaugurates 14 Man committee

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The Borno state Government has inaugurated a 14 Man Reform Committee to reform the Tsangayya system of education with a view to provide more conducive and better learning condition and alleviate the social problems developing from Tsangayya system of education.

Inaugurating the committee at the Government House, Maiduguri on Wednesday, the Borno state Governor, Prof Babagana Zulum said “Tsangayya education otherwise known as the Almajiri system of education is one area that is currently recurving great attention in generating/making policies in the current dispensation. It is aimed at enhancing the curriculum with the support of the government by providing socio-economic condition and alleviating begging’.

‘ Tsangayya education can be traced to the saying of the prophet (SAW) that it is a compulsory upon every Muslim to seek knowledge and learning in all ramifications, hence the establishment and spread of schools and Islamic scholars in Muslim communities”, the governor added.

He said ” some of the identified problems includes but not limited to – lack of an adquate support by government and community, old curriculum, where same old method and grades are being used, socio-economic conditions of the Tsangayya where pupils and teachers are in dilapidated condition without even a health clinic hence by affected diseases and malnutrition, begging and vulnerability to environment laggards’.

Governor Zulum said ‘ the committee has the following terms of reference
-to generate and provide information on the existing Tsangayya in Borno state, to collect a comprehensive data in the state, Tsangayya enrolment in order to get the statistical figures of both teachers and the children physically on ground in their different locations, trace and identify the real status of Tsangayya situation for example learning, feeding, clothing and the economic and health conditions’

‘ Others includes to recommend to the Government on how to intervene and uplift Tsangayya system in the state, find out and deliver clear recommendations to the Government and Non Governmental interventions and reforms that would effectively enforce against begging and abuse of Almajiris, to develop an action plan with short, medium and long term strategies to assist the government put in place policy formulation in order to uplift the standard of the Tsangayya program in the state, involve in sensitizing and mobilizing other critical stakeholders Among others”, he added.

The committee which has one month within which to submit it report, has renown Islamic, scholars which Includes professors Sheikhs and Ulanas


Speaking on behalf of the committee members, , the committee chairman, Khalifa Aliyu Abdulfatahi thanked the governor for finding them worthy to serve in the committee and promised to justify the confidence repose in them.

”Borno has a long history of Quranic education dated back to the Saifawa dynasty but along the line Tsangayya suffered neglects from the past governments but with the attention it is getting now, very soon it will be a thing of the past” he said.

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FG releases N3.5Billion To Borno Government, as parts it’s first phase of 10,000 housing intervention



FG released N3.5 billion For Borno government, as parts it’s first phase of 10,000 housing intervention

By Madu Mohammed, Nauduguri

The Federal Government has released the sum of N3.5 billion to the Borno state government for the first phase of the 10,000 housing intervention to fast track the rebuilding and resettlement process in the state.

The Borno state Governor, Prof. Babagana Zulum who made this known on Wednesday when he paid an inspection visit to 1000 Housing units in Dalori village in Konduga local government area of the state, he said the Federal Government has released the sum of N3.5 billion for the first phase of it’s housing intervention’ program I n the we state.

“The Federal government has released the sum of N3.5 billion to the Borno state government for the first phase of it’s housing intervention in the state and we have judiciously utilized the fund . We are constructing 1000 houses here in Dalori and another one in Kalameri and both of them have reached 70 percent completion. We are going write to the Federal government for the release of more funds”, the governor stated.

He said the Federal government has also released the sum of N1.3 billion through the ministry of agriculture for Rural Grazing no Area (RUGA) farming and another sum of N352 million to the ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management for Livilihood support to IDPs as they return to their communities, adding that the state government will also compliment the effort of the Federal government by construction of health care facilities and water supply.

The governor said ” you can see here 608 housing units have reached about 79 percent completion.the state government is also going to drilled 2 boreholes and hospital to the housing units here in Dalori to compliment the Federal government. We are undergoing 1000 housing units each in Monguno, Gwoza, Damboa. We are planning to closed all IDPs in Maiduguri on or before May 29 2021.”

While commending President Buhari, the ministries of Humanitarian Affairs and Agriculture, as well as North East Development commission for their intervention, Governor Zulun assured all IDPs that the federal and state governments are committed to rebuilding back their houses.

Speaking in an interview with newsmen a Dalori resident, Ali Modu thanked the Federal government and the Borno state Governor for the construction of the houses, stressing that the construction of the houses have not only provide them with shelter but also create job . opportunitues to their teeming youths who were involved the construction.

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