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FMC Yola separates another conjoined twins



FMC Yola Separates Another Conjoined twins

By Adamu Muhammad Dodo

  • This onerous fit has adroitly added a fillip in
    the diadem of achievement of all members of
    staff of FMC Yola. Kudos to all of you as you
    relish over your rare fit; three successful separations of conjoined twins – Yunusa Abubakar

Prof. Auwal Muhammad Abubakar, the Medical Director FMC Yola is a Professor of Paediatric surgery who led a surgical team into one of the surgical theatres of the Centre for a surgery, which a layman could better understand as separation of twin babies that are joined together. The exercise exemplified social responsibility.

In a press conference, Saturday, held at the hospital, Prof. Auwal revealed that Grace and Mercy, the eight months old set of female omphalopagus twins, said to be delivered by Caesarean section in General Hospital Nembe, Bayelsa state on December 25, 2019, with a combined birth weight of 5.8kg, shared a single umbilical cord and were joined from the mid thorax to the mid-abdomen with a fused liver.

The twins who were earlier managed at Federal Medical Center, FMC Yenagoa, Bayelsa state, Niger-Delta before being transferred to Federal Medical Centre FMC Yola, Adamawa State, Northeast Nigeria on January 4, 2020 (23rd day of their lives), to be separated.

After six weeks of preparation, while they also added a combined weight of 15kg with an individual PCV of 45% and 48%, the conjoined twins were eventually, successfully separated on Monday, August 10, 2020, following a three-hour surgical operation.

Grace and Mercy were transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of the health facility for post-operative management and having been certified fit, with the resumption of normal feeding, they were transferred to the VIP ward on the fifth day after the surgery.

Prof. Auwal the MD FMC Yola, attributed the success of the exercise to the spirit of teamwork and adequate planning, in an interview immediately after the surgery.

“You are aware that the team is a combination of different professionals; surgeons, anaesthetics, radiologists, laboratory scientists, the people managing the theatre, the cleaners, the ICT, the media, information and communication.

We’ve had several meetings and drills. We made sure that the facilities to be used were set and the medical consumables necessary for the surgery, were on ground. You see that everything worked according to plan. We successfully separated the conjoined twins,” Auwal said.

Prof Auwal has commended the Chief of Air Staff, Nigeria Air Force, Air Marshal Sadiq Baba Abubakar for airlifting the conjoined twins with their parents from Bayelsa to Adamawa state, as well as Emeka Ofor Foundation and the Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas, NLNG for the donation of millions of naira worth of equipment some of which have contributed in the successful separation of the conjoined twins.

Auwal equally commended the management of the Adamawa-German Medical Center for the free diagnostic investigations.

Joining Prof Auwal, the chairman of the occasion, Sir Ahmed Joda and the board chairman of FMC Yola, Hajiya Habiba Ibrahim Umar who made a generous donation of N250, 000 to the conjoined twins and the SGF Barr. Boss Mustapha, as special guest of honour during the press conference, are agreed that what made the driving force was not only the capacity of the medical facilities but also the dedicated medical team with the right leadership and the right management.

They commended prof Auwal and the surgical team, while calling on the federal government to support and encourage by upgrading the health facility to a teaching hospital.

additionally, the Adamawa state governor, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has moved for the establishment of conjoined twins separation center in FMC Yola, considering the fact that so far, successful separations of conjoined twins were carried out three times in the centre and still counting.

Mr and Mrs Raphael Ayebaiemi thanked the medical director and the management of FMC Yola for the successful surgery, which was carried out free of charge.

“It was not only the surgery, everything is free of charge, the feeding, accommodation, everything. We remain grateful.

We’re taking this opportunity to ask the federal government to upgrade FMC Yola to a teaching hospital,” they would say.

The management of FMC Yola has presented an award of commendation to the Chief of Air Staff, Nigeria Air Force, for airlifting the conjoined twins from Bayelsa Adamawa and back.

One of the best comments on the successful separation of the conjoined twins, came from Malam Yunusa Abubakar, a lecturer with Federal Polytechnic Nassarawa. He remarked that “this onerous fit has adroitly added a fillip in the diadem of achievement of all members of staff of FMC Yola. Kudos to all of you as you
relish over your rare fit; three successful separations of conjoined twins”.

Below is the list of the surgical team:

Prof. Auwal Muhammad Abubakar- the lead surgeon/ team leader
Dr. Dr. Wabada Samuel- Consultant Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Oyinloye Adewale O- Consultant Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Sani Adamu – Consultant Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Preye Namberi (Bayelsa) – Consultant Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Christopher Rikin – Snr. Registrar
Dr. Cletus Cyril – Registrar
Dr. Mutiu Alimi – Registrar
Dr. Emmanuel Oloyede – Registrar
Dr. Musa Yuduf – House Officer
Dr. Suleiman Mohammed – House Officer
Dr. Apagu House Officer

Dr. Was in DA Bulus Consultant Pediatrician
Dr. Okosun (Bayelsa) Consultant Pediatrician

Prof. Fola Faponle- Prof. Anaesthesia
Dr. Raji Bello- Consultant Anaesthesia
Dr. Sambo Yusuf- Consultant Anaesthesia
Dr. Jauro P. Degri- Consultant Anaesthesia
Dr. Ahmed Nuhu- Consultant Anaesthesia
Dr. Abdurrahman Mohammed- Registrar Anaesthesia
Dr. Njidda Mark – Resident Anaesthesia
Dr. Steven (Bayelsa) Registra Anesthesia

Justina Polycarp – Nursing Anaesthetic
Tanko She hu – Nursing Anaesthetic

Dr. Yunusa Dahiru Mohammed- Consultant Radiology

Dr. Jasini James – Consultant Hematologist
Dr. Zainab Mustapha – Consultant Chemical Pathologist
Mr. Saifullahi Adamu – Scientist

Mr. Babangida Njidda Assit. Chief Principal Nurse
Idris Mohammed Muye – Preoperative nurse
Bukar Kasim Wakilbe – Preop Nurse
Sad Aliyu – prep Nurse
Mr. Michael Manasseh

Mrs Serah K. Bitrus – ICU Nurse
Mrs Otto Martina – ICU Nurse

Mrs Rabi Ali – Nurse
Mrs Ramlah Aminu
Mrs Boslam Bala
Mrs Furo (Bayelsa) – Nurse

Mr. Ekanem Ekanem – Ethicon Rep

Dayyibu Lawan
Ridwan Faisal
Buhari Mohammed
Faisal Abubakar
Nuhu Zubairu – Oxygene Man

Bappa Mohammed
Auwal Yahya Mohammed

Information and Communication
Adamu Muhammad Dodo – Head of Information and Media Relations
Yunusa Mohammed – Camera Video editor

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The visit of the comptroller of the Nigeria correctional service (NCS) Yobe command to the Emir of potiskum was to pay homage and create synergy between the service and potiskum emirate council and to present to newly amended bill to the emir and to formerly receive the royal blessing and support in exercising his national duty.

On arrival, the comptroller and his entourage were escorted to the place by palace guards, the familiarity they received from the Emir and the good people of potiskum was breathtaking and a long lasting assurance of collective responsibility in creating awareness and working hand in hand in moving the state forward with the displayed vision and mission of the Yobe state Governor.

The Emir thanked the Comptroller and prayed for divine intervention toward discharging his national duty. He also pledged to support him whenever and wherever the arises since it is a collective responsibility that all hands must be on deck to actualize the designed goal and objective Gov. Mai Mala Buni led administration.

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The members of the correspondents’ statement by the Chairman of the Chapel, Alhaji Haruna Dauda-Biu, and his Secretary, Mr. Timothy Ola said the antics of the Senior Special Assistant to the governor on media , Alh. Baba-Sheikh Haruna could no longer be tolerated as it is impugning on press freedom and making their job as journalists difficult.

The chapel said “this singular act negates the provision of section 22 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended which empowers the press to function freely without any form of hindrance.

The statement said it is more disheartening the fact that the aide rode to the office as the Chairman of the Borno State Chapter of the NUJ and should be known better what press freedom is all about the importance of media correspondents in publicising the activities of his principal and acting as the watchdog.

“The Senior Special Assistant on Media, Baba-Sheikh Haruna who recently assumed the supervisory role of the Governor’s media affairs has continued to engage in an unprofessional conduct by refusing to invite or inform journalists of important public engagements or functions of the Governor in the state.

The statement added that: “The Correspondents’ Chapel wishes to remind the SSA Media that good governance and accountability, which his principal, His Excellency Governor Babagana Zulum stands for, can only be achieved when the media is allowed to cover and report the activities of government for effective checks and balance.

The statement alleged in that:” The Chapel has on several occasions tried to draw Mr Baba-Sheikh Haruna’s attention to this unbecoming attitude but to no avail.”

The statement however warned that:” To this end, therefore, the Chapel will no longer condone any attempt by Mr Baba-Sheikh Haruna or those he delegates to undermine press freedom in Borno state

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Borno Governor Approves Scholarship For Orphans of Cjtf Killed in the Fight Against Insurgents, Rolls Out Welfare Programs For Over 9,000 Volunteer Youths



Borno Governor approves scholarship for orphans of Cjtf killed in the fight against insurgents rolls out welfare programs for over 9,000 volunteer youths

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The Borno State Governor, Prof. Babagana Zulum has approved immediate scholarship to the orphans, of members of Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF), hunters a and Vigilantes killed while fighting Boko Haram insurgency in the state for last 7 years and welfare program for over 9,000 volunteer youths.

Governor Zulum disclosed this while flagging off a welfare package of N50,000 each to the widows of killed volunteers and the distribution of N180m and 27,000 bags and cartons of food variety to 9,000 volunteers at the State University, Maiduguri on Wednesday.

Addressing about 9,000 volunteer youths who have been fighting insurgency alongside the Nigerian armed forces, Governor Zulum said While commending and praying for the youths, Governor Zulum said ,the people of Birno state as a l have an obligations to support the orphans and widows left behind by these fallen heroes of Borno.
It is my honour to hereby announce that Borno State Government will award education scholarship to the most vulnerable orphans of Civilian JTF who have been killed at battle fronts.

He said “this scholarship will be awarded in phases, starting with the youngest and most vulnerable families of the earliest fallen volunteers, down to the most recently killed.The parents of these children died fighting for all of us, the people of Borno State, the very least we can do is work towards the future of their children.For widows left behind, we shall today release some social intervention packages to them, especially food.I assure you all that we recognize and value the priceless contributions made by those who have died and those of us gathered here, whom we pray that Allah should continue to protect at the battle field.”

In a similar venue, the governor announced that each of the 9,000 volunteers youths that at the gathering is to receive 20,000 Naira cash, a 50-kg bag of rice, a carton of spaghetti and a gallon of cooking oil, all of which were outside their regular monthly allowances.

“For me, the greatest miracle that has emanated from Borno State within the last ten years, is the emergence of the Civilian JTF back in 2013, and the coming of more volunteers from hunters and vigilantes, all of whom have devoted their lives to fearlessly and patriotically fight side by side with soldiers and other armed forces, in the battle for Borno’s liberation from Boko Haram.”, Governor Zulum added.

He said “Of all the components of persons who make up the Borno society today, for me, there is no group that is as important and as critical to us as the brave men and women gathered before us today, who have given up their basic and entitled needs for safety and comfort so that millions of fellow citizens can be safe and comfortable.”

“Our indomitable men and women of the civilian JTF, hunters and vigilantes, the people of Borno State are mightily and gratefully proud of each of you. Nothing can compensate for the sacrifices you are making, only Allah can adequately compensate each of you. This is particularly so for many of our fellow compatriots who have died in the battle fields.”,he further stressed.

Governor Zulum further said “In the last seven years, we have recorded instances in which volunteers in the civilian JTF have intercepted suicide attackers and in the process lost their lives. We have recorded more instances of many killed in major battles after they also succeeded in our shared victories over Boko Haram at different encounters. I will not mention names, but there are records of warriors in the Civilian JTF, hunters and vigilantes from Southern, to Northern and Central Borno, who fought so hard and gave their lives fighting for Borno. “.

He further explained that “These volunteers fought and died with no death benefits, no pension, and no gratuities. As we should expect, orphaned children and widows left behind by these fallen Civilian JTF and hunters have been struggling whether to feed, to access medical services, or to access basic and secondary education.
As Governor of Borno State, I assure you, that insha’Allah, all of those who died in the Civilian JTF, groups of hunters and vigilantes did not die in vain. Bi’iznillah they have all died for the causes of saving humanity and we pray that Allah grants them His eternal mercy and admit them into aljanna firdaus. “.

While commending and praying for the youths, Governor Zulum said ,”the people of Borno state as I have an obligations to support the orphans and widows left behind by these fallen heroes of Borno.
It is my honour to hereby announce that Borno State Government will award education scholarship to the most vulnerable orphans of Civilian JTF who have been killed at battle fronts.

He also said the Borno State Government will be releasing social intervention to all of the volunteer youths , stressing that government
will be releasing packages of food items through sector leaders for Civilian JTF, and representatives of groups for hunters and continue to support them

He said “we must appreciate the Nigerian military, police, DSS, and the paramilitary for all their sacrifices, and I urge all citizens to continually accord them maximum cooperation and pray for their success”.

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