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Former AUN VP, Abba Tahir To Be Turbaned Kaakaakey Adamawa On New Year Day



Former AUN VP, Abba Tahir to be Turbaned KaaKaaKey Adamawa on New Year’s Day

By Adamu Mohammed Dodo, Yola

For the first time in the Emirate Council’s history, the Lamido Adamawa, HRH Dr. Muhammadu Barkindo Aliyu Musdafa, will on January 1, 2022, turban Dr. Abubakar Abba Tahir as the official spokesman of the Fombina Kingdom. The Lamido Fombina sphere of influence extends to the Adamawa region of the Cameroons, Tchad, and central Africa.

The press release Monday, issued by the chairman, media and publicity subcommittee of the turbaning, Dr. Adamu Muhammad Dodo revealed that the Emirate Council has conveyed the Adamawa state government’s approval of the appointment in an official letter in December 2020.

At the pleasure of the Lamido, Dr. Tahir, who holds the title of KaaKaaKey Adamawa will oversee the public relations function of the Emirate Council’s administration.

At various times, Dr. Tahir led the American University of Nigeria, Yola, in engaging with the host community.

Dr. Tahir, who was overjoyed at the title conferral, says, “I can hardly quantify or qualify my excitement and appreciation and that of my family, friends, colleagues, and associates. And for singling me out of several qualified candidates, my gratitude to the 12th Lamido Fombina remains immeasurable.”

Dr. Tahir is AUN’s second Vice President for University Relations. As the VP, he led many community engagement initiatives to foster relations between the university and its host community and other larger publics.

Mr. Omorogbe Omoroguiwa, an alumnus and pioneer enrollee at AUN who has worked closely with Dr. Tahir, remains in awe of his keen interest in adding value to his homeland.

“The former VP’s passion is worthy of emulation. During my 15 years of knowing him, I have observed him to be someone who is always willing to use his knowledge and skills to serve his community in particular and humanity in general. His appearances as a volunteer guest on the API/Gotel TV Peacemakers programme is one evidence of his astounding passion.”

Before his leadership role at AUN, Dr. Tahir plied a distinguished journalism career spanning the TV, newspaper, and radio broadcasting.

Tahir’s performance in these media houses later earned him a position as the General Manager of Adamawa Broadcasting Corporation, ABC Yola, from 1999 to 2003.

Besides VP at AUN, Dr Tahir doubled as adjunct professor in the Communications & Multimedia Design (CMD) programme. Here he brought to bear his experience in government and journalism in the classroom. One of his many students, Obinna Iroakasi, finds his characteristic demeanour endearing.

“Dr. Tahir was a very calm and collected teacher. He never lashed out at any of us for making a mistake; instead, he would encourage us. He always spoke fluently and audibly. He never had anyone ask him to repeat himself. He deserves all accolades”, said the CMD student.

His passion for the younger generation led him to establish the Konngol SilverTongue: Media & Language Training Institute.

The institute has offered scholarships and free training to journalists, public relations practitioners and many youths in Adamawa State and beyond.

Dr. Tahir promises to bring that same level of commitment to his new role as KaaKaaKey Adamawa.

“I pledge to dutifully serve the purpose of this recognition. I have taken the mantle and mandate to serve as the spokesman for our people and will dedicate my time, energy, and experience to defending and promoting the values, traditions and culture of the people of Fombina as a dynamic dynasty.

“In this direction, I will work hard to engage other critical stakeholders to secure the guidance and direction in defining and designing appropriate strategies and plans to reposition the public relations and communication infrastructure of the Emirate Council.

“To serve the people better, we’ve got to have a more proactive, productive, and sustainable system to be in tune with the changing dynamics of today.”

Indeed, Dr. Tahir has always been a man of the people. Mr Omorogiuwa recalls his amicable working relationship and experiences despite their differences in ethnicity and faith. “Since 2011 when I was recruited to work with him, I have noticed that he is a very unassuming person and has genuine interest in his staff members at heart, motivating and encouraging them to be successful not just in the workplace but on a personal level.

“For example, he encouraged me to acquire land from AUN Community Cooperative Society. As a down-to-earth person, he has inspired me a lot, and never ceases to give advice even when not sought.”

Dr. Tahir has high hopes for a modern outlook of the Fombina stool, which he hopes to achieve by leveraging innovative technologies in the discharge of his functions.

“I plan to deploy the required strategies to initiate all the processes to re-order the PR and protocol infrastructure by deploying the required tools, techniques, and technology for modernising the flow of communication within and outside the historic Modibbo Adama Courtyard. All facilities, equipment, and personnel that are required for repositioning the information machinery in the Emirate Council will be deployed.

“I pledge to restructure and reposition the public relations apparatus at the Emirate Council for the common good. As the new spokesman who will be responsible for the overall visibility, my era will focus on proper planning, organising, storage, documentation and use of all facilities, equipment, activities, programmes, events, and ceremonies at the Council for sustainable success. To achieve this dream, I need the support of everyone within and outside the Emirate”.

Dr. Tahir hopes to improve the image of the Emirate Council by striking a balance between time-honoured traditions and innovations, which he believes are crucial for Fombina’s continued success.

“I know this new role comes with high expectations. In meeting this tall mark. I will work hard to recreate a befitting identity, which will symbolise the functions and responsibilities of the spokesman for the historic Emirate. The PR strategies and plans I hope to pursue will include institutional image rebranding to align with both tradition and modernity.

“I will lead the process of re-creating a functional website to showcase the values and virtues of the Emirate before the world. A variety of visibility materials and tools will be developed and deployed to enhance publicity and entrench a defined PR roadmap, which will include training and reorienting the necessary personnel, to meet the changing needs of the Emirate Council”.

The conferral of KaaKaaKey Adamawa on a member of AUN’s top management [as Dr Tahir then was] is seen in some circles as Lamido’s appreciation of the university’s commitment to improving town and gown relations in Adamawa State.


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Gov. Buni Launches Distribution of 100, 000 Text Books, School Feeding Programme



Gov. Buni Launches Distribution of 100,000 Text Books, School Feeding Programme

By Usman Bello, Damaturu

The Yobe state Governor, His Excellency, Hon. Mai Mala Buni, today launched  the distribution of 100,000 educational text books and laboratory equipment to public schools across the state.

Gov. Buni said the procurement and distribution of text books to the schools was to support government’s drive to revitalize basic education to provide a strong foundation for the development of education in Yobe State.

“I am particularly delighted with this occasion marking the launching of the Maiden Education Day and Enhanced School Feeding Programme and Distribution of 100,000 Text books and modern laboratory equipment to secondary schools in the state.

The governor expressed satisfaction with the state’s performance in the education sector, saying “we have strong reasons to celebrate the impressive achievements recorded in the basic and secondary education.

“I am particularly impressed with the usage of modern instruments and application of a combination of conventional and innovative techniques in teaching and learning processes which the Ministry invented in our schools” he said.

Gov Buni said “I am excited that we can today proudly tell our stories of success on the account of hard work and commitment of the state government following the declaration of State of Emergency on Education by this administration.”

He noted that the declaration of emergency has yielded
impressive performance by students in national examinations.

Similarly, the Governor launched  improved school feeding programme with chicken and egg introduced to the menu of public boarding schools across the state.

Meanwhile  the Governor has declared 1st July of every year to be celebrated as Educatiom Day in the state.

The state Commissioner for Basic and Secondary Education Dr Muhammad Sani, described the success recorded in the education sector  as unprecedented.

“Education in Yobe state has moved many steps ahead, the future of the state is very bright and prosperous” he observed.

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Monarchy in Maiha: Right Group Seeks Permission To File For An Order Of Enforcement Against Adamawa Government



Monarchy In Maiha: Right Group Seeks Permission To File For An Order Of Enforcement Against Adamawa Government

By Adamu Mohammed Dodo, Yola

  • Executive prolonged delay in implementing court order is unpalatable to democratic taste, reason, religion and rule of law
  • The fantastic denial by delaying the implementation of justice is unconstitutional, hence must be challenged before the law
  • The good People’s numerous calls on the chief executive to do the needful, to honour courts order by approving the appointment of the Emirate Council selected, courts declared district head of Jalingo-Maiha is far from being heeded to this day…
  • If permission is granted by the ruling family for free legal services, Fintiri will be the third governor in Adamawa to face the law over Jalingo-Maiha district headship

A Lagos based human right group, planning to establish a northeast zone office in Yola, Adamawa state said would forward a letter seeking for permission from the ruling family, for free legal service to challenge the state governor before the law, for an order of enforcement, following the undue, seeming politically influenced, apparently prolonged delay in the implementation of courts order, the group considered as unpalatable to democratic taste, reason, religion and rule of law, in a region recovering from the devastation occasioned by insurgency.

“Over eight years after death, over three years after a high court judgement, over two years of Fintiri led government and over one year with the determination of the appeal court that upholds the earlier high court judgement, the court order will not be implemented, even when other chiefdoms and districts in the state, that within a year after the demise of their traditional chiefs, the executive approval of appointments of successors were granted.

“The fantastic denial by prolonged delay in the implementation of justice; the approval by the Adamawa state governor of appointment of Barr Mahmud Abubakar, is unconstitutional, hence must be challenged before the law”.

The group argued that eight years make two tenures of the elected executives and legislators; this goes to explain the delay Jalingo-Maiha district experiences and the barrenness the district head palace suffers to this day.

An elder in Maiha observed that, if the request of the human right group is granted by the Jalingo-Maiha legitimate ruling family for free legal services; to go to court and file for an Order of Enforcement, Rt Hon Fintiri would be the third governor after Mr. Wilberforce Juta and Sen. Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla, popularly known as Bindow, to face the law over Jalingo-Maiha district headship.

Both late Juta and Bindow have suffered humiliating defeat before the law with the ages old ruling family standing tall in victory out of peace, patience and perseverance.

In the early 80s, for reason purely ‘politicotribal’ ignorantly hatched, Juta as acting governor, undemocratically, unconstitutionally expelled the district heads of Jalingo-Maiha and Belel. The Juta-a-za-tion of monarchy in Maiha was quashed before the law by the then Justice Buba Ardo of blessed memory and the expelled district heads were eventually reinstated by the then Military Governor Muhammadu Jega, who himself hailed from aristocratic family.

About thirty five years later, the legitimate heir whose named was recommended by the Emirate Council to the governor for approval of appointment, challenged the then governor Bindow before the law for appointing the unrecommended for a district head, who incidentally is the son of the candidate appointment by Juta as district head of Jalingo-Maiha that the court humiliated.

Governor Bindow, for reasons he would not disclose, declined to honour a high court order to right the wrongs before his tenure was terminated by the aggrieved electorates.

On several occasions, Jalingo-Maiha jubilated the victory they were not to celebrate owing to the extended executive undue delay by the present governor, to approve the appointment of the Emirate Council selected, courts declared district head. The question that is remained to be asked is why the delay?

A Friday Qutba last week cautioned against undue delay in the delivery and implementation of judgement, in the payment for services rendered, in debt servicing as much as in the delay for obligatory prayers and other compulsory due rites.

In legal parlance, it is said that justice delayed is justice denied. The literary critic would articulate that there is the uncontrolled unconscious bias associated with the delay in the implementation of justice.

Coin has two sides, hence the paradox; pros and cons. The law and the leader ought to stand in justice with the innocent led, the delay in the implementation of justice invariably means taking sympathy with the unjust.

Elaborating the point, two women claiming motherhood were presented before a Prophet. They both claimed to have given birth to the child in question. The Prophet ruled that since there was no sufficient convincing evidence by either of the women, the child should be cut into two parts to be shared between the women. While one welcomed the idea with gladness, the other, considering how lifeless the child would be to have him cut into two, pleaded with the Prophet to spare the life of the child. No one would need to tell the gathering, the legitimate mother between the two women.

The humiliated before the law would rather celebrate the prolonged undue executive delay in the approval of the appointment of the Emirate Council’s selected, court declared district head of Jalingo-Maiha than to wish for the prompt implementation of the courts order.

The good, concerned youths of Jalingo-Maiha who are disenchanted with the prolonged executive delay in the approval of the appointment of their legitimate district head sought to know whether “Jalingo-Maiha and/or the ruling family, has in any way offended and/or offend(s) the state or the governor(s) to have warranted such treatment?

“The palace lost stepmother and the queen mother, not a condolence was registered by the governor who has also not visited the local government after the campaign visit over two years ago.

“Is the governor delaying the approval of appointment of our district head, even if not till kingdom come, till electioneering period?

“Could the ruling family honour the request; allow the human right group to challenge the Adamawa state governor before the law, against undue prolonged delay in honouring the long overdue courts order?”

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Governor Buni Lifts Ban On Motorcycle Use in Yobe North



Governor Buni Lifts Ban On Motorcycle Use in Yobe North

By Usman Bello, Damaturu

   The Executive Governor of Yobe State, His Excellency, Hon. Mai Mala Buni has approved the lifting of the ban on riding of motorbikes as follows: 

a.​ The ban on the riding of motorbikes is hereby lifted with effect from 10th January 2022 in the 10 LGAs of Zone B and Zone C, namely; Fika, Fune, Nangere, Potiskum, Bade, Machina, Nguru, Jakusko, Karasuwa and Yusufari

b. The ban is lifted with the following instructions:

(1). Motorbikes are to operate between 6am and 6pm daily.

(2). Motorbikes are not to be used for ‘Achaba’

(3). There will be no conveyance of passengers on motorbikes. Only a rider will be allowed without any other person on the motorbike.

(4). There should be proper registration, licensing, and documentation of all motorbikes and riders in the affected LGAs by the Yobe State Road Traffic Management Agency (YOROTA)

(5). All Motorbikes are to operate within their respective LGAs only.

(6). Any motorbike rider(s) that conveys passenger(s) should be sanctioned in accordance with extant rules and regulations.

(7). There should be no Inter-local government area movement with motorbikes, and anyone found violating this rule should be appropriately sanctioned.

(8). All Security Agencies are requested to monitor and ensure strict compliance with this directives.

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