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Gov. Zulum commissions 9 million litres water project jointly executed with ICRC




By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri 22/7/2019

The Borno State Government has said that the state government is going investing heavily in the water sector to ensure availability, affordability and safety for both, human and animal consumption across the state.

Governor Babagana Umara Zulum of Borno State disclosed this on Monday during the official commissioning of Alamderi Water Supply Project jointly executed by the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and Borno State government.

Governor Zulumsaid the Alamdari Water Project is of great value to the government of Borno State, that is why government accorded priority to its because of thousand of our citizens in the metropolis.

He also said that Borno State Government is investing heavily in the water resources sector to ensure availability, affordability and safety for both, human and animal consumption across the state.

According to the governor, the International Committees of Red Cross (ICRC have realized the importance of the project and decided to step in by signing an Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the Borno State Government in 2017 which is the result of what we are witnessing today.

Prof. Zulum stated that “during his electioneering campaign, he has made it clear to the people that if elected, he will maintain and improve on the existing water sources and develop a comprehensive water management and utilization programme for sustainable development in Borno State, noting that, that “our water sources have suffered extreme damage during the insurgency period.”

He said ICRC will always be on record in Borno State as a reliable and dependable partner for their efforts in critical projects in the North East most especially in Borno State, in terms of food commodity, essential household items and cash as well as organize training programmes for IDPS to ease their livelihood.

The governor further stressed that the Alamderi Water Project is the best across the globe by the International Committee of Red Cross as it is expected to produce 9 million litres of safe water on daily basis and supply 60 liters to over 150,000 people daily in Alamderi.

He therefore urged the State Ministry of Water Resources to do everything possible to maintain and sustain all the installed equipments to ensure constant water supply.

Earlier in his address, the Head of Delegation, Nigeria International Committee of the Red Cross, Mr. Eloi Fillion, said the Allamderi Water Project will provide water to over 80,000 residents and International Displaced People (IDPs) in Maiduguri in collaboration with the State Ministry of Water Resources in the state.

Mr. Eloi stated that efforts will be made by the ICRC to provide full capacity of 9 million litres of water per day for about 150,000 residents of Allamduri project.The State Ministry of Water Resources is working to connect more homes to the existing distribution lines.

Also in his welcome address, the Permanent Secretary State Ministry of Water Resources, Alh. Mustapha Hassan Aminami said the Allamderi water works was conceived two decades ago with the intention to provide portable water to the residents of the area which covers, Bullumkuttu Abuja, Bullumkuttu Kasuwa, Tsallake, Dala Allamduri, Yan Nono to mention but a few.

He said “It is at this critical point that the ICRC made its grand entrance with an offer to complete the Allamduri water works after conducting a survey of the population of the area and subsequently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the ministry of water resources in 2017.”

According to Permanent Secretary, works commenced immediately while the State Ministry of Water Resources also commenced house to house connection for over 40,000 households.

He also assured the ICRC that the project will be maintained by the ministry for the benefit of the committees.

The District head of Allamduri, Waziri Galtima Umar Garbai gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the community appreciating both the ICRC and state government.


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Education: Borno schools resumes academic activities



Education: Borno schools resumed academic activities

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

Following the Federal Government approval for the reopening of schools with strict adhering to COVID 19 protocols, schools in Borno both public and private have been reopened, today Monday 18th January, 2021 for the 2021 academic session.

Our correspondents who went round, Maiduguri, Borno state capital reports that pupils and student were seen in their hundreds going to their respective schools.

At the Gate of Elkanemi school of Theology, parent were seeing dropping their children at the entrance, each pupils and students were asked to Wash their hands at the Hand washing point strategically placed at the gate before they were allowed to enter the schools premises and w’re also seen with their face marks.

A parent at the Elk Elkanemi College, Alhaji Ibrahim Adamu said ” we are happy that the Federal Government agreed to reopened schools as scheduled today. Our children are just wasting their previous time at home in the name of COVID 19, it is really a setback, those that are suppose to be in primary 6 now are still going primary 5, which is unfortunate. “

” We shouldn’t subject our children to all these unnecessary delay. I wonder why markets and worship places, as well as motor packs were opened but why schools. We should learn how to dance in the storm and not to wait until the storm is over. Thank God that the government had a second thought”, Adamu added.

A pupil, Isa Ahmed and ” I am today happy that we have resumed school, I am going to meet my friends and teachers. We are tired of staying at home. We are going to adhere strictly to COVID 19 protocols for our safety”.

When our correspondent asked him whether he knows the COVID 19 protocol, Master Ahmed said ” yes we have been watching it on television daily. It includes hand washing with soap and running water, in the absent of water, Hand sanitizer is being use,, wearing of face mask and maintaining at least 2 meters distance” .

While at the gate of Government College Maiduguri, students were seeing moving into their classes, others were seen discussing about the reopening of schools, while teachers were on ground and ready to commence academic activities.

A teacher Garba Abubakar said ‘ as you can see we have provided hand washing point and no student will be allow to enter without washing his hands, and wearing face masks . We have also adjusted the sitting arrangements inline with COVID-19 protocol. We are planing to have morning and afternoon session when our students fully resumed to accommodate all students”.

Also speaking in an interview, a KeKe NAPEP rider, Adamu Idi said ” thank God now that the schools have now resumed, we will start getting passengers, as there was no passengers. You can see I just drop these students and I am going back to pick another ones.”.

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Borno Government to close all substandard private schools



Borno government to close all substandard private schools

By Madu Mohammed Maiduguri

Governor Babagana Zulum of Borno state has threatened to close all sub standard and quack private schools in the state in it’s efforts to reposition the education sector

Governor Zulum directed officials of the ministry of education and State Universal Education Board to pay visits and assess the quality of all private primary and secondary schools in Borno State with a view to identifying substandard and quack schools that exploit parents and guardians without the capacity to impact knowledge on be pupils and students.

The governor gave the directive during the commissioning of Ansar Academy yesterday while responding to the recommendation of a keynote speaker, a seasoned educationist, Alhaji Mohammed Adam, said “I have keenly listened to the keynote address by my brother, Mohammed Adam, and I was attracted to some issues he raised, one of which is a reminder that our responsibility to monitor the quality of private schools not just public schools. In that regard, I have directed secretary to the state government to notify the State Universal Basic Education Board Chairman, Dr Shettima Kullima to deploy officials to examine the capacity of all private schools.”.

“The Board is given six months within which their officials will visit all schools to examine physical infrastructures, quality and availability of teachers, and other relevant records. The board will make recommendations to the government of Borno State. We will do our best to ensure improvement of standards but where necessary, quack schools that are beyond upgrade shall be closed. While we are making modest efforts in uplifting the standard of education in our public schools, we shall also be very mindful of the operations of private schools in the state. It is our responsibility to ensure the quality of education in the state” Zulum said.

Also speaking the founder of the Al-Ansar foundation, a non profit organization founded by a retired federal permanent secretary, Dr Muhammad Kyari Dikwa. Said the establishment of the school and the Radio and Television was part of his contribution to the development of the state.

The President of the foundation, applauded Governor Zulum’s style of governance which he said, encouraged him to mobilize resources in contributing to Borno’s educational .

“Given the unprecedented achievements recorded under His Excellency’s leadership in the last one and half year, we considered it our task to mobilize friends, well wishers as well as investors to come over to Borno and invest for the betterment of our society. Your Excellency, you have done well, you have made us proud, we the indigenes of Borno State are proud of you, may Almighty Allah continue to shower his blessings, guide and protect you as you stir the affairs of the state” Dr. Dikwa said.

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Monarchy in Maiha: 100 days without district head after the courts verdict



Monarchy in Maiha: 100 days without district head after the courts verdict

…Courts as in High Court and Appeal Court

By Adamu Mohammed Dodo Yola

The prayers organised by the aggrieved youths, using 99 names of Allah SWT on the 99th day after the Appeal Court judgement that affirmed the High Court order, over two years ago, which among other points, directed the state governor to approve the appointment of Prince Mahmud Abubakar, a candidates recommended by the Emirate Council as the legitimate district head of Jalingo-Maiha was held peacefully successfully yesterday, with the feeling that it was an acceptable supplication.

The call to collective prayer with the under aged who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil as the vanguards, mainly collectively in individual houses of the not hypocritical indigens of Jalingo-Maiha within the country and in diaspora, was against the conspiracy that constrained the state governor to approve the appointment of Prince Mahmud Abubakar as the district head over three months after the courts judgements.

The followers of the defeated appellant before the law, were reported jubilating that the real heirs to the stool were at loggerheads; a window they said the state governor would use to undermine courts judgements and reappoint the former governor Bindow appointed as district head of Jalingo-Maiha.

The brewed propaganda grew more popular with the absent of the acting district head, Alh. Muhammad Dalil who was said to be away for medical attention that Maiha cottage hospital was constrained to offer.

The over ambitious, propaganda mercenaries of the desperado, claimed that Dalil was technically withdrawn from Jalingo-Maiha because the defeated appellant would be reinstated.

“So, Idi’s apologists know that there are the real heirs to the stool, yet keep on cooking mischief. When did the heirs engaged in scandal, was it before or after the determination of the Appeal Court? Was the scandal within the Ubandoma’s and between and among the heirs or the larger ancestral ruling family? What does it have to do with the implementation of Court Order; with the approval of appointment by the state governor?

“The summed up answer to the questions is given as a consequences of the executive undue delay in implementing the courts judgements,” the sage would explain.

A legal luminary, Tosin explained that “there’s no way the governor could twist by way of implementation, the High Court judgement as upheld by the Appeal Court.

“The delay could be politically motivated. It however can’t change anything. It’ll instead contribute to loosing the confidence the community has on the chief executive; more especially, as the delay in the approval of the appointment is being interpreted along ethnocentric coloration against justice and fairness. It’s dangerous to democracy really”.

The aggrieved youths, having comnended the chairman Maiha local government for aligning with the justice and the security agencies for maintaining law and order, in addition to offering free counsel, insisted that peace pilgrimage against the delay in the implementation of court order as planned would hold. They said they would be on the street anytime soon.

“Security agencies, having maintained law and order must have communicated to the appropriate final authority on the security situation the lack of implementing court judgement is constituting, accompanied with the recommendations for necessary action.

“The chairman Maiha local government, Hon Idi Ali Amin has taken the path of justice. Has supported the Appeal Court judgement by earlier issuing a victory congratulatory message to Barr Mahmud Abubakar Sulaiman, the court declared district head. He must have been humiliated by the consequences of the delay in the implementation of court judgement.

“We have resolved to write a letter to the governor through the LG chairman demanding for explanation for the delay in approving the appointment of our district head over three months after the court judgement.

“Is the delay justifying the claim by the defeated appellant’s apologists that until another district is created out of Jalingo-Maiha as their next recommended option, the governor will not honour the court order, will not approve the appointment of the Barr Mahmud Abubakar as the legitimate district head?” The youths would ask.

Today marks 100 days with the Appeal Court judgement, enough to have asked the district head to make public his achievements within 100 days of his would have been stewardship.

However, Barr Mahmud Abubakar Sulaiman the court granted district head of Jalingo-Maiha, as selected and recommended without undue politico-ethnic sentiment by the Emirate Council, for the approval of appointment by the state governor, would only plead with the aggrieved youths to hearken to the advice advanced by Prophet Muhammad SAW not to be angry, that the delay in the executive approval of his appointment though seemed to be a disappointment, is a blessing in disguise, “as every disappointment is a blessing”. He would explain that it would be another hurdle that patience would be deployed as a canoe to cross peacefully, adding that everything worked according to time as Allah SWT decreed, recounting the Qur’an 103 Surat Al Asr to Setmonise the experience.

“1. By the time,

  1. Indeed, mankind is in loss,
  2. Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

“Al-`Asr is the time in which the movements of the Children of Adam occur, whether good or evil.

“Malik narrated from Zayd bin Aslam that he said, “It is the evening.” However, the first view is the popular opinion. Thus, Allah swears by this, that man is in Khusr, which means in loss and destruction.

“(Except those who believe and do righteous good deeds) So Allah makes an exception, among the species of man being in loss, for those who believe in their hearts and work righteous deeds with their limbs.

“(And recommend one another to the truth,) This is to perform acts of obedience and avoid the forbidden things.

“(And recommend one another to patience.) meaning, with the plots, the evils, and the harms of those who harm people due to their commanding them to do good and forbidding them from evil.”

The acting district head is back in Jalingo-Maiha healthy and hearty. He was a task and apparently waiting anxiously to have the tax accomplished as prophesied; to hand over the district headship to the heir to Ubandoma.

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