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Govt Shortchanges, NLC Betrays Us, Adamawa Workers Lament



Govt shortchanges, NLC betrays us, Adamawa workers lament

Withdrawal of minimum wage signed into law is an impeachable offence – Dare

Everybody, even politicians, except perhaps few, are crying of poverty in Adamawa state, without any welfare for a fresh air but salary cuts, adding insult to injury without a cause – state civil servant

By Adamu Mohammed Dodo Yola

Adamawa state government workers continue to lament over what they considered as withdrawal of minimum wage and an unfathomable tax levied on their salary that have jointly made the fresh air suffocating.

The workers alleged that the labour union leadership has found a fresh air in their romance with the government, which resulted in betraying the plight of civil servants.

“We’re woken up with a chocking ATM alert that has clearly exposed us to humiliation.

“We have debts to settle, the Sallah is fast approaching and the prices of food commodities have skyrocketed beyond what we had imagined. Yet the government, instead of considering this unfortunate situation, has added insult to injury by withdrawing without any notice, the minimum wage from our July salary and doubled the taxes levied on our salary,” a civil servant with the said government who gave his name as Silas Siman said.

“NLC leadership in Adamawa has betrayed the union’s vision and mission, has mortgaged the members and is being hypocritical with the so-called, lacking authority authenticity bulletin. We’re no fools,” A worker at ATM machines of one of the banks at Bank Road in Jimeta lamented.

A bulletin said to be from organised labour was sent to newsmen. Most of the media organisations in the state have not however taken it any serious for a press release, because it lacked a signed and sealed author and it was not in any letterhead; how valid? What group within the NLC is organised labour? How organised is the organised labour?

It called on the government (which government?) to direct AG’s office to reverse the deduction. (How deceptive is the letter, that did not called on the government directly, rather it exonerated the government by heaping the salary cut blame on the AG’s office. This is but a deconstruction.

“The leadership of the organised labour, Adamawa State received with a very deep shock and monumental bewilderment, the unfortunate and unwarranted deductions in July 2020 salaries of Adamawa State workers despite the COVID-19 scourge without recourse and due consideration and consultations with the leadership of the organised labour.

“In view of the above, the leadership of the organised labour is calling on the government to direct the account general’s office to reverse the deduction made on workers’ salaries as done in the month of June 2020 with minimum delay,” the statement said.

Adamawa workers the Periscope interviewed interpreted the bulletin as but a gigantic gimmick.

“The bulletin lacks author merit, it directs the governor without sincerely directing the content to the governor. It’s a kind of mumble jumble.

“A media aid to the Governor Fintiri is reported to have indicted the NLC leadership that the withdrawal of minimum wage was based on the understanding between the government and labour leadership, owing to the shortfall in the monthly allocation?

“The labour leaders have not issued any statement denying the understanding, against workers.

“Didn’t the head of service, say he has not seen the bulletin therefore, he couldn’t respond to the seeming imaginary?

“labour is so weak and so mean. It backs the government to shortchange us as much as it exploits our membership dues.

“Why didn’t the labour leadership suspend our monthly membership dues until the so-called shortfall in the allocation resulting from Covid-19 is over?

“The government that wants to spend billions of naira on flyovers ought to have money to pay its workers full salary for God’s sake.

“Else what’s the impression, a government that can’t pay workers with minimum wage is planing to erect flyovers? There should be another William Shakespeare to dramatise the scene,” a teacher said.

A Lagos based lawyer Tosin Dare said “withdrawal of minimum wage signed into law is an impeachable offence.” How impeachable is Barr. Dare’s interpretation and/or whether or not it will apply to the present situation in Adamawa state?

This takes another report.

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Gov. Buni Charge Yobe State Politicians On Youth Empowerment



Gov. Buni Charge Yobe State Politicians on Youth Empowerment

By Cynthia John, Abuja

His Excellency Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe state and Chairman APC Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee, has charged politicians in the state on youth economic empowerment to promote self reliance and employment opportunities.

Governor Buni gave the charge today when political stalwarts from Zone B, paid him a thank you visit for his support to the Zone.

“Political stalwarts, elites and appointees must invest in the youth through economic empowerment and offering scholarships to those from indigent families to give them a future and to take them away from social vices” he said.

Governor Buni expressed satisfaction with the growing unity in the Zone “We must do away with primordial sentiments such as ethnic differences for us to grow and develop, l am happy with the sense of unity growing in the Zone”.

He said Yobe state is having a fair share of federal appointments under the President Muhammadu Buhari administration.

“We now have the President of the Senate, the Inspector General of Police, Minister of Power, two justices of the Supreme Court, two court of Appeal justices and a host of others from Yobe state.

“With the Minister of Power coming from our state, this will help in our recovery plan to reconnect communities destroyed by Boko Haram and other rural communities to the national grid.

Leader of the delegation and the state Deputy Governor, Hon. Idi Barde Gubana, commended Governor Buni for giving the Zone a sense of belonging.

” Your Excellency, you have given a true sense of belonging in terms of appointments and citing of projects to Zone B, this has promoted unity in the zone” said the Deputy Governor.

Hon. Gubana assured the Governor that the people of Zone B are absolutely loyal to the leadership of the Governor “we pledge our support and loyalty to you, we will never betray you”.

The Minister of Power, Engr. Abubakar D. Aliyu, commended Governor Buni for his leadership style which serves as a rallying point for the people of Zone B.

“Everyone has that sense of belonging, we also appreciate the support, appointments and execution of projects by your administration in the Zone.

The Minister assured that public office holders from the Zone will complement government efforts in providing employment opportunities to youth through economic empowerment programmes.

“We have an existing account, we will task ourselves and contribute more into the account for economic empowerment of our youth to complement government efforts” the minister assured.

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Yobe State Officials Of The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Defect To APC



Yobe State Officials Of The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Defect to APC

By Usman Bello, Damaturu

The Deputy State Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Yobe state, Alh. Usman Amale, the Assistant state secretary Ahmadu Biriri and others have defected from PDP to APC collapsing what remains of the opposition party into the ruling party.

Receiving the former PDP officials in Damaturu today, the state Governor and Chairman APC Caretaker Extraordinary Convention, Hon. Mai Mala Buni, said they should be part of the movement to salvage Nigeria.

“APC is now a movement that is targeting the unity, progress and development of Nigeria, we are receiving high profile Nigerians from all walks of life, from different backgrounds, cultures, religions and geo-political backgrounds.

“The solution to the problems facing Nigeria lies in the political stability of the country, we should all come together to promote our unity for development” Gov. Buni said.

He informed the defectors that they have equal rights and opportunities like any other member to contribute to the development of Nigeria.

The former PDP Deputy chairman said they had no reason remaining in PDP and apologised for the delay.

“In fact, we had no reason being in PDP because, our leader and Chairman of APC needs the support for political stability in Nigeria” Amale said.

He commended Gov. Buni for his selfless contribution to Nigeria’s growth and development “you made us very proud and we are obliged to support you”.

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Adamawa Congress: APC Is The Party To Beat Come 2023-Barr Wali



Adamawa Congress: APC is the party to beat come 2023-Barr Wali

….absence of party critical stakeholders at the congress venue killed members morale

By Tom Garba, Yola

The Congress of APC in Adamawa state has taken so many people to awe state seeing thousands of party loyalists turned to exercise their rights as statutory or normal delegates.

The gathering at Lamido Cinema, venue of the congress election that will see to the party new leadership in Adamawa state as a party die-hard Barr Yakubu Wali described a party to beat come 2023.

According to Wali, a top shot PDP in the State admitted that APC has surprised him seeing the huge gathering of supporters at the venue for the congress.

He said the PDP Man in surprise acclaimed that the party is still Much on the ground, made him to an uncontrollably laughing when he noticed the surprise on his face.

Despite the success of the party’ congress, Yakubu however is not happy with the congresses because of the absence of major stakeholders at the venue of the party congress.

He worried their absence sends a wrong signal to their collective mission to rescue power from the opposition PDP in the State.

” Looking at the venue of the PDP congress at Ribadu Square where you see the former Vice president Atiku Abubakar, the former Governor Boni Haruna and the Current Governor Ahmadu Fintiri at the venue tells you how collectively they are working to achieve a common goal.

“I also looked at the venue of the APC congress in Maiduguri where I saw Governor prof Zulum, Kashim Shettima, and Ali Modu Sheriff were seated together laughing as they engaged themselves in a chat, that tells you how serious they are about APC in Borno state even though PDP Borno only exists as a political party in INEC’s records.

“We love APC and we would have been more courageous, confident, and optimistic if we see this caliber of people at the venue of our APC congress in Adamawa state.

” Imagine seeing, Governor Nyako, Governor Bindow, Governor Bala James Ngilari, SGF Boss Mustapha, FCT minister Mohd Bello, Senator Mana, Senator Binta Masi Garba, Senator Barata, Senator Binani, Senator Cliff, senator Bello Tukur, senator Nyako, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, HE Marten Babale, Dr. Modi Halilu, HE Saad MC, Senator Zungina, Prof Mamman Tahir, Hon, Namdas sitting at Lamido cinema just to observe the exercise of this congress, the message would have been a clear one, APC supporters would’ve been boasted with high morales and will be ready at all the times to do the right thing.

“What do we have to say about the absence of these people at the venue of the APC’s congress? Even if all is wsendsit sends a wrong signal to our collective mission.

“Though there is a time to bring all the stakeholders ers on the desk, the present set of elected party leaders should rise beyond organizing local meetings, they must take it as a matter of priority to bring all these major stakeholders on board, we need Unity in this party, we need collaboration, we need synergy, we need to work as a team and above all we need to rescue power from the opposition.

“I congratulate the newly elected party leaders of our great party, it is my fervent hope that you will all discharge your responsibibyce with the provisions of the party constitute n and with thof e fear of God. Once more congratulations.” Said

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