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LGA Chairman Threatens Publisher For investigating 11 Months Blackout in LG headquarters



LGA Chairman Threatens publisher For Investigating 11 Months Blackout In LG Headquarters

By Dr. Marie Anne Jefferson

There has been 11 months blackout in the headquarters of Maiha local government of Adamawa state resulting from dysfunctional transformer that has been criminally vandalised.

The publisher of the Periscope online media Dr. Adamu Muhammad Dodo was in Maiha over the weekend. He was confronted by the people lamenting that it would be another tough two weeks lockdown without electricity during this hot season in the month of Ramadan.

The 5MVA 33/11KV Power Transformer that supplies electricity to the local government headaquarters is beyond repair, a staff with Yola Electricity Distribution Company YEDC revealed. Therefore, new transformer is required.

Dr. Dodo put a call to the local government chairman, Idi Amin Pakka, he did not pick but has responded to the text message seeking to know what the local government authority was doing about the transformer.

“To God be the glory.. And as for electricity in Maiha we are doing a lot since I came to make sure light is restored. But also I want to tell you our people are heartless and stupid for not protecting what we have.. This is the 4th time is happening and no effort from our people,” Amin said.

“Honourable, It will be dishonourable on your part to consider your people as heartless and stupid; judging them with the offence of unknown vandals. It’ll cost you fortune to defend by explaining what you mean by “our people are heartless…” The publisher tries to correct.

“Heartless are for stupid Maiha indigines that cannot protect what they have.. Mumu.. People like u too.. Who compound there problems… My record is clear in Nigeria. Maybe u are just coming towards me.. I have the records upon records I have been scrafying on my own Leven to people of Maiha and Adamawa and Nigeria as a whole…” The chairman flared

“It’s unfortunate. But our investigation reveals that the transformer is mounted at the unsecured rather outskirt of the town. No security staff on 24/7 shift duty attached. It is so unlike how GSM service providers secure their generators and masts throughout the country, not only LGA. Are you thinking of shifting the transformer cite close to town away from vandal who may not even be from your people?

“The electorates equally allege that the neglect is because neither the former chairman nor you live in Maiha headquarters; explaining the 11 months blackout; explaining also why the new transformer you recently procured is added to Pakka district; that’s why the transformer in Maiha is left to the vandals, when the local government authority should have provided adequate security there.

“Is it out of heartlessness of your people that reconstruction of Mayo-Nguli to Belel road; a N36m worth of contract is still at so slow phase and soon to be affected by a heavy downpour?

“You’re a chairman and a title holder in Adamawa Emirate, you have to apply diplomacy while addressing the challenges with your people,” the publisher advised.

The chairman then called the publisher on phone, threatened that if he dared publish the interview, it would be signing a death warrant.

The publisher explained to him that “a real journalist is a dead man, hence can’t be threatened with death to be subdued to silence.”

“I have gotten all information from the Sun and other vendors abt u.. The are just telling me u are a quack journalist and a local freelancer.

“U are local freelancer.. Keep off my fone.. Go back and land how to manage ur information.. Also wait u will here from my lawyers. warranted. Send me ur address now,” Idi sent another legal threat.

The publisher wondered why the threat in the first place? Why would the chairman request for the publisher’s address if he truly found out everything about the publisher?

“Our Nigeria office is based in Abuja…” The Publisher tried to respond.

“Abuja my footh. U demand for money from me.. And is not by force to give.. U are worst than Corona Virus.. Dodo family have become disgrace with the tape of person u are.. Shame on u.. U have entered one chance with me.. Try.. My guys will get u soon.. Pls don’t change ur number and ur address.. Hungry man.. Is it bcus I refuse to send u money u are threatening me..” Idi threatened.

“Subhanallah? Demand for money from you? When? For asking why there’s no electricity for 11 months in Maiha and for advising you to be diplomatic not to insult the people of Maiha as heartless? OK let’s go,” the publisher challenged.

“U interefair in maiha traditional council issues u failed but u want also interefair into my governance u will also fail Inshallahu.. Abdulganiu of ABC Yola and all others told me all abt u..” Idi said.

“There are two judgements confronting you; the first is the court of public opinion, whether or not I’ve ever asked for money from you. The second is the judgement day; the final account, when you have to testify before Allah SWT whether I’ve ever asked for money from you, not to talk of a lie in the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem!” The publisher tried to end the text message.

“Tank u my brother.. But pls be just and deplomatic and caustious pls.. We are in a trying times. Corona pus fasting plus other problems.. Is wrong time for ur journalism.. Give people a brake,” Idi pleaded

“But you don’t treat me as a brother truly. I want to help, you think I’m trying to cheat you. You keep insulting me even when I’m trying to advise that you consider Ramadan.

“I respect you as a chairman but you do not consider me worthy of my profession, my position as a media mediator.

“All I’m after is electricity supply in Maiha but not to bring you down from your God given chairmanship.

“The struggle to legitimise the monarchy in Maiha is never a failure, check it out. It’s however not the issue here but electricity in Maiha,” the publisher argued.

“Invistigative journalist.. Mind ur bussiness.. Or else I put u in ur right place u belong.. Plenty people are complaining how u only have tried to destroy maiha. Or trying to influence some issues that is above ur capacity.

“Right now I have finish all my Bobby traps to get u. Journalist my booth..The who journalist that matters in Nigeria are my bodi bodi.. We inter woven with them.. Not u just come from one local place in maiha trying to Rubbish rumbun adamawa and fombina..” Idi said

Did the chairman mean “booby trap” set for the publisher? Are insults, threats, libel and obnoxious falsification of conversation parts of the booby trap?

“So is today I know from u no money no God. News. Periscope media for sale.. What a shame for a normodic Fulani to be a freelancer.. Especially this one u came from a poor background.. Kame Kame family. My lawyers would get in touch..” Idi accused.

This is so weighty an insult. The Dodo is a highly respected family that has and is contributing to the progress and development of not only Maiha but Adamawa state. To consider the family as “poor” and “kame kame” is to say the least, insulting the entire Maiha Gari and Jalingo-Maiha districts.

None of the Dodo’s has less than a degree certificate and significant number of them are living in Diaspora and are well established. Can this family be described as “Kame Kame?”

Ramadan is considered as blessing and peace in the Dodo family. There could be a serious issue between Idi Amin and the Dodos to decide who stems out of the “kame kame,” family.

“Send me ur acct for the 200k u demand.. For real I would send it to u.. Pls iam ready to give u.. Two hundred thousand is even small.. U are a big boy oo..” Idi moved for libel.

Dr. Dodo to send his account number for N200,000? Is it part of the booby trap?

Dr. Dodo is an investigative, with developmental touching, not a beggarly journalist. The bribery by means of booby trap would not work on Dodo. Idi was asked to try another trap.

“Hahahaaa… Idi Amin dan gidan marigayi ndottijo Alh Umaru Jibrilla.

“Give the money to Bappare, Abdulganiyu and other SA to use it and acquire more knowledge to be able to defend you in future.

“As for now, they write poorly. They are impoverished of creativity. Honestly, they can’t even be my students in tertiary institution of learning. I have graduated better journalists in university and I have sponsored so many.

“Bappare couldn’t even defend his landlord Bindow the son of your late master, the son of my late parent’s friend. You think he’s good to promote you?

“I can add N200,000 for them each to go and gain refined knowledge to be able to write what can be read, convincingly too; to be able to edit your writings as well.

“As it is, you should by now know who is poor, based on kame kame writings and articulation.

“Ilimi ba dabanci bane, zagi da furutan batsa sai wurin da mara tarbiyya, wanda bai san darajan iyayen sa ba balle na wasu. Ga kuma jahilcin addini.” Dodo responded.

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Eid-El-Kabir: General Yahaya Celebrates With Wounded Troops of operation Hadin Kai in Maiduguri



EID-El-Kabir: General Yahaya celebrates with wounded troops of Operation Hadin Kai in Maiduguri

By Madu Mohammed Maiduguri

The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt General, Faruk Yahaya has commended the troops of Operation Hadin Kai Northeast and other operations across the country for their gallantry and sacrifices in enduring the country is safe and secured.

Lt General Faruk Yahaya made the commendation while speaking at the 2021 Eid El Kabir COAS Sallah luncheon with the wounded troops of Operation Hadin Kai yesterday at the Maimalari Cantonment, Maiduguri said *​I am delighted to felicitate with all officers, soldiers, civilian staff of the Nigerian Army and their families on the occasion of Eid-El-Kabir 2021 Celebration. “

“.​No doubt the Nation is faced with myriads of security challenges. The Nigerian Army has so far lived up to expectations and will continue to remain focussed in tackling these challenges. I therefore wish to specifically recognise and appreciate the immense sacrifices of our troops in Operations HADIN KAI, HADARIN DAJI, THUNDER STRIKE, WHIRL STROKE and all other operations the Nigerian Army is engaged both in the Country and abroad. Let me use this opportunity to once again pay special tributes to our colleagues who have paid the supreme price in the defence of our Fatherland. May their gentle souls rest in peace, ameen.”, the COAS stated.

He said ” I wish to first of all, express my sincere gratitude to the Almighty God for His mercies, protection and guidance over us while discharging our obligations to Nigeria. The Eid-El-Kabir Festival brings a special reminder for us as it highlights the virtues of loyalty, obedience and sacrifice which are also the hallmark of professional soldiering. The Eid Festival therefore provides a unique opportunity for us to reflect and redouble our efforts towards fulfilling our constitutional roles of defeating our adversaries and defending the territorial integrity of Nigeria.”

He further said when he assumed office, he promised to promote merit, applaud gallantry, celebrate excellence and honour the heroes, adding that spirit that he conferred the COAS Commendation Award to some deserving officers and soldiers on Tuesday 6 July to 21 July during the NADCEL 2021.

While charging the troops to remain apolitical, the COAS said . I shall continue to appreciate and applaud competence, diligence and dedicated service. As I will reward excellence and achievements, I will not hesitate to punish indiscipline, indolence, negligence and all untoward acts. In line with my vision to have “A Professional Nigerian Army Ready to accomplish Assigned Missions within a Joint Environment in Defence of Nigeria”, it is my resolve to focus on the core values of the NA which include Loyalty, Courage, Integrity and Selfless Service. I will also see to our return to the cherished customs, ethics and traditions of the Nigerian Army. While not compromising our investment in the officer cadres, I am particularly concerned with the development of individual soldier as well as empowering the Regimental Sergeant Majors (RSMs) and the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) so that they can play their roles effectively as a bridge between the officers and soldiers. “.

“.​It is important to reiterate at this point that the welfare of my officers, soldiers and their families will continue to receive adequate attention under my watch. Our hospital facilities and services are being improved upon and I am ever determined to ensure the healthcare of personnel and their families both within and outside the Country. Those wounded in action will be adequately treated and their requirements such as wheelchairs, prosthesis and other special vocational training will be provided. To our colleagues who have paid the supreme price, we shall continue to do our best to ensure the comfort of their families, through prompt payment of all their entitlements, including medical bills and school sponsorship of their children.”, He further stressed.

He also said ” I approved the issue of Hilux vehicles as official cars to RSMs beginning with AHQ and AHQ Garison RSMs; and this will cascade down the ladder to the battalion RSMs in due course. Similarly, I have authorised the construction of befitting tied down accommodation for RSMs and renovation of such existing structures to demonstrate my commitment in this endeavour. The overall aim is to develop the individual soldier, provide him with relevant skills, competences and good leadership by his NCOs and SNCOs who he will aspire to emulate. I appreciate and commend you all, our gallant officers and soldiers, as I also urge you all to keep up the good works, ensure synergy with other Services, security agencies and all stakeholders. I urge you all to remain apolitical, continue to discharge your duties professionally in the defence of the Fatherland and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Together, in unison we shall succeed.”

While expressing his sincere gratitude of the Nigerian Army to the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari for his continuous and untiring support and strategic guidance to the Nigerian Army, he pledge the unalloyed loyalty of the officers and soldiers of the Nigerian Army to the President, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In his remarks the Borno state Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum commended the officers and soldiers of the Nigerian military for their sacrifices and role in ensuring peace return to the state and the Northeast and also donated the sum of N10 million to the sick and wounded troops of the Operation Hadin Kai.

” Let me use this opportunity to commend the troops of Operation Hadin Kai for your sacrifices. I also assured you that the Borno state will continue to partner with the military to secure our land”, Zulum added.

In ensuring the peace and stability of its citizenry, , Governor Zulum said ” the Borno state government will do everything to support the military in bringing to an end the Boko Haram insurgency…I assured you of the civilian populace support, cooperatiion and prayers, so that together we will end this madness”.

In his votes of thanks, the Deputy Theater Commander Operation Hadin Kai, Northeast , Major General Ibrahim Jalo said this years Eid-El-kabir is unique because it is the first Sallah the COAS is celebrating as the Army chief. . Your presence here to celebrate with us indicates the love and concern you have for the troops of this theater””.

He also on behalf of the COAS, thanked and appreciated the media for reporting the activities of the theater in last months that he has been in the theater.

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President Buhari Arrives Borno on one day state visit



President Buhari arrives Borno on one day state visit

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

President Muhammadu Buhari has landed, Maiduguri, Air force Base at exact 9:45 am this morning for one day working visit to the state to asses security situation in the Northeast and commission some projects

The President was received by the Borno state Governor ,Prof. Babagana Zulum along side his Yobe counterpart Governor and the ruling All progressive congress (APC) National chairman Hon. Mai Mala Buni, and Honourable members of the National and state Assemblies, members of the state Executive Council, as well as other officials of the Federal and state government.

The president was in Borno last in 12 February 2020 when he came to commemorate with the people and Government of Borno state over the Auno attack.

On arriving the Presiddent proceeded to Government Technical College Njimtilo and Borno state University, where he commissioned some projects.

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Service Chiefs Arrived Maiduguri in Preparation to President Buhari Visit to Borno



Service chiefs arrived Maiduguri in preparation to President Buhar’ visit to Borno

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The Chief of Defense Staff (CDS),General Lucky Irabor, the Chief of Arny Staff ( COAS), Major General Faruk Yahaya,, Chief of the Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal, Isiaka Anao Chief of Naval , (CNS), Auwal Gambo Staff, Rear Admiral and Inspector General of Police (IGP) Usman Baba Alkali were in Maiduguri to discuss security situation in the Northeast. in preparation to the President Muhammadu Buhari visit to Borno

On arrrival of the service Chiefs they proceeded straight to the headquarters Joint Tasks force Operation Hadin Kai where they went into closed door meeting that lasted for over 2 hours.

The President during the visit is expected to address the troops of Northeast Joint Task Force, Operation Hadin Kai at the Maimalari Cantonment

Speaking in an interview with newsmen shortly after the close door meeting, the Chief of Defense Staff, General Lucky Irabor said assured Nigerians that the military is determined to end the Boko Haram insurgency.

The reason why we are here to re-strategize and address the problems facing the troops

Chief of Defence Staff led Service Chiefs and Inspector General of Police to headquarters Theatre Command ahead of President Buhari’s visit.

The CDS said their visit to the Theatre is to strategize and address the security problems facing the people of the Northeast and the entire country, adding that ,the greatest challenge before the military and other security agencies is how to restore peace in the entire region, and stressed the need for collaborative effort to end the crisis.

In welcome address, before the close door session,, the acting Theatre Commander Joint Taskforce Operation Hadin Kai Major General Felix Omoigui said that the Theatre had recorded numerous success which led to economic activities to thrive in many liberated areas of the northeast.

The Chief of Defence Staff was accompanied on the visit by Chief of Army Staff, Major General Farouq Yahaya, Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Isiaka Amao, Chief of Naval Staff, Rear Admiral Auwal Gambo, Inspector General of Police Usman Alkali, Chief of Defence Intelligence, Principal Staff Officers from Defence and Service Headquarters.

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