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Lilian Chinonso Osuofia




Lilian Chinonso Osuofia is nothing but a name to be reckoned with in the Multi-Level industry in Nigeria. She was at the forefront of brand and business development for Multi Level Startups in Nigeria. She participated in Compensation design of many companies. Also, Lilian started her Multi Level Marketing career in 2003. She has won several cars, several gadgets and other monetary awards.

Multi Level Business Analyst
Lilian is a versatile Multi Level Compensation Plan Analyst with over 1 decade of both frontend and backend participation in Algorithmic analysis of Business Model of Multi Level Companies.

She started Jigsimur Zdex Ltd in 2018 and today the business has become a household name. Lilian Chinonso Osuofia from inception had a mindset of blessing thousands of Nigerians through this platform. Furthermore, the feat achieved within this short period of Jigsimur Zdex International and the Jigsimurplus existence is quite unparalleled. The award done in 2019 and 2020 is a testament to this claim where 6 Mercedes Jeeps were given in 2019, 3 Cars in 2020 to hardworking members.

Lilian Osuofia – A Philanthropist
Lilian Chinonso Osuofia is a serial entrepreneur cum philanthropist. She has used her selfless gesture to help the less privileged. Hundreds of widows assisted, hundreds of orphans fed, hundreds of School fees paid. In addition, the flagship product of Jigsimur Zdex International called Jigsimur which is duly registered with NAFDAC has brought succor to many Nigerians and citizens of neighbouring countries. These countries include Ghana, Cameroun, Benin Republic and Congo. The product has been of immense aid in terms of financial robustness of its members and ensures health-wise gains of both members and non members.

Hundreds of testimonies have been recorded concerning the efficacy and curative effect of Jigsimur. AIDS/HIV has been cured, Staphloccocus cured, Women looking for fruits of the womb have become mothers of their own babies, People who have not been able to work for years are back on their feet.

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