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Naughty by nocturnal nature in complecency to conspiracy against fintiri, pdp billboards: friction between fact and fiction



Naughty by nocturnal nature in complecency to conspiracy against Fintiri, PDP Billboards: Friction between fact and fiction

It’s a mere rumour peddled by Bindow disciples, aimed at instigating dissension for fracas in the state – PDP stalwart

The Periscope literati

It went viral via social media that youths in Yola, suspected to be staff of local government councils of Adamawa state, severely ravaged by the Fintiri sack directive, went savagely demented on rampage Tuesday, destroying Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri with Peoples Democratic Party, PDP billboards.

The mainstream media was not attracted to the rowing rumour for a news as much as the online media that would want to remain ethically authentic an authority without any air about austerity in objectivity.

Who were the sacked rampaging LGA youths? Under which platform did they operate? When did they go on rampage? Who saw them destroying Fintiri and PDP billboards without taking any action? Where were the security operatives in the state or were the agencies negotiated based on the agenda of compromising complecency? Were other media in conspiracy of silence over the issue? Questions could go on and on literarily

The seeming opium opinionated story for a news, rather than the news story, narrated that the rampaging youths, mainly the local government workers employed in April 2016 and were recently disengaged by the Fintiri directive, moved in a motorcade, created tension for any attention in the town, such that people were left with a backup option to scamper for safety out of fear of being trapped in a reprisal, by group of youths supportive of the Fintiri led war against impunity in local government councils.

“This is funny. The account amounts to a figment of imagination, a defective memory or an attempt to make a republic of liars out of our state the is about getting out of the maze occasioned by four solid years of misrule.

“It’s a mere rumour peddled by Bindow disciples aimed at instigating dissension for fracas – A PDP stalwart said.

“I’m a journalist practicing in Yola, Adamawa state. I also heard, as you’ve heard the social media rumour. There’s actually no rampage against any billboard in Yola yesterday as we went round for fact finding,” Shekarau Yarima, the Periscope 2017 Award Winner, the Periscope 2018 Award nominee, a journalist of international repute, refuted.

“I’m hearing this for the first time from You. You could be mistaken another state for Adamawa. Nothing like rampage. Or Could it have happened in middle of the night when we could be sleeping? If it’s so, then I’ll advise that you look for genii for your answer. It’s their time, you know,” Bello a businessman in Jimeta told the Periscope literati.

“Rampage in Yola! Are you sure? The destroyed billboards that accompanied the conspiracy for violence was taken during campaign, prior to 2019 election. It’s an old picture. It cannot verify but nullify the story,” Nura Mohammed, IT analyst articulated.

“If the said LGA staff affected by the Fintiri sack directive, truly went on a rather ill organised, without a platform rampage, lacking in moral sensibility, then, in my opinion, their action could be described as a self-justification of their misfit in character to be employed,” Aminu, a Civil Right representative advocated.

“I wonder why some newsmen fail to be unbranded, fail to get upgraded from quackery to professionalism, fail to migrate from cynicm and ethnicity to the ethical standard, in spite of sensitisation against sensationalism and capacity development trainings against sectionalism surrounding other sentiments

“Just but last week, still in Adamawa, a reporter of a national dailies, perhaps out of mischief, misinformed people that Muslim students of state polytechnic, reduced a mosque into their arms and ammunition warehouse. The hate speech story is capable of instigating mutual mistrust, not only between religious groups/ within the school but in the entire state.

“Here comes again, a fake billboard story of unrest against the state. By the time the reported against, take to litigation, challenging quackery and ethnicity in reportage, the mischievous newsmen will know that there’s the limit to the freedom of expression. No sane member or organised union supports unethical behavior of members,” Malam Haruna Yusuf, the Periscope 2018 Award nominee, an online journalist based in Abuja warned.

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Despite 556 Projects in two years, i am not satisfied with what we have done – zulum



Despite 556 projects in 2 years, I am not satisfied with what we have done – Zulum

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

“Despite 556 projects in the two years, I am not satisfied,, in remaining two years of the administration we are going to employ 3,000 teachers and more health workers for the schools and health facilities we constructed and rebuilt,”, Governor, Babagana Zulum of Borno state said.

Governor Zulum said that despite executing over 556 projects in 741 days he is not satisfied and promised to do more in the next coming years.

Governor Babagana Zulum disclosed this while speaking at the event of 2021 Democracy Day and 2 years Anniversary Day which held at the Multi purpose Hall of the Government House, Maiduguri on Saturday said ” I intend to do more in the next 2 years. Yes we have done over 556 projects, and so what? I am still not satisfied with what we have done. “.

” We have built schools, hospitals, health facilities, construct houses, but we need to recruit teachers, health workers including doctors and open up our farmlands for our people to farm and feed themselves”, he added.

He said we “are going to open up more farmlands for our people to farm, we are also going to open up all our roads and resettle the people of Lomani, Gajibo, Abadam, Mallamfatori, Kareto, Sandiya, Kirawa and Dalwa we have resettled our IDPs. We will open our farm. Nobody will stop us”

The Governor also said, the state government will establish State Independent Corrupt practices and other Related Commission (SICPC) to prosecute any chairman or government official that steals government funds

To raise the standard of education, Governor Zulum said the state government is going to recruit 3,000 more teachers, in addition to the recruitment of more doctors and health workers .

Highlighting the achievement of Governor Zulum led administration, the Borno state Commissioner for Information Hon Babakura Abba Jatau said in last two years the government of Prof. Zulum has delivered over 556 projects .

The Democracy Day, was attended by Governor Zulum, National and State Assembly members, traditional rulers, party leaders, heads of security agencies and top Government officials..

Jato, during his graphic presentation said 70% of the 556 projects have been fully completed with many been put into use, while 30% are at various levels of completion, adding that the 556 projects do not include policies and programs even when most of them are capital intensive.

Giving breakdown of the projects, Jato explained that 194 capital projects were delivered on education, and they encompass rehabilitation, completion and fresh construction of mega-size Government technical colleges and primary schools in different communities.

He noted that 63 capital projects were delivered on Governance, and another 63 capital projects on roads, transport, rural and urban development while 59 capital projects were delivered on water and environment.

The Commissioner also said that Zulum delivered 58 capital projects on health, which include establishment of 74 primary healthcare centres, new doctors’ quarters, and overhaul of 8 hospitals in MMC, Biu, Damboa, Monguno and Magumeri.

He explained that 53 capital projects were delivered on reconstruction rehabilitation and resettlement, which involve more than 6,000 resettlement houses for IDPs and refugees in 15 towns. Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has since approved 10,000 resettlement houses in Borno State, with 4,000 already completed.

Jato noted that 28 capital projects on jobs creation, youth empowerment and humanitarian support which include an all-inclusive vocational training centre with 14 workshops for capacity development of 1,500 persons per annum. He said 15 capital projects were delivered on commerce and industry; 13 capital projects on agriculture and 10 capital projects were executed on security.

He also recalled that monthly allowances of volunteers in the Civilian JTF, hunters and vigilantes was increased, while over 700 vehicles and other logistics were needed to enhance their operational roles of complementing armed forces in fighting Boko Haram.

However, reacting to the achievemdnt of Governor Zulum in the last two years,, the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Borno state, Alhaji Usman Mahdi Baderi alleged that, the people of the state have nothing to celebrate the Democracy Day and the two – years Anniversary of Governor Babagana Umara Zulum.

He insisted that, the lingering insecurity is disturbing the lives of each and everyone, due to inability of the Government to address the root cause, and nip it in the bud.

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We have executed 556 Projects in two years, despite insurgency – Governor zulum



We have executed 556 projects in two years, despite insurgency – Governor Zulum

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

Despite the Boko Haram insurgency, the Borno state government under the leadership of Governor, Babagana Zulum has executed 556 projects within two years of the administration.

Governor Babagana Zulum who disclosed while addressing the citizens of the state in a State Broadcast to Mark 2021 Democracy Day on Saturday said “With shared commitments and with the strong goodwill, support and prayers from you, the people of Borno State, we are delivering 556 capital projects with 70% of the total already completed while 30% are at various completion levels.

“Our projects, done with your support,”. include 194 capital projects on education, which encompass rehabilitation, completion and fresh construction of Mega-size government technical colleges and primary schools in different communities. We have 63 capital projects on governance, and another 63 capital projects on roads, transport, rural and urban development. 59 capital projects are being delivered on water and environment; while on health, we are delivering 58 capital projects that include establishment of 74 primary healthcare centres across local government areas, rehabilitation of 8 General and specialist hospitals in MMC, Biu, Damboa, Monguno and Magumeri., Governor Zulum added.

Governor Zulum said “on Reconstruction Rehabilitation and Resettlement which involve estates combining over 6,000 resettlement houses for IDPs and Refugees in 15 towns. I am happy to once again, acknowledge, that His Excellency, Mr President, Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has since approved 10,000 resettlement houses in Borno State. I am also happy to note substantial number of these houses have been completed with more ongoing.”

The governor said “In these two years, we have together, witnessed continued turbulence even though in the midst of shared hope, shared optimism, shared faith, shared resilience and communal determination to ceaselessly devote ourselves to freeing our Borno from 12 years of vicious insurgency. “

While stating his effort’s to ensure restoration of peace back to the state, Governor Zulum said ” as part of that commitment, we, from our first day in office, made security our number one priority. This is in recognition of the fact that the fundamental duty of any Government is to ensure the safety of citizens to such a level that citizens themselves feel they are safe.”

“In our first week in office, we interfaced with thousands of our volunteers from the civilian JTF, hunters and vigilantes, and we increased their monthly allowances, in addition to allocating to them more patrol vehicles and other logistics needed to enhance their operational roles of complementing armed forces in fighting Boko Haram, he further explained.

He further stated that ” in our combined approach, we took aggressive steps of recruiting thousands of hunters from different parts of northern Nigeria, mobilized and deployed them to accelerate our support for the military.. We made it a policy that in all our 27 local government areas, volunteers were strengthened with additional recruitment, surveillance vehicles and other gadgets.”

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Boko Haram: Bill To Establish Federal Orthopedic Hospital In Borno Passes Second Reading





Following devastation posed by members of dreaded Boko Haram sect which left many people including  security operatives sustained various degrees of fractures in the North East, a Bill seeking to establish National Orthopedic Hospital which is to be sited in Azare, the headquarters of Hawul Local Government Area of Borno State passed a Second Reading at the floor of the National Assembly.

The Hospital when established would complement that of the National Orthopedic Hospital, Kano state, which is the only federal health institution vested with treatment of all kinds of fractures in the North.

Member representing Hawul/Askira Uba federal constituency in Borno state, Dr. Haruna Mshelia, yesterday sponsored the Bill at the floor of the lower chamber which was monitored from National Assembly Television by our Correspondent in Maiduguri.

The House therefore, considered the Bill to amend the Orthopedic Hospital Management Board Act 2004, to provide for the establishment of the National Orthopedic Hospital, Azare. 

Moving his motion, Dr Mshelia who is the Chairman House Committee on Covid -19 said, “we are all aware for the last 11 years in the North East, we have been having violent issues perpetrated by terrorists/ insurgents which led to so many broken bones and injuries, unfortunately, the only closest existing and functional Orthopedic Hospital is located in Kano which is about 500kms drive from the hotbed of the insurgency.

” This has forced many people/victims to move far away to access these services Azare, which is the Council Headquarter of Hawul Local Government, is centrally located in the North East zone, where if you move 150kms in all directions, you will reach all the other five states in the zone.

“Your Excellency, Hawul Local Government has another General Hospital just 12kms in Marama that provide general Health Services. Azare has a 125 -beded Hospital which can easily be converted to the Orthopedic Hospital with large land mass for expansion, Quarters for Staff.

” If this Bill is approved, the services would be provided not only to the people in the North East, but to other people in the neighbouring countries of Chad, Cameron and Niger.

“We are giant of Africa and people living in other African countries look up to us, so I urged my respectful colleagues to support this Bill which will serve humanity, and not only the people of Borno state alone. I so move Mr Speaker.” Dr Mshelia said.

After a thorough debate by the sponsor and other members of the House of Representatives, the Bill passed a Second Reading.

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