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“Wallahi” The Danger Of Swearing



“Wallahi” – The Dangers of Swearing

By Haruna Yusuf      7/10/2018

Unfortunately, there is a new norm going around across the Muslim World. A norm which has been taken lightly, yet carries serious implications: Swearing by Allah.
Nowadays, trust has been lost. The credibility of people is now low, doubtful. Muslims seem more in need to swear by Allah, in order to give credence to their words. Wallahi, Wallahi, Wallahi…. It has become a shortcut to prove their integrity and good intentions. But sadly, most Muslims have failed to understand and grasp the seriousness of this issue. Not only is constant swearing a bad habit, but it may come with some major consequences.

When Muslims become accustomed to swearing at any time and for whatever reason, they may fall into the habit of swearing to an oath which they may not be able to fulfill. (i.e. I swear to God I won’t talk to her anymore, I swear to God I won’t eat from his food, Wallahi I won’t go to so and so place….etc.) This matter should not pass by lightly. Using Allah’s name is no joke. It’s not as easy as asking for forgiveness and moving on, as a broken oath will require an expiation.

As Allah says in the Quran:
“Allah will not call you to account for your thoughtless oaths, but He will hold you accountable for deliberate oaths. The penalty for a broken oath is to feed ten poor people from what you normally feed your own family, or to clothe them, or to free a slave. But if none of this is affordable, then you must fast three days. This is the penalty for breaking your oaths. So be mindful of your oaths (i.e. do not swear much). This is how Allah makes things clear to you, so perhaps you will be grateful.” [Al-Maa’idah 5:89]

Sadly, many Muslims have misunderstood the ruling of this verse and are taking the easy way out and expiating their sins by fasting three days (last option), whereas, fasting is only an expiation for those who are unable to apply any of the former three options. And Allah knows the true capacity of each one of us, so we should never opt for the last option if we are capable of doing any of the other three.

Swearing should not be used except when it is absolutely necessary. Today, Muslims are making it a custom to swear in their everyday conversation. Swearing by Allah was once held in high regard and only used for serious matters. People are now abusing swearing so much that Allah’s name is not being given its due respect.

Although swearing is to prove the truthfulness of the speaker, when constantly being used for every little matter, it starts to create suspicion and mistrust among the people, which then defeats its real purpose. The swearers’ words become less trustworthy and dependable, which is unfortunate.

Regrettably, many Muslims are also swearing by other than Allah. Swearing by the Prophet, by the Quran, by the life of another, by the Kaabah and by the blessings of Allah has also become a dangerous habit because swearing by other than Allah is a form of Shirk. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “If anybody has to take an oath, he should swear only by Allah.” Sahih al-Bukhari 3836

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “The best of people are those of my generation, then those who follow them, then those who follow them, after which there will come a people whose testimonies will precede their oaths and whose oaths will precede their testimonies.“ (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim)

“Concise Commentary on Book of Tawheed” mentioned regarding this hadith that ”In this hadith, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) declares that the most rigthous generations in the Musim nation are the first three ones. He further indicates that after these generations, there would be people who would show lack of seriousness in giving testimonies and taking oaths, due to their weak faith and little fear of Allah. In a comment on this hadith, Ibrahim An-Nakh’I (one of the Faqihs of the Successors of the Companions )related that the Tabi’un used to teach their children the seriousness of giving testimony and making oaths, so that they would grow up understanding the gravity of these actions and thus avoiding them.”

What are we teaching our future generations?

How is it that our children will be growing up accustomed to swearing because their parents have made it a careless part of their conversation?

When will we learn and teach others to magnify Allah’s name?

Unfortunately, even some of those we look up to and seek knowledge from, such as our scholars, have felt the need to constantly swear by Allah in their religious talks, whereas, there is no need to do so.

May Allah make us of those who will realize the greatness of Allah’s name and be among those who only speak the truth.

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Nigerian Army Flags Off Operation Crocodile Smile VI to Commence 20th October to December 31st Nationwide



Nigerian Army flags off Operation Crocodile Smile VI to commence 20th October to December 31st Nationwide

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The Nigerian Army has on Saturday flagged off ” Operation Crocodile Smile VI in it’s flush out Boko Haram insurgents,, kidnapping, Banditry, cyber crime and other crime and criminality.

The Chief of Army Staff, ( COAS), Lt General Tukur Buratai while addressing a Press Conference at the Army Social Super Camp 1 Ngamdu said the Operation which is to commence on 20th, October 2020 will last till December 31st, 2020 across all Nigerian Army formations in the country.

The COAS who represented at the briefing by the Chief Training and Operations (CTOP), Major General Nuhu Ambazo said ” the Nigerian Army is set to start its annual Exercise CROCODILE SMILE which is traditionally conducted in the last quarter of the year. This year’s Exercise CROCODILE SMILE V1 is scheduled to commence from the 20th of October to the 31st of December 2020.”

“The Exercise is deliberately intended to be all encompassing to include cyber warfare exercises designed to identify, track and counter negative propaganda in the social media and across the cyberspace. This is the first ever Cyberwarfare exercise to be conducted in the history of the African Armed Forces. Accordingly, the exercise will also include positive identification component aimed at identifying Boko Haram terrorists fleeing from the North East and other parts of the country as a result of the ongoing operations in the various theatres of operations especially in the Northeast, North Central and North Western parts of Nigeria, the COAS stated.

General Buratai said “this years exercise will as well have civil military component which consist of environmental sanitation, roads rehabilitation and repairs, humanitarian aids, medical outreach, assistance to physically challenged and assistance to widows of our fallen heroes”.

He said Operation Harbin Kunama 4 Operation Crocodile smile 5 have been successful completed, while Operation, Fire Ball, Operation Hadarin Daji, Operation Auem A Kpayem, Operation safe Heaven among others are still on going.

He therefore commended other sister security agencies for their support and synergy and the press for finding time to grace the briefing.

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Fight against desert and desertification, FG establishes forestry college in Borno



Fight against desert and desertification, FG establishes Forestry College in Borno

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

In it’s efforts in combating desert, desertification and climate change, the Federal Government has established College of Forestry in Gwangolong village of Jere local government area of Borno state.

The Minister for Environment, Alhaji Mamoud Abubakar who made this known in Maiduguri, when he paid a courtesy call on Governor Babagana Zulum at the Government House, Maiduguri yesterday said ” I am on a working visit to Borno state. We have a lot of presence in this state because of its strategic importance. We have agencies and departments that are working in the state, the Great Green Wall, Forestry Research Institute among others.”

He said ” the Great Green Wall has raised 1.3 million seedling, , planted 60 kilometers of shelter belt and 140 heaters reserved among others ‘.

” Borno is one of the 11 Frontline states of Great Green Wall project, which is an international project consist of 11 countries. We have our newly established Forestry college in Borno, GGW which is working on desert and desertification and environmental management. We also here to find out need of the state. what the state needs and how we can collaborate and strengthen them”, the minister said.

He said ” we know the Borno state Governor have working diligently in terms of environmental management in terms of planting trees. We will continue to support him in planting more trees, we have planted more trees, we’re going to plant more. The Great Green Wall has planted over half a million trees in Borno state, we will do more, the GGW have raised 1.3 seedlings to support Borno..

Responding, the Borno state Governor, Prof. Babagana Zulum said ” I want to notify the people of Borno state that the Federal government in it’s magnimity has established College of Forestry in Gwangolong village of Jere local government are here in Borno state.”

” You are aware of the arid nature of the state and I believe with the establishment of the College of Forestry, the people of Borno state will benefit a lot with a view to combating desertification and enhancing climate actions in the state. I remain eternally grateful to the Federal Government”, The governor added.

He assured that the Borno state government under his leadership will collaborate with the Federal ministry of Environment, Great Green Wall and Forestry Research institute of Nigeria to see how possible best to work together in safeguarding the environment, because environment is very important, stressing that ,without environment there should be no rain, and that the nexus between environment and development cannot be overemphasize.

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Remain apolitical professional, in Ondo Elections as exhibited in Edo – General Buratai Urges Troops



Remain apolitical Professional, in Ondo Elections as exhibited in Edo -General Buratai Urges Troops

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

The chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt General Tukur Buratai has directed all officer and men of the Nigerian Army to remain apolitical,above board and professional during the Saturday’s Ondo Governorship Elections, as they exhibited in the recently concluded Edo Governorship Elections.

Lt. General Tukur Buratai made the charge yesterday in Maiduguri while speaking at the first, second and third combined COAS conference held at the Multi purpose Hall of the Command Guest House, Maiduguri.

As I mentioned during my opening address, the forthcoming Ondo State Governorship Election provide us yet another opportunity to display the high level of professionalism which the Nigerian Army is well known for, similar to the Edo state Election, we must be apolitical, above board and professional in all our actions. Going forward, this posture, we must be professional in our operations and activities to retain the admiration and respect of our citizenry,, the Army chief added.

General Buratai said ” we are approaching a crucial phase in our counter terrorism operation in the Northeast with imminent commencement of Operation FIRE BALL
.my recent directive on the relocation of AHQ DATOR and AHQ DOAL to the Northeast. These geared towards ensuring that the AHQ provides maximum support to the operation”.

” Additionally, I issued the COAS Specific Order 1 , specifically, so that all troops will switch over to a war mode. This is necessary for the final destination of the criminal insurgents, I am happy to note that this has been deciminated to all officers and men in the Theater. i want courageous and exemplary leadership to be displayed in all levels during our operations”,.

He said all hands must be on deck, as no excuses will be tolerated whatsoever, in the accomplishment of the set objectives of the operation Fire Ball, stressing that as we gradually approaches the end of the year, the Nigerian Army Wii continue to be resolute and aggressive in pursuance of its constitutional role

” I want to charge field commanders not to rest on their oars I implore you all to maintain a positive disposition and attitudes towards improving our current operational success. You must sustain the tempo of operations across the various theater of Operations in order to create enabling environment for socio economic activities to thrive in our dear country”, General Buratai further stressed.

While expressing his gratitude to President Muhammadu Buhari for making fund available to the Nigerian Army operations despite lean resources, General Buratai pledged the unflinching loyalty and commitment of the Nigerian Army to the defence of democratic governance in Nigeria.

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