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Yobe 2019: A tip Of The Iceberg



Yobe 2019:  A tip of the iceberg..

By Haruna Yusuf/Ahmad Musa Geidam Abuja 15/10/2018

Something’s are not made to be said, but “Hon, Mai mala Buni” is a rare gym and gentleman to the core with unquestionable principle and
cultivated habit of patience and tolerance.
Hon, Mai Mala Buni in the epic battle of 2015 general elections left traceable sports in the flesh of his oppositions and he’s a kind of person you’ll always love to have in your corner during battles.

The ruling All progressive Congress (ApC) National secretary Hon, Mai mala Buni’s meticulous records speaks volume and his Unprecedented sacrifice to the ApC at the states and National level attracts him the anointment to succeed Govenor Gaidam.

By analysis and political calculations, Buni is the awaiting Governor of yobe state, God willing. the needed hand writing are seen on the surface of the wall and the writings are in erasable.

Maimala Buni is a grassroot and dogged politician who fought politically and rose politically through constant resistance selfless services and transparency in whatsoever he’s doing, very loyal obedient and reliable, he’s a man of his words and he has a listening ears and very diplomatic when it comes to dealing with issues of the public.

Buni’s coded reputations precedes his person.

Carry go, no one like you. Come 2019 yobeans will reap immense benefit of quality electioneering campaign promises and All-inclusive style of leadership.


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#EndSARS Protest: Why Zulum Remains an icon of hope for Nigeria



#EndSARS Protest: Why Zulum remains an icon of hope for Nigeria

By: Yusuf Adamu

The ongoing violence following the #EndSARS protest in many states across Nigeria is a sad situation that further expose the leadership and followership of this great country to pity. It also put to question our intellectual capabilities to test and in this test, many states have failed. It means that, many Nigerians do not understand the value of peace and the sanctity of human blood. The carnage also depicts the jungle like behaviour many Nigerians have been carrying in their head either knowingly or unknowingly. What happened in the last few days both sad and shame for Nigeria and Nigerians.

In all that had happened, I would have been more disappointed if Borno did not come clean in this. I watched videos of violence and the subsequent running over of ware houses, which store the Covid-19 palliative meant for the distribution to poor Nigerians who can not afford meals due to harsh economic situation following the pandemic and I wonder why this palliatives remains in many ware houses while in Borno it has been going to those it was meant for. My conclusion is that, it is time for leadership to take lessons from Borno state governor, Professor Babagana Umara Zulum on public management.

Long before now, the Borno state governor has been distributing palliatives to thousands of residents in an orderly manner and even distributing cash with people patiently waiting for their turns. Recently, concerned by the plight of his people, the Borno state Governor, Prof. Babagana Zulum shared N65m in cash 8,000 households widow Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) who are in critical need of humanitarian assistance in Rann, headquarters of Kala-Balge, Nigeria’s remotest local government area, located in Central part of Borno State without any report of violence or act of barbarism.

There is no banking services in Kala-Balge and it is impossible to convey food items, hence Governor visit to bring succor to the displaced people of the area.The visit was Zulum’s fifth of similar humanitarian trip to Kala-Balge since he assumed office in May 2019. It could be recalled that Rann, headquarters of Kala-Balge can only be accessed by road through the Republic of Cameroon due to flood, which took over the road from a dam discharge in Central Africa and trapped Nigerians in Rann, cutting them from the rest of the state.

Zulum, during the Saturday’s trip, supervised the N65m cash distribution to families of 8,000 widows and some vulnerable residents in Rann to enable them buy food and other basic needs from the Cameroonian border village.
Each household in the community was given between N10,000 and N5,000 cash because there is no banking service in Rann.

During the governor’s visit 5,000 Male householders received N10,000 each, while 3,000 of their female counterparts received N5,000 and a 10kg bag of rice each. In all five different visits to the area, the Governor supervised the distribution of food and non-food aid to residents, many of them in critical humanitarian needs. However, there was no single report of violence in the camps of people that such is expected because of their situation.

The ran experience is just one in many areas governor Zulum has been proving to Nigerians that, leadership can be about the people. His leadership style indeed has change the way the way the govern view leadership in Borno and I believe he is becoming an icon of hope for Nigeria and a lesson for the Nigerian leaders.

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#EndSARS Protest: Gov. Buni Remains Steadfast & Epitome of hope For Yobe



#EndSARS Protest: Gov. Buni Remains Steadfast & Epitome of hope For Yobe

By Haruna Yusuf 

The violence that comes with the #EndSARS protest is a big blow to the leadership of this great nation, and it shows how some state failed woefully in governance and delivering their electioneering campaign promises to the people. Today grassroot politics has become a major and popular yardstick for measuring the success or otherwise of elected political leaders. Charity, the wise people say begins at home. 

The world is a place of constant change, if we are open, transparent, just and fair and also ready to consider everything while remaining unbiased and sentimental we will be to accept these change and utilize them to improve our lives and country and evolve.  

In all the demonstrations and looting that took place in most states across the nation, it would’ve been disheartened to see it take place in Yobe under the leadership of Governor Mai Mala Buni. A brave servant in his thinking and daring in actions.

Governor Buni’s system of wide consultation is a further testament to the fact that, his administration take cognizance of his people in the decision making and running of the government in Yobe state. A government that is run with the understanding and inputs of the governed is, a practical expression of the beauty of democracy, which he was sworn to defend and uphold at all times.

His excellency Mai Mala Buni is one person who can emphasize with the plight of the masses and always makes things done at the end. Since his assumption of office on 29may 2019 he has embarked on projects and programmes that directly impact the populace, irrespective of tribe, religion, status or political affiliation. Especially the teeming youths in the state, it has been a new day for them because they’re carried along in every aspect of the state building and most of the programmes have been deliberately designed to create maximum impact.

Despite the lean and low federal allocation, Governor Buni have achieved a lot, especially in the areas of poverty alleviation, by creating programmes through SEMA on skills acquisition, entrepreneurial development and training and retraining of youths becoming independent and also assisting small and medium Enterprises. Palliatives is almost the order of the day. Free healthcare services and Education in state. Scholarships to both the able and persons with disability.  

Reeling support to the visionary government of Gov. Buni is not a bad idea, you know! A government willing and planning to deliver the dividend of democracy at the shortest of time, is really worthy of support and encouragement, yobe cannot but remain memorable.  

Buni Buni has proven to be a level- headed individual who is beyond reproach, who also comes across as a consensus- builder and one individual who will never improve himself at the expense of the state. A man known to be astute manager of people and an all-inclusive leader at all times. He has excelled and distinguished himself and stood tall as an iroko tree.

If and only, the reports making rounds in the state are anything to go by, the lost glory have finally surfaced through the emergence of Mai Mala Buni as the democratically elected Governor of Yobe state. 

There are overwhelming opinions about the performance of Buni’s led administration, so far,  he doesn’t keep your shoes clean and doesn’t suffers his with such pleasure he matches on, leading the change and never panting despite of the movement energized pace, no one dares to drag, as a tall man, you’d be left behind and his frankness on issues is second to none combined with his reputation that precede him. 

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APC: The hurdles before Gov. Mai Mala Buni



APC : The hurdles before Gov. Mai Mala Buni 

By Haruna Yusuf Abuja

His excellency, Mai Mala Buni the executive Governor of Yobe state, came to Apc limelight at the epic of ravaging crisis that made president Muhammadu Buhari move against oshiomhole to save the party from the verge of disintegration. When NEC immediately dissolved NWC and sworn in Gov. Buni as the caretaker/convention committee chairman to reconcile all the aggrieved members and bring back sanity to the party. 
Gov. Buni’s journey through reconciling aggrieved members, revamping and bringing sanity back to APC is commendable. Though there are groups or individuals breeding hostile propaganda and trying to discredit the led committee of Buni.  One thing is certain, Mai Mala Buni is known by majority as the architect of the process of change that “houses the essence of hope” to all and sundry. And he was also among the APC generals in the common sense revolution Army that brought APC to power in 2015 general elections and remained thorn in the flesh of the powerful opposition.                     Why he was chosen to chair as the caretaker/convention and reconciliation committee in the epic crisis was his astuteness and all-inclusive service delivery mandate in achieving results silently (obviously) he delivers without fuss, solve problems and deliver solutions too,  he is innovative and above all, inspire people.
Buni is known as Mr Fixer and they’re not common, every nation or society boasts only a handful of them, they have become even more harder to find this days, when the common measure for “strong” is how loud and for weak is how quite, his achievements have been loud from days memorial as a grassroot and dogged politicians with the interest of people first above every other interest. 
His excellency, Mai Mala Buni the executive Governor of Yobe state and Chairman APC is bold, Courageous and always ahead of his political rivals and ever willing to show the world what he has achieved in the task to chat the critical path to total political emancipation of the people. There is, therefore,  “another great  opportunity to salute his rare courage of conviction and sense of purpose” since his assumption of office as the Apc chairman caretaker/convention and reconciliation committee on 26 June 2020 is a timely service to APC history.
There are straight opinions about the performance of the APC chairman caretaker/convention and reconciliation committee in the past 4 months of appointment, though majority over scored him, while some applaud his astuteness and all-inclusive style of leadership in carrying everyone along irrespective of region or status. 
This past week meetings with 36 states party chairmen and FCT is a further testimony to the fact that Buni’s chaired reconciliation committee take cognizance of his members and flat playing ground for everyone, in the decision making and taking the party to the level of the progressives. A party that is run with the understanding and inputs of it members. A practical expression of the beauty of leadership and transparency, which he sworn to defend revive bring back lost sanity and uphold at all times.

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