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Yobe executive council approves N9.2 B for various projects



Yobe executive council approves N9.2 B for various projects.

By Baba Saleh Damaturu

Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe State has approved funds worth over 9.2 billion to finance the execution of various projects in the state.

The approval followed a meeting of the Yobe State Executive Council Wednesday at the Council Chamber of Government House Damaturu.

The State commissioner of Information, Abdullahi Bego disclosed shortly after the meeting that the council ratified a total spending of N8, 977, 080, 926.40 and approved a new spending request of N232, 799, 742.50 for various socio-economic development projects.

He stated that the total sum approved by the council therefore stands at N9, 209, 800, 668.09.

“Of this amount, N1, 261, 928, 090.00 was ratified for the construction of 12-kilometer double coat surface-dressed Damagum-Gubana road in Fune Local government area, while the sum of N1, 973, 816, 010.86 was ratified for the construction of 16-kilometer Nguru-Balanguwa Asphalt road in Nguru Local Government area”

According to him N299, 969, 086.95 was also ratified for the reconstruction of damaged sections and structures at the Nguru Irrigation Scheme Phase I in Nguru Local Government area; while N397, 496, 102.50 was ratified for the construction of 1.5-kilometer road and 3.0-kilometer concrete drain linking Mallummatari-Gujba road dual carriageway, Damaturu.

He added that other capital expenditure also ratified by the council include the sum of N329, 333, 718.57 for the supply of project vehicles, customised tricycle ambulances, customised MAMA kits and bags, HIV rapid test kits, and rehabilitation of midwife quarters at Primary Health Care Center (PHC) Ashekeri in Gaidam Local Government area and N2, 430, 063, 180.09 ratified for the construction of Gashu’a Modern Market; N2, 360, 000, 123.72 ratified for the construction of Potiskum Modern Market; and N1, 646, 290, 624.57 for the construction of link road, additional wearing course and watch tower at the Yobe International Cargo Airport Damaturu.

Meanwhile, the council also approved a request for the sum of N232, 799, 742.50 for the extension of electricity to the Yobe International Cargo Airport, Damaturu, including the rehabilitation of the 33KVA ITC Line from Damaturu to Kalallawa Town and provision of power transformers, amongst others.

In his remarks prior to the meeting, Buni commended members of the council for their individual and collective effort in moving the agenda of the administration forward.

The Governor said despite lean resources and the COVID-19 challenge, the Yobe State Government continues to record remarkable and measurable progress, such as in building new roads, markets, housing estates, hospitals and healthcare centres, construction and rehabilitation of water supply and sanitation facilities, and providing support to farmers, amongst others.

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Gov. Mai Mala Buni Lays Foundation For Nguru N2.6B Ultra-Modern Market



Gov. Mai Mala Buni Lays Foundation For Nguru N2.6B Ultra-Modern Market

By Baba Saleh, Damaturu

Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe State has today performed a ground breaking ceremony of Nguru Ultra modern market.

Delivering his remarks in Nguru, Gov Buni said the significance of the occasion underscores the commitment of his administration towards boosting commerce and trade to enhance the local and state economy.

He pointed that ” Nguru town has a long history of commerce and trade which explains why the government found it expedient to embark on this project”

He stressed that the new market will no doubt captivate more traders to Nguru farmers to have value for their produce

Buni said “Similarly, our driving crusade to make agriculture attractive and profitable can further be achieved when we have a competitive marketing among traders coming from various states across the country”

He added ” Government is confident that the new Modern Market would create employment opportunities and promote self-reliance to impact positively on the economy of the community, state and the country”

According to him in line with the transparency and accountability procedure of his administration, the contract for the construction of the Nguru Modern Market was awarded to ADAF BML Nigeria Limited, having satisfied all the requirements, at a total cost of Two Billion, Six Hundred and Fourteen Million, Four Hundred and Fifty-Four Thousand, Two Hundred Naira, Seven Kobo. (N2,614,454,200.07k) with a completion period of 12 months.

“In addition, the sum of Two Hundred and Ninety-Eight Million, Three Hundred and Thirty-Three Thousand, Four Hundred and Eighty-Five Naira, five kobo (N298,333,485.05k) has been approved for compensation of structures on the land for the proposed market and would soon be paid”

“I therefore direct the contractors to abide by all the conditions stipulated in the terms of contract and to ensure timely completion of the project. I also enjoin the people of Nguru especially the business community to support and encourage the contractors to complete the project within the time frame.”

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My trips to front line despite attacks on my convoy, is not an issue of pride boasting or catch the limelight, it is an issue of conscience and obligation – Borno Governor



My trips to Front line despite attacks on my convoy, is not an issue of pride, boasting or to catch the limelight. It is an issue of conscience and obligation – Borno Governor

.By Madu Mohammed Maiduguri

Governor Babagana Umara zulum of Borno state has said “My trips to Front line despite attacks on my convoy, is not an issue of pride, boasting or to catch the limelight. It is an issue of conscience and obligation”

Governor Babagana. Zulum, who disclosed this in in a statewide media address yesterday, said that his regular trips to front lines were not out of pride or attract attention but rather to satisfy his conscience and discharge his obligations to the people of Borno. Saying that ,”is not an issue of pride, boasting or to catch the limelight. It is an issue of conscience and obligation”

The governor who held separate meetings with Islamic, and Christian leaders before the address declared Monday, October 19 as day for second round of statewide fasting and prayers for enduring peace in the state.

He said “Fellow citizens of Borno State, as an outcome of today’s consultation, I hereby declare Monday, the 19th day of October 2020 as a second day for statewide fasting and prayers for peace in Borno State. I will like to request, with gratitude, that we approach the fast with the same enthusiasm, devotion and faithfulness as we did on Monday February 24, 2020. “

“These realities account for the notoriety of Boko Haram, especially in these days when rain-fed grasses on highways give them opportunities to hide and ambush their targets. The reality of our situation creates a conflict between our human needs for safety versus our conscience and obligation to those we represent”., he stressed.

The governor said “the solution lies in continued and genuine determination of our armed forces with the support of our gallant volunteers. We all have roles to play in supporting the military and volunteers in ways that we all can.”

Gov Zulum said “as humans, we will continue to do whatever we can, within the limit of our resources and laws, to stand firm in our fight against Boko Haram, and in economic recovery, reconstruction, rehabilitation and resettlement efforts. Trust is a burden. When people trust you, they invest their fears and hopes in you and they leave you to your own conviction, your own decisions, and most importantly, they leave you to your fear of Allah or the lack of it. “

” Oftentimes, I have been confronted with risks of moving around some areas, especially in Northern Borno. As a human being, as a father and husband, I, of course, do not seek harm for myself or anyone.But then, as a leader, I have often asked myself: should I remain in peaceful Maiduguri where there are less challenges and ignore local government areas where Borno’s challenges actually are? Should we all just sit in Maiduguri and wait till whenever Boko Haram chooses to give us peace?”he queried.

“I will like to start by, once again, registering our depth of eternal gratitude to the good people of Borno State for the overwhelming support and sincere goodwill our administration has been accorded in the last 17 months. Nothing I say here or anywhere else can best describe the extent of my gratitude to the people of Borno and many Nigerians outside Borno.”, Gov Zulum stated.

He said “We have been shown enormous love and support from day one till date. Above being loved and supported, the people of Borno State have proved to trust us and have faith in what we do.For me, one of the greatest feats a leader can attain is to earn the trust and confidence of those being led. On the other hand, the worst thing that can happen to any leader is to lose the trust and confidence of the people.”

Our gallant armed forces in the military, police, DSS, paramilitary and our courageous volunteers in the Civilian JTF, hunters and vigilantes are facing enemies who conceal their identities. We are in battle with an insurgent group which has the advantage of laying ambush from rain-grown grasses, and who oftentimes, use the uniforms of soldiers and Civilian JTF to conceal their movements and presence on our highways.

“As we gathered to hold meetings with religious groups here in Maiduguri, there are more than a million homeless fellow citizens who are living in camps at Monguno, Kala-Balge, Ngala, and other parts of Borno. Are we going to ignore their existence by refusing to give them food and get them homes to live and earn livelihoods? Or are we going to converge all the people of Borno to come to Maiduguri? What about those who are not willing to leave their communities? “, he further asked

He urged tlall citizens to continue to help iin fight agaii insurgency by not associating with the insurgents, and also pass useful information to the security forces, as well as consistently pray for the armed forces and volunteers, adding that the prayers should include those risking their lives, including humanitarian workers and those who undertake reconstruction works in communities.

He said that there will be no public holiday on Monday and there will be no dramatic gatherings, stressing that What is required is the purity of intentions and submission to Allah during the fasting and prays from homes, offices, market shops, other businesses and places of legitimate endeavours.

He said “one of the key goals of fasting together is deferring to the Almighty as a community in worship and hope. Fasting together would also remind us of the realities we face and strengthen the faith and patriotism of our military and volunteers in frontlines as well as others who risk their lives for humanitarian and reconstruction courses.”

“We cannot afford to lag in our steady call upon God to free Borno. The role of prayers, especially one that is combined with practical human efforts, is very critical in our kind of battle that has raged for far too long, with huge and negative consequences.”,.he further explained.

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Resettlement of IDPs, BOSG returns another set of 760 households back to Ngoshe, Gwoza LGA



Ressetlement of IDPs, BOSG returns another set of 760 households back to Ngoshe, Gwoza LGA

By Madu Mohammed, Maiduguri

In fulfilment of the Borno state Governor, Prof. Babagana Zulum pledged to resettle Ngoshe Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) on 15 the October, 2020, about 760 IDPs were yesterday returned back to their ancestral home in Ngoshe town of Gwoza local government of the state amidst jubilation and festive mood.

It could be recalled that the Borno state Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum early this month innugurated two committees for relocation of Marte, Ngoshe, Warabe Ashigashiya and Hambagda IDPs with a specific call in the committee to ensure the relocation of Ngoshe IDPs on 15 October, 2020 after been displaced by Boko Haram insurgents for about seven years

While addressing the IDPs in Ngoshe town the Borno state Governor, Prof. Babagana Zulum represented by his Deputy Hon. Umar Kadafur expressed satisfaction with the level of reconstruction and all arrangements put in place with regards to security and social amenities provided in the town for the smooth resettlement of first batch of 760 households.

The Deputy Governor assured the returning IDPs that the state government is very much concern on their continuous stay at the IDPS camps, hence, the government is doing everything possible to returned them back to their ancestral home with respect and dignity.

Alhaji Kadafur urged the returnees to be law abiding citizens and cooperate with each other as well as the security personals and report any suspicious person or movement they noticed in the area.

The deputy governor said ” I urge you to as a matter of necessity return back to your farming and other business activities, as the state government will continue to support you and provide you with additional social amenities as soon as possible.”

He also commended the reconstruction committee for a job well done as well as all the prominent sons and daughters of Gwoza local government for their support and assistance which greatly facilitate the resettlement of the IDPs .

Also speaking, the senator representing southern Borno at the National Assembly, Senator Ali Ndume expressed satisfaction with the level of security arrangement put in place in Ngoshe town stressing that so far the town is as safe as any other places one can think of.

Senator Ali Ndume who is also a son of the area appealed to journalist to change their narratives of inciting and frightening reports that discourage IDPS from returning back to their communities but rather gives them hope and words of encouragement and commended the state for reconstructing over 200 houses as well as provision of basic amenities in Ngoshe town.

In his remarks, the chairman reconstruction committee of Ngoshe town, Engineer Yuguda Vungas, said about 760 households were so far resettled as first badge in newly constructed 200 houses while about 400 houses would also be construction soon to cater for subsequent resettlement.

He said the IDPS are willing to return back to their communities, adding that so far the IDPS that returned back are more than the targeted 760 households and expressed hope that in the next few days almost all the IDPS of Ngoshe town will return back.

A returnee, Mallam Ali Ngoshe thanked the Borno state government and the military for returning them back to their ancestral homes after over seven year in IDP camps.

Another IDP Fatima Ibahim commended the state government for resettling them back to their communities, adding that this will help them pick the pieces of their lives after many years of displacement.

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